1,000,000 $XIO Announcement | The Next Chapter of Blockzero Labs #XIOfeedback

1,000,000 $XIO Announcement | The Next Chapter of Blockzero Labs

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Some questions you might want to consider…

  • What are your general thoughts on the announcement?

  • Which part of the announcement resonated the most with you? (add a timestamped link)

  • Which projects (high, mid, or low-cap projects) do you feel would best fit the accelerator?

  • How do you envision yourself getting involved? (ex: maybe you’re a graphic designer and could help with explainer charts/graphics, or you’re a video editor/animator who wants to help create explainer videos?)


Great info, great news, but I would like a more direct, short and right to the points video :grin:

I am not sure if this is possible, since it is working on the bnb smart chain, but I think pancakeswap is a great ecosystem we could work with

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This js a very good announcement i like the idea …i like the part @16:40 where we will be announcing our partnership…each different type of market cap will have a pro and con to it but i believe mid cap would be best suited for now…im not really skilled in any of those area im just hvac tech but i could help spread the word socially.


I love this announcement. It will help us in so many directions we need.
It will get us marketing, cause while we provide awareness to a project they provide awareness to us too.
We get the Index fund, which is amazing! We get the floor price for XIO which should help the token immensely.
It should also help Flash through the UFO model. So great all around!


Hey guys!! I feel super energised with the announcement I think we did another step on reduce friction to the adoption and to spread our most valuable asset: The Culture Learning Community :slight_smile: I love it!

20:08 - The value of Citizens!

I think SNX, we may incentive a battle test on Optimism Beta Test, LockTrip they may appreciate our learning culture and some extra awareness. Opacity, they have a really engaged and resilient community there.

I’m glad to be around and put my hands to work on the educational content, some graphics and videos… and help the newcomers to find their way around.


My thoughts on a very inspirational and exciting announcement:

  1. A DeFi Accelerator will be in high demand in the next phase of the alt coin DeFi season, especially because we are entering the second phase of this bull market and new projects will not have time to build from scratch, equally existing projects need momentum going into Q2 and Q3.

  2. 22:54 - The Blockzero Index

  3. Mid cap projects with a small or very inactive community base that need some momentum will benefit.

  4. I can do a live Zoom call or recorded interviews with new projects and help them to educate the crypto community about what they can offer. We can make this material available for micro content creation.

Huge momentum for Blockzero Labs :rocket:


Drluke :stethoscope:


Fantastic points Dr. Luke. I agree that new projects are going to look for a jump start to take advantage of the season and blockzero will be in a perfect position at that time. The challenge will be sifting through the huge amount of low quality projects (not to mention outright scams) that are already flowing through the space.


I really like the idea of the index fund as it sets an ever increasing bottom for the price of zero and basically means the price will always escalate. If the value of xio is sufficiently high through token project s no one will touch the index fund. If it falls people will burn for the index fund. And this will increase the price due to supply and demand. This is huge for xio. I also liked the tease of a partner then the rug pull and you have to wait till next week :joy::joy::joy:

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Thank you my friend - truly amazing times at Blockzero

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I’ve been fascinated by the idea for the XIO INDEX from the first time you mentioned it. I am happy to see you found a way to build on it and present a very original idea for scaling the studio token and adding a bond between the new projects and their community. I think this model could be a very healthy completion to the now-so-popular model of IDO platforms like polka starter. I think that crypto influencers who seek for gems with real value and interesting use cases, like EllioTrades won’t have a chance but to get involved and recommend it a lot of other people! Can’t wait to see how is this idea going to develop. XID-B396E

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Like others have said, the expansion of Blockzero Labs is outstanding. So exciting. Interested to see what kinds of tasks will be on offer for us citizens to get involved with and after watching Dash’s evident enthusiasm for this project I so want to assist in being a part the success it deserves to be if I can.

What resonated most with me would be the idea that a project like this can help educate others and invite them into decentralised finance and all the opportunities that that presents. I am also excited to learn about new projects and what they do. Like Dash mentioned the opportunity to play with new things I may never would of heard of otherwise. New toys!

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What excites me most is interacting with the communities of other projects and building mutually beneficial partnerships. Up until now, we have done extraordinarily well just building our community, but the time seems to be ripe to start leveraging our success with the success of other projects, especially as the number of eyeballs exponentially increases over the course of the bull market.

Goodday everyone!

First post in the community and looking to get more involved in the future. Flashstake grabbed my attention and since then I have been watching the Blockzero Labs videos and love the genuine nature of the content. Very rare in the crypto space to earn trust through sincerity!

My question on the video regarding the pool/burn mechanism is as follows:

  • Will the pool not force people to choose which projects they want to support more, being the incubator or internal XIO network projects? My understanding is that holding XIO or having XIO in an LP gives you the ability to receive future airdrops. However, if you are encouraging people to burn tokens to redeem for incubator projects then they are essentially betting on one or the other?

Potential solution: Burnt XIO tokens are captured so people can support incubator projects and still have their burnt XIO contribute towards airdrops.




I’m thrilled. Great announcement and I appreciate a better structure/story in the video. Much easier to follow and get the points :+1: Would have preferred a shorter version.

Because it shows the essence of the accelerator. However it sounds like the projects needs to choose between the options. And incentive category text is a lot of big words where I see a risk that people won’t understand the meaning.

While size matters I am certain that cultural fit is more important. The project that has the best fit and the strongest idea/case regardless of their size.

Sad to admit, I have no valuable skills that fit in here. But if someone wants to talk, has a challenge or would like to get some more or less thoughtful input I’m happy to do just that.

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Just out of curiosity : what do you think the next phase is? And why do you think we are entering it soon?

-Wow, great announcement, the gamification part of the program will definitely bring value to whole defi ecosystem while educating ourselves as citizens with new protocols that otherwise we wouldn’t have the chance.
-That being said my favourite part is the index model (23:40). As you mentioned this will bring a bottom marketcap to XIO token that would get more scarce with burns at the same time that every new project would increase the index value. This combined with the tokens that we develop will cause a positive feedback value to the token and to citizen community.
-I think we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to a specific cap tier, there are high caps that we just have to include( i suspect aave might be one the first due to previous connections), but there are also many mid and low caps that won’t have as much attention and have a lot of value. So it could be a mix of trying known projects that everyone heard about(aave, uniswap, …) and discovering less known value projects.
-I would love to help. I was born without any artistic skill whatsoever but maybe recording how to videos of interaction with the selected protocols in either english or portuguese.

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I think this is an extremely generous initiative by @ZacharyDash, and embodies the spirit of this community. Crypto is still a chaotic and fragmented sector, and any initiatives to bridge / unite communities in this space, whilst supporting growth from the inside will only make a positive impact.

[28:50] - Capital, Connections, Community! The Big 3! Really resonated with me. Should probably be the working tagline for this accelerator.

This is a tricky one, but instead of classifying them by marketcap, I would assess them based on their ethos / existing community. I would say that if a project goes through the accelerator, the project benefits from our community, but also their existing community gets exposed to our ecosystem. As such, we should initially target projects where the merging of communities is a net plus from a positivity / healthiness point of view.

Additionally, a starting point could be the projects featured on “Around The Block”, as I feel they have existing ethos / community healthiness, which would be a net positive for them and us by going through the accelerator.

Analytics, and Japanese promotion with @gnaru.


Welcome Rick
This is a good point, most of us want to hold on to XIO or be part of the XLP to maximize the multiplier for future tokens.
DrLuke :stethoscope:

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Altcoin market cap has just reached the 2017 ATH. It took over 1000days to do this!
The previous time this happened it rallied 1000’s of %

Retail knows about Bitcoin, now retail is going to meet DeFi - Fasten your seatbelts!

PS: We might see a correction before this gets going (NFA)

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