Aqua Dapp Design Feedback #XIOFeedback

I have recently received the edited design mockups which include support for Uniswap V3 from a user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) perspective and wanted to take some time to consult the community for feedback. I have also received some UI suggestions from a community member named @Ebelain who spent their own time working with other community members such as @DrLuke to help create a theme/UI which better encapsulates the artistic vision for Aqua.

Please keep in mind that these are by no means complete but should help to get a general understanding of what the Dapp will look like and what information will be presented.

Official Mockups:

Click here to view/interact

Alternative UI designed by @Ebelain

Click here to view/interact

Logo Designs

Option 1: Official
You can see this in action by visiting the official mockups and/or

Option 2: @Ebelain and @DrLuke
You can see this in action by hovering over the Aqua logo on this mockup

Option 3: @DeFiChad

Option 4: @Aluk4rd


  1. Are you happy with the UI/UX? If not, what would you change and why?
  2. Is there any information presented in these designs that are unclear, if so, how could this be made better?
  3. What are your thoughts on the current and proposed logos for Aqua?

BONUS: What do you like about each of these designs and how can they be merged together to produce something which takes the strengths of each?


In my view option 1 is good but need to switch to slight darker blue color to be more appealing.

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Option 2 would get my vote… why?

The AQUA drop should always be part of the design - that is where it started, “Be Water My Friend” :droplet:

That being said I think it is very important to tell a story, to have a meme, to be able change form, to be able to “become the cup”

That is why the idea of the Jellyfish was born, to change shape, to be formless, to AQUAFI.

My suggestion would be to keep the original idea with the drop, but when you AQUAFI your LP NFT, the Jellyfish design needs to be involved - the drop becoming the Jellyfish to complete the transaction.

We need movement we need the meme to be prominent in Pre-launch marketing of $AQUA


I think both UIs look great. If I had to pick one I would go for the second one, but like I said both are great.

In the first UI the 100/100 ETH dai is a little confusing. I assume it is the number of eth and dai tokens we will have, but right now it just looks like 1 dai is equal 1 eth. I know its just a mock up but that part startled me XD

I like DefiChads logo the most (option 3) It looks very professional and beautiful. I also like the way it looks like an increasing graph. That gives me an association of profit.

  1. Logo Design

I love option #1 for the logo. Something like @DrLuke mentioned would be cool, once the transaction is initiated we could have some kind of effect.

  1. UI/GUI

I love option 2, has a great look and feel to it, makes the project feel more unique.

Great job to all, everything looks incredible. Love the hard work everyone puts in, it doesn’t go unnoticed. :sunglasses:


Option 2 is great, like that the drop is larger than in Option 1. Perhaps a bit more blue. Idea of morphing the drop into Jellyfish is cool, especially if the transition effect is watery!!
The symbol will also be the symbol for the token on exchanges is that correct?

Option 3 is beautiful, an option would be to use just the design part without the words as the logo instead of the drop of water.
The center circle of design, the $ could be replaced with the drop? which could still have the transition to jellyfish when Aguafying.

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Thanks @umarsa for sharing and thanks everyone else for taking a look/providing feedback.

Like Umar states, nothing is definitive so colors etc. are all subject to change. I welcome any kind of feedback and love the responses so far. :green_heart:


It’s another beauty. Nice design.
If I may bring alternatives in I would prefer some more contrast, the white is at times difficult to spot in the light blue.

We also talked about some connection in between the different designs. A superhero theme was named among others. Aqua is entirely different to Flash and Blockzero and if you find it important that both are recoginzed as core parts of Blockzero we should come up with some ways to achieve this.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Special Design first letter, as in Flash create and place a similar A for Aqua

  • Flash has a multicolored ring around the logo, could we make a similar multicolor ring around the Aqua logo, too?

  • We name the tagline ‘Created by Blockzero Labs’, how about our own BZ trademark symbol, or a more recognizable tagline ‘Part of Blockzero Labs - Building Advancement/Progress

  • Adding some geometric figure or counting symbol, e.g. 1st project triangle, second quadrant and so forth

  • Drawing on the vivid logo style that DrLuke and Ebelain suggested, alternative could be to change the drop logo to different states of water. Snowflake, Ice crystals, rain clouds, steam, waves

Perhaps difference between Uni v2 and v3
and why there is NFT stated on the button is perhaps not entirely clear.

Given the limited space and complex nature I would add a How to or help overlay where people can read up on.

10 stars to the Option 2 :slight_smile:
It’s great to have lively designs! Appreciate also the comment that explains the underlying thoughts.

Was there any more explanation given to the other logos? It would make feedback much easier - just on the plain mockup I find it hard to evaluate them.
Regardless it’s fantastic that people contribute!

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Great suggestions Hashmonkey! Definitely feedback we can work with. @DeFiChad maybe we can have a private chat and share some thoughts?

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Hey Frank, thanks for the lengthy reply. In case of the jellyfish I can give some minor information.

I took the base (teardrop) because it was the current logo used in AquaFi marketing and morphed a jellyfish with it just to get an idea for visuals and concept.

Even though it is shared by Umar, the jellyfish is by no means a final design.

Alot of conceptual thoughts behind the UI are thanks to @DrLuke who massively helped me conceptually.


Mmmhmh I like it very much, but I cannot decide about the fact that it is very similar to the flash stake dapp interface. On one hand, it is like to have a common theme that always recall the whole blockzero ecosystem. On the other hand I am not sure that this could be perceived as lack of originality… Very indecided about this…

Mmh, the word AQUA could be used a little more, or made more evident

The first option would make a good logo, but even the current one is nice…i probably prefer the current one

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I really like the alternative UI - as it looks and feels different from the usual interfaces.

The waterdrop/jelly fish transition is cool.

As for the logo, I really like No3. Could it be changed though to incorporate the water drop as the dot on the ‘i’ ?

Really good designs all round though.


This is a good point @Sealic

From the first few seconds that I saw the AQUA video it felt unique and like it was going to be something special

Lets try our best to build on that

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Thanks @Ebelain for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and watch how you do your magic in just a few minutes - truly amazing!

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I’d definitely go for the alternative ui, feels way more smooth.

For the logo I think I’m with either the first option or the third one from defichad.
Think all are very nice options though

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  1. Are you happy with the UI/UX? If not, what would you change and why?
  2. Is there any information presented in these designs that are unclear, if so, how could this be made better?
  3. What are your thoughts on the current and proposed logos for Aqua?

First off, amazing mock-ups! Great job to you everyone else involved!

1. Very happy with the overall feel of it. Would it be possible to have a cascading rain or ocean style background? For instance:

2. I agree with this:

Also, you have “10% premium on fees from Aave” on it, I think this is a little confusing. Should it not be “10% premium on any LP or NFT position”?

Lastly, on the unlock part, what is the significance of the expiry date? That confused me.

3. I love the option 1 and 2. Preference on 1, keep it simple.

BONUS: What do you like about each of these designs and how can they be merged together to produce something which takes the strengths of each?

Option 2 upside down could very easily be presented as a drop of water, maybe by unlocking/locking in the app, the drop unravels into a jellyfish or vice versa.

I really like @Ebelain’s UI, particularly the full-screen transition for dropdown lists, etc. Very smooth, and very simple.

Additionally, I think I like the AquaFi droplet :droplet: for the “light” design, and I recommend using the jellyfish for the “dark” theme. On @Ebelain’s UI, the logo could be the light/dark toggle (similar to other dApps) and the background could be deep ocean themed, with various sea creatures floating around.

Having said all that… the Official UI mockup is similar to the other dApps (FLASH, etc), which would give a standardized feel to all Blockzero dApps.

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