Always display the checkboxes beside each stake on the Stake Dashboard

A few persons have unstaked their entire stake early not knowing they could have selected 1 or more from their list of stakes to unstake. I had no idea the feature was available until I clicked on a listing and then the checkboxes were shown and the record clicked had the checkbox selected.

Just to not force users to take a dramatic loss or hide the fact that the feature exists, I think the checkboxes should always be shown.

There is a message at the base of the dashboard stating “SELECT STAKES TO WITHDRAW SPECIFIC ONES” but I didn’t see that until after visiting the page many times.


Definitely needed and I think their should be a great big flashing button or something warning you if trying to unstake early=)

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I like the idea of a big flashing button or some writing that really sticks out and makes the user think twice before clicking the button.