AquaFi Protocol | Marketing Ideas Collection

This is part of a current #XIOfeedback topic. Please put your marketing ideas in the comments and earn additional credits on the before mentioned topic.

You might also make use of the ideas already collected in the first round SWOT.

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My idea about AquaFi marketing is a partnership with other projects and protocols. But we must some of them before the launch. In this way we should have enough power to avoid a dump after the launch.

We could partner with some gamification platform (rabbithole comes to mind) and reward users that 1. buy aqua 2. provide liquidity using Aqua.
And in fact the same could be used for Flash 1. buy flash 2. flahstake
(I will add this last part in the marketing topic aswell)

Firstly I would say we don’t need to wait for Aqua to start marketing. Flash is a working product, so I would market that the most. I would also add link from flash website to aqua and to blockzero so we get some connection.
Similarly with blockzero anyone who is already a part of blockzero knows about the aqua. So the more people we get to blockzero before aqua launches, the more people will be interested in it.
As for the actual aqua promotion, I would suggest partnership with other projects. If we could partner with some of the already established protocol, that would us a lot of credibility.
Then youtubers. I know it’s not a popular topic here, but a lot of people go to youtubers to learn about new altcoins. I think a concentrated marketing campaign focusing on youtubers right before and after aqua launch, could do wonders.


Related with what I mentioned on the other post, I would use minted Aqua so the LP providers have to:

  1. Pre-register in a list
  2. Join the BlockZero and AquaFi Telegram channel
  3. Retweet, follow, mention someone in a tweet of the campaign
  4. AquaFi their LPs in the protocol

Moreover, we have a functioning product that needs to be promoted: FLASH. It is unique and we need to make people aware of it. I would do the same with it.

I agree with other comments. Youtube is really a strong medium to get attention.

Finally don’t forget the strength of AMAs. There is a long list of channels where you can do AMAs in youtube, telegram and even twitter or Medium, to a lesser extent.


I’d like to see some targeted marketing to different LP demographics. Not all liquidity is provided by the English speaking world. A few key languages could bring in new participants that would otherwise not be aware of it.

If targeting YouTubers then the two I’d go after would be CoinBureau (if possible) and SheldonEvans. Also, who’s the equivalent personalities for Chinese or Korean or Japanese etc?