AquaFi Protocol | Logo + Branding Suggestions #XIOfeedback

As we are moving forward with the AQUA protocol development this is a good time to collect ideas about the look and feel of it. You might even have very concrete examples to share.

This round is all about Logo and Branding Suggestions.

It is now time to produce, collect and discuss ideas and thoughts regarding the appearance of the brand? This includes anything from storytelling to colors or a possible tagline or motto.

Possible questions to think about:

  • Who are we targeting with AquaFi?
  • How do we get their attention?
  • What feeling do we want to produce to actually have people take action and use AquaFi?
  • What ideas and specific examples do you have?

Give your feedback below and / or submit your logo design suggestion to earn credits!

The more tangible, the better :wink:
Bring it on :bulb:


I would like if there was some unifying theme between all the tokens. We could either take the green and black from the new blockzero design and try to connect it to aqua and future tokens (I know flash is different but maybe we could work on that as well eventually)
Alternatively we could lean into the superhero theme. Flash is obviously flash but aqua could be aquaman. Obviously nothing too obvious as we don’t wanna be in trouble with copyright but what if the icon was a water man?
I think it would be really fun if all the blockzero tokens symbolized some superhero XD
It would certainly make for good memes. :slight_smile:


… like a Trident? Anyway, I personally don’t have a love for the pastels, I think sharp royal(or Dodger) blue waves or crests or even think of the waves in Japanese paintings (think Great Wave of Kanagawa). Apart from aesthetics, I’ll give it a little more to finalizing some of my thoughts into actual words lol… more to come

Target Market: Liquidity Providers. Those who understand DeFi and the Crypto space. With that said, FlashStake garnered a lot of attention because of the website’s unique design.

How do we get their attention?

A giveaway perhaps? Perhaps we can create a pool of AQUA that existing holders can donate to. Why would existing holders do this? We are the foundation of this project and I believe many would be willing to donate a portion of their AQUA as an investment into AQUA succeeding as a project. This could be coordinated on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

What feeling? Relief and excitement. Relief that LP tokens can have utility and a person’s investment can gain more security.

I think a simple infographic image showing what AQUA can do for the average person would be powerful too. It would educate and inform at the same time.

What if we had a simple dapp that lets you input your address and it queries for current LP positions you have on Uniswap , Sushiswap, etc, and tells you an projected estimate on how much $AQUA you could earn over the next 12 months vs letting the LP sit idle.

Maybe also have a slider that lets you manually change the projected estimate to get a visual of what you would earn if the actual fees generate goes up or down.

Then we could market that simple dapp or have people share screenshots of before/after.

It should also have a button “Aquafi your LP position now” arrow next to each individual LP pool the address is in


I think the theme is water, as the name implies. But more than water, it’s the ocean, the vastness and boundless nature of water in all directions. It’s calming, it represents unity and the safety of making a risky asset just a bit less risky. I think the unity and connection is forefront, as this is the main theme of the token, but the more abstract themes are behind it. I imagine something with soft colors in the background with darker blue in the front.

Not a logo, but a creative infographic that shows water droplets filling the cup. Slowly at first, but faster over time. And then you zoom in and you see that the water is fostering an entire ecosystem, with new, diverse life gestating within the water. Then, you zoom in further and see that each droplet represents an LP pair, and the ecosystem is created by all these new tokens (LP fees) developing from the water.

Camera zooms out… “Aqua… boundless liquidity”

Who are we targeting with AquaFi? How do we get their attention? What feeling do we want to produce to actually have people take action and use AquaFi?

We should show the importance of what liquid mining is to persons new into crypto and attract liquidity providers and show them how to use the protocol by doing a testnet competition this will bring awareness to the protocol and show persons how to use the dapp.

What ideas and specific examples do you have?

I think we should roll with a water theme and have a video introducing the token with a water dripping in the background each time while highlighting the main things we look to bring forward into the crypto world.For the logo we could add a splash to it and have it just form out the aqua token logo with aqua written below.

Hey jorn!

  • Who are we targeting with AquaFi?

LP providers. Longer term thinkers that are not after a quick flip, they generally hold the LP for an extended period to harvest rewards so they would only want to use a sturdy/ reputable service if they didn’t use existing LP enablers like Uniswap.

  • How do we get their attention?

Advertisements - Dex tools, coingecko etc.
sponsored content from prominent youtubers.
deals with LP enables for fee sharing? (unsure if this is viable)

  • What feeling do we want to produce to actually have people take action and use AquaFi?

For most, it will be about maximising long term profit and potentially joining a good community. So a feeling of inclusion and leveraging on the service we provide. Promoting the fact we have had x amount of audits will help here.

  • What ideas and specific examples do you have?

Ideas - I like Mindora’s example of promoting our superhero franchise! Which would feed into NFTs in the future.

Other than that, getting in touch with prominent promoters. For example, the cryptolark in NZ.

I’ll think some more and get back to you!


  • Who are we targeting with AquaFi?
    LP providers. People with some skin in the game that want to go that extra mile for a little bit more profit.

  • How do we get their attention?
    -Word of mouth
    -Youtuber attention (not a fan, but it works to generate a quick interest)
    -Crypto reddit sub posts (but not too much shilling)
    -Recently opted ideas like pooltogether, other lottery-style providers
    -Flashstake/aqua pool on Flashstake

  • What feeling do we want to produce to actually have people take action and use AquaFi?
    Fomo when not using aquafi? It should feel like a mandatory next step when you provide LP, because it makes you generate even more on top of your base LP.

  • What ideas and specific examples do you have?
    I am a fan of Mindora’s (XID-80B82) idea of using more superhero-themed options. It can be both playfull and professional.

Liquidity providers. People who are experienced in defi. I feel like other projects are better equipped at trying to get noobs into crypto, let’s not waste resources on that. Let’s focus on people who know what uniswap is and how it works.

As others mentioned: advertisement on coingecko, zapper…
Interviews with youtubers. Here I mean that we will be interviewed, not the other way around. I think interview with DataDash or bankless would be huge.

That they can get more gains XD I don’t think we have to overcomplicate this part. As long as they get more money and the fees won’t wipe their profits they should be interested.

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  • Current Liquidity Providers, and hopefully mature ones at that.
  • Perhaps brand new Liquidity Providers, which would require education material (walk-through videos, incentive explanations, etc). Be frank with them. Why have you never provided liquidity? Let’s see what AquaFi can do for you! Like, with a step-by-step calculator, if they provided liquidity for X-Y token pair.
  • Banner ads really do work. They always get my attention if they’re designed well (simple, nice color scheme, large font, etc).
  • Banner ad phrase: “Providing Liquidity? Be Water My Friend! - AquaFi”
  • Twitter campaigns. I can’t remember who showed me exactly, but one of the citizens here said that Twitter has 70% of the crypto visibility market. Let’s utilize that, and perhaps some targeted campaigns for LP groups people know about (I don’t sorry).
  • A calm appreciation that by using AquaFi they gain more. A type of “why wouldn’t you?”, but in a calm, simplistic way.
  • The imagry of ocean water is one of power and increase, so let’s use that branding with AquaFi to our full advantage. The ocean can be calm and powerful at the same time.
  • I guess the above. Make it simple. Have a place to educate those who want to Provide Liquidity for the first time.

  • UniSwap v3 is going to change the LP game, but in many respects it’s also likely to confuse a lot more new LPs with the whole range-setting etc. Gotta keep AquaFi simple for first time LPs, but show them how AquaFi can help them gain more. That’s the incentive at play here.

  • As for logos, branding. I’m personally not keen on the whole superhero idea. I just like clean colors for brands, that’s all. Like the Pantone design. Simple, clean, colors. AquaFI is well, aqua, the color, not the superhero. It’s also a simple emoji, which is convenient.
    FLASH = :zap:
    AQUA = :droplet:

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We want to target people farming, looking for profit.
The more we demonstrate the financial value they could get, the better.

Opening in beta, with private access people need to request, could be a good way to create exclusivity and w.o.m.
You want to be the first to boost your LP, just ask to be part of the fun. And get some early advantages.

We could do an airdrop to people having used AMM.
We could add some specifif rules to reduce the scope

  • minimum value of LP token owned?
  • mininum number of different LP owned?
  • has “aqua” or “H20” on its wallet adress (haha)
  • suffered high IL when selling its token (the airdrop will reduces its pain)
  • owns aqua-related tokens in its wallet

Partnership with other projects launching a LP program, boosting somehow their own APY.

You are targeting crypto enthusiasts and people that are more aware of alt coins. Rather than the purely Bitcoin and ethereum investors. You are targeting people that use Uniswap and people that know how to use Metamask etc. I could see Coinbase, Binance, Gemini etc. listing your cryptos at some point as long as you are applying for listing.

Go on their telegrams/forums and talk to the mods about your product and talk about Aqua and see if their users want additional returns on LP tokens. They will.

If people are using Aqua you want them excited for something that only you can offer right now. Aqua advertisements should explain in layman’s terms what Aqua can actually do. If it sounds confusing people won’t use it. Flash for example is pretty self explanatory but I feel could be explained simpler. Saying instant yield for staking could confuse people. For example, explain what yield is and explain why this is different then regular interest. Not everyone is farming and not everyone wants to pay Eth gas prices even though the returns can outdo the gas prices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cryptos do the instant yield thing after Flash becomes more popular. It’s popular here on BlockZero chats and telegrams. Maybe make a press release for CoinTelegraph etc. Simply explain the benefits of XIO and maybe get some interviews with XIO holders and get them to preach why hodling XIO is good for returns and getting new cryptos just because you are holding XIO.

Even though the benefits of Aqua could be perceived as sounding simple just give an example. I’ll use Flash for example, stake 2500 Flash for example for 365 days and get X back in Y crypto. Do the same for Aqua. What does it do and why should I use it? In simple terms. Mathematical formulas help but not everyone remembers algebra etc. with example videos so people can literally copy what the video is doing. Or example pictures. People have short attention spans and not everyone wants to watch videos for 10 minutes when there are thousands of crypto projects out there. Not the people here of course but the newcomers. All the videos I’ve seen BlockZero make are good though which means whoever is making them knows what they are doing.

The target of Aqua are LP, one way to reach them would be via collaborations with strategic partners in the LP world, Uniswap, Sushiswap or push some marketing in sites / telegram groups specific to that portion of the market.
Uniswap V3 could also open an opportunity, as the fees will decrease there will be a lot of first time LP so it could be another niche of the market to corner, Uniswap V3 bandwagon LP.
As for the theme itself I like something relating either to a natural mountain spring or in the other end of the spectre, a fancy bathtub faucet because they both “generate” aqua, same as us :slight_smile:

I have actually zero design abilities so I will just give my feedback/opinion with words, and hope it can spark some ideas to the design team at BZ.

We target the whole crypto community that provides LP for the different projects in the ETH chain space. The question is to make it very clear and catchy why they should use AquaFi.

I think an infographic would be the easiest way to make people understand what can they get by staking LP.

Please see this as an example and imagine something similar with the soft and warm palette of colors of Aqua. Despite the atrocious design the message is clear: how to LP, and how to stake those LP to get some benefits.

The feeling is that they are missing some profit. They provide LP, they are prone to impermanent loss, they may get some benefits for providing LP (or not) but how can they maximize their profit? With Aqua they can put their LPs to grow and they can, at least, fight impermanent loss.

I would draw some inspiration from multiple BSC projects, such as Beefy Finance. Please, go to their webpage and have a look. Even if their design is very different from the general BZ design (and I am not saying we should go that way) they have something I think very important: a user friendly UI. People can stake their LPs and they can see at each moment how much they have earned with them. I think, in this way or in a different one, this is very important, people like to see numbers going up, they like to see their investment is raking some profits.

UNISWAP v3 is challenging AquaFi to be water! Just like Bruce Lee told us to :slight_smile: I’m glad to see that we are able to adapt, to be formless, shapeless!


[quote=“jorn, post:1, topic:1061”]

  • Who are we targeting with AquaFi?
    investors (liquidity providors), Blockzero cizitens and new investors
  • How do we get their attention?
    via good marketing - videos by Dash on youtube, spreading the word via community members and twitter, maybe engaging influencers
  • What feeling do we want to produce to actually have people take action and use AquaFi?
    we want to give the feeling that Aqua is something with value and to stay. We do not want to shill and have investors jump in and out, we should go for a long-term, high value project, as we always do in the Blockzero space
  • What ideas and specific examples do you have?
    I really like the first video with water as aqua project. This is something we should embrace and use further.
    Be it in colours of the logo an the aqua dapp - lets use blue colour and white, in different shades, calming colours

Oh well where can I start? As for the logo, I think the drop of water we have now is already perfect as it is. Simple, direct, recognizable and unique (I don’t think there are other projects or tokens that have a similar logo). I like the combination of green, blue and black. It’s relaxing and that too recalls a unique style, but reminiscent of both blockzero and some flashstake traits. A common thread for the entire ecosystem. I think it is important that it is always something that makes a project recognizable as part of blockzero labs. As for who to turn to, well we should be able to grab the attention of all the unsiwap liqudity providers, sushiswap, but it would be nice to interact with the binance smart chain as well and attract pancakeswap liqudity providers. The main problem is that people are using automatic compounding protocols, and therefore their liqudity tokens are already being used by them, as well.

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Ok, osry for the double post, but I came across a nice little image on the Internet, that reminds me of the aqua token symbol.

I just want to suggest to use 2 drops of water, instead of 1,becuase it reminds me of collaboration, more people working togheter… I don’t know, the single drop looks to lonely to me.

The image is just a random image on Google images, but I hope it can give a nice idea to our graphic designers