Adjusting the Mental Mining Reward Structure | #XIOfeedback

Theses goals should be what defines our decisions I think, taken in consideration feedbacks that really bring value and also, I will also say is good to give priority to new citizens.

This is a good option. But I suggest that these amounts (for standard or priority post) should be voted by citizens and should remain unchanged. So that there should not be any confusion on arbitrary decision each month.

Hey Jorn, great to be back on this forum. Added my thoughts below:

Each XIOfeedback (Mental Mining Task) will be allocated a predefined amount of XIO, e.g. 1000 XIO for a standard post and 2500 XIO for a priority post.

It would be great to understand how much XIO is being distributed each month on average, and how the saved XIO would be re-allocated (if not mental mining) to get a cost/benefit picture.
Along with many people here, a big reason I have gotten so invested in XSI and this community is the great reward structure that makes it worth fitting this into my full time job and busy lifestyle. If the rewards dropped drastically then I am sure there would be much less feedback given and engagement.

The post will be open for commenting (feedback) for a duration of 4 days (normal) or 7 days (extended).

7 days would be great to accommodate different working schedules/time available.

Every comment will be graded along the following logic:
– does it add a new and relevant thought (idea or argument) to the discussion (+1)
– does it contribute in a special way to the discussion (clarifying or summarizing things) (+1)
– at the end of the runtime all credits are added up and the allocated amount XIO is split between all participating citizens proportional to their credits.

Whatever is decided for this, it needs to be articulated clearly and posted on the forum, and tagged on our other media platforms. People will get despondent quickly if they aren’t informed clearly for how their time is valued.

My suggestion for a (+1) is if the post stimulates a feedback response from a community member in a productive way. This doesn’t necessarily have to add a new dimension to the discussion, but if it triggers a sense of community through people engaging with each other then I think it meets the intent of XSI too.


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I see this post try to address diferent things at the same time.

1) Scalability
I find out that the solution should allow better scaling, and be less time consuming for Jorn and/or the team in charge of Mental Mining Program. So at this moment the proposed solution (Jorn should know better than me so forgive my ignorance) I cannot see how it could be more time-saving for him. For it to have a better scaling it should be somewhat automated. Unfortunately I cannot see how this can be automated while keeping the rewards ot higher quality posts.

2) XIO Spent on Mental Mining better spent elsewhere?
It seems there is a lot of money spent on the Mental Mining program that could pay for even two full time developers. If that is the case I would reduce (not supress compeltely) the Mental Mining rewards if this could allow one more person working on the products. How? Either by capping it lower per user (let’s say max 200 dollars or X XIO as an example), my prefered solution as it is fairer, or by capping the total XIO alloted per month.

3) Rewards to be tied to value
The solution of allocating a predefined amoun tof XIO per post seems to me perfect to achieve this. It also allows to differenciate between more useful/discussion and less discussion posts.

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You are welcome to continue commenting.

Well, I think we lost users/citizens just because of the stagnant price action. Say what you want, but 99% of people are here (or into any crypto project) because of the price, the money value of their investment or the potential of their money to increase. Yes, some really like the technology, the project or the ideas, but that is the 1% only. So, it is pretty obvious that people need to be incetivized in order to partecipate in the mental mining process.

Yes, seeing tiers could help new people to join, even though we could see the smallest discussions (with low rewards) being totally ignored…

Sure, I also agree that the stagnant price action is also a big contributor to the fact that people are not interested. It’s crypto after all, and everyone who is in crypto is either looking to make money, or they’re lying themselves that they’re in it for the tech, while in reality they’re also chasing profits. Stagnant price action is something that the community kept complaining over the past months, but if Zach doesn’t like marketing then there’s nothing we can do besides waiting for a dedicated marketing manager to be hired, and also to use some real funds for this, not peanuts.

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