AquaFi Initial Pools and Premium Rates

I created a post a few weeks ago to gauge the community sentiment on the pools we should initially launch AquaFi with and have put together a proposal for the community to comment on. I would like some discussion for a few days before creating the snapshot vote and finalising these pools and premium rates.

I would like us as a community to have a discussion to determine the initial pools we should launch AquaFi with along with their corresponding premium rates.

Please note that this is not an official proposal and I am currently judging the community sentiment before moving this to Tribe to start the official process.

Proposed Pools and Premium Rates

Stablecoin pools (50% premium)

  2. DAI/ETH

Partnered pools (50% premium)

  1. UMA/ETH

Flashstake pools (75% premium)


Other pools (25% premium)

  1. FEI/ETH
  4. UNI/ETH

Aqua pools (100% premium)



Stablecoin pools
These pools are considered low risk in my opinion since the underlying assets include stable coins. This means regardless of whether the crypto market is going up or down, fees will be generated which is perfect for Aqua. Additional whitelisting of stablecoin pools will require governance approval.

Partnered pools
These are all the projects BZ has partnered with to date including any additional projects that come up in the future. I have included these in their own category because I believe we can differentiate these pools from the publicly available pools - We have decided to partner with these projects because we as a community believe in the long term potential of the project hence low to medium risk.

Flashstake pools
These are the pools created within the Flash Dapp - the reasoning here is to help incentives use of BZ tokens/projects. This would only include specific pools such as the ones mentioned above since anyone can create a pool on the Dapp. Additional whitelisting of the pools from the Flashstake Dapp will require governance approval.

Other pools
These are popular pools with some of the most liquidity on uniswap at the moment. The reasoning here is these are somewhat low/medium risk due to the popularity of these tokens and the size of the pools. As with the other categories, additional pools will require governance approval.

Aqua pools
These are going to be new pools that will be created by either the BZ council or via the community on different exchanges. I believe it is important to have a high amount of liquidity for AquaFi to operate as intended thus the very high premium rates. These rates can be changed in the future through governance approval and changes to the smart contracts which are responsible for premium calculation.


I have not included an exhaustive list of pools for this section since it would require obtaining the top pools from each supported DEX (Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3 and Sushiswap). If this proposal is approved, BZ will check the pools with the most amount of liquidity upon launch and create a governance vote to ensure they are included. This specifically affects Uniswap V3 since it is a fairly new protocol and current liquidity figures may not be accurate upon launch of AquaFi.

I have not included the XIO/ETH pool since we do not want to expose the entire liquidity of BZ to a new unproven protocol (AquaFi). In due course, this pool could be included pending governance approval but it would be a bad idea to launch with this since a large majority of LPs will immediately stake their tokens.