1inch dex aggregator participation proposal

1inch dex aggregator is imo a growing platofrm, I am both an LP, governance staker and participant in the protocol. I thought it was probably worth prefacing my proposal with my own position in this project.

I would propose that extending xio staking rewards to beyond just uniswap. the reasoning is that i believe this would lead to increased traffic to the blockzero website, as this project is still relatively unknown any branding showing up on dex’s would be advantageous.

I propose 1inch as as a dex aggregator i believe it will grow over the coming months as its own platform, but realistically I would think that providing rewards to stakers on platforms outside of uniswap such as unfi, 1inch or bancor could increase XIO presence.

Please, consider our core values… the XIO Codex

  1. XIO’s number one mission is to help launch ideas into the decentralized world.
  2. XIO is built to take the risk away from investing and strive instead for a zero-loss staking system.
  3. XIO didn’t do an ICO and believes in community over capital.

I definitely think that it would be worth checking with 1inch if they would be interested in this.
I have found a few projects myself this way and still follow a few of them.

One nice way is Dr.Opium by Opium, where they both have a temporarily increased APY together with 1inch, as well as their own Dr.Opium program that rewards users that stick around after that one month period.

right, I didn’t even think of this. I just meant the monthly xio distributed by blockzero. but what nicolas brings up is a great idea. Maybe such a partnership could lead to the aggregator including Flash in its protocol