Allocation for token proposals, especially outside competition times, and rewarding outside development costs

Dear Fellow Citizens and the Core Members,

I think having no allocation of tokens for a token proposal proposer and similarly no extra allocation for a developer and/or development activity, especially that is done outside the citizenry of BlockZero, is harmful for the longterm viability of BlockZero.

Let me give an example of one or few possible scenarios:

  1. Citizen A comes up with a proposal, say Proposal A, outside of a Token Ideas Competition. Ideas are valuable and should be respected. What reward does A get for it?

  2. If the token distribution has no allocation for the proposer of a Token Idea it is effectively enriching the current “whales” (for want of a better word, sorry) of XIO at the cost of the creator of an effective or economically worthy Token Idea’s proposer, assuming the proposer cannot afford a to invest in and/or hold a lot of XIO, but is a brilliant mind.

  3. Another case would what if a Token Idea proposer and/or somebody else also acts beyond just a proposal and does some development work, which might include real costs sunk and/or at least opportunity costs sunk, but has relatively insignificant amount of XIO held due to lack of affordability or whatever. Should the proposer(s) / dev(s) / contributor(s) get an allocation in the token distribution (assuming the Token Idea is executed) to compensate for these costs?

With many thanks!


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@ZacharyDash @DrLuke @CitizenZero Your opinions please.

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