Assignment – Consistency for Content & Terminology

Yield mission is a pretty straightforward term, I don’t think it will generate confusion. “citizen” could be a bit a confusing, since no other project use it.

VORTEX, i really like it. It is unique, yet powerful and easy to grasp.

As I sadi, I don’t like citizen too much. Maybe a simple “members” would be easier to understand

I agree, it also seems like you will be here momentarily, and not for long… A passive passanger, I don’t like that

Well, it is a nice idea, but I would keep things as simple as possible… What if the majority of investors are serious adult and do not like these kind of names / brands / idea? It could sound a little bit childish…

OK, this is something I had in mind for some time now. I agree… The X in the names are out of place

Well, on this topic, I don’t know how (maybe with nfts on our wallets) we should drop the xid as identifier of citizens. It should be automated. Maybe a “connect wallet” with a citizen Nft automatic recognition, should be implemented in all of our websites, like this one.

Liquidity mining is a universal term, I kinda like it, because a lot of other projects have it (balancer, for example)

Well, we should keep in mind that our 2years old community is… Very, very, small, compared to other mainstream projects… So we shouldn’t be limited by the idea that we are accustomed to some old terms like XID, XSI etc… Because, if we are to grow big, 99% of the future community members are still not aware of what Blockzero is. We don’t even have 10k twitter subscribers.

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I don’t expect us to be limited by those terms, matter of fact the phase we are in right now is the best time to implement new terms.

Haha I don’t think it was, but you would have to ask the core team if it crossed their minds during the making/proposals of the coins initially.

& the opportunity isn’t necessarily missed yet, still more developments and BZ projects to come I’m sure!

It is probably too late to change the space theme, but the superhero theme is much more appealing to me… Maybe we could slowly introduce them into our brand… Se already have Flash and Aqua after all… Just please, don’t create Captain XIO :joy:


@RickyBobby haha, sadly had my last experience with logo design was in basic school. But yeah, XID needs to go. First thing that comes to mind with BZ passport is Brazilians passport. BZP sounds good. Maybe even go as far to make the name BZ0LPO or smth like that :smiley:

  1. What’s causing confusion?
    Are there any or previous terms/phrases we have used in the history of Blockzero that have been extra confusing? If so, please list them here and explain if possible!

I have not had any problems with any of the terms but I can believe that some will struggle with acronyms. Maybe when they are first used drop in the meaning in brackets as well.

  1. Please make sure to keep …
    Are there any certain terms/phrases we have used in the history of Blockzero that really resonate with you that we should try to keep? Why do you think so?

Im loving the term vortex as it really describes the product well

  1. How to call ourselves?
    As we release the new website (and discord) with a more space-centered theme, we thought it would be a good time to challenge our naming convention of what we call ourselves! We have been experimenting with Citizen, Passenger and Explorer. There are certainly other terms like Member, Crew or something else. Which do you prefer and why?

I like the term citizen rather than member or crew as they seem more restrictive. I do like the term explorer as that keeps the X theme .

I agree, given our current ‘smallish’ profile in the market, any changes to terminology, themes etc should have minimal impact. As long as any changes we make will pass the test of time, now is a perfect opportunity to re-imagine Blockzero.

Difficult to say what terms/phrases is confusing as each time they have been always explained.

What I think could be difficult to new users to understand is the relationship between “Blockzero” and “XIO”, talking about terminology.
We all know that “XIO” is the first token created by Blockzero. But why “XIO”? What XIO really mean? Why not “BZero”, “ZRO” or others that stand for Blockzero?
I think this will always need and explanation even if it’s not always ask.

“Liquid fire” could have also been confusing and especially the word “fire”, but as we know it is the old XLP, we do not need any other explanation

Also, the word “Studio” used on the welcome page of the website. It could be confusing because we are Blockzerolabs. Instead of “Studio”, maybe “Laboratory” will be suitable. Not really sure of this🤔

I would say keep the word “Citizen”
For me this is the word given us the Blockzero nationality. And I think it could always be used to remind new and old users of Blockzero that they belong to a private and privileged family that want to grow together.

“Citizen” is the best appellation for me. For the explanation, is just as I said before. It represents us better, is what we are

I didn’t think of that, but now I cannot unsee this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah, let’s just hope we are fast and case you all didn’t notice, a new bull market is started, and we must act now, before the next bear market kicks in, because if we are not an established brand by then, we won’t survive…so, it is good to discuss words and terminology, but we need concrete actions fast

If I remember correctly, some time ago, when we rebranded to blockzero from xio, we had a discussion for the xio ticker to change to zero but I think there were too many similar names. A lot of tokens are called zero or something similar

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I agree with your point on using Labs rather than studio. Although I the term studio makes sense I think it is better to stick with Labs as it aligns with our name.

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100% agree with this. We should move FAST cuz this bullmarket won’t last forever, and no project in the crypto space will survive the bearmarket, regardless of it’s characteristics. It’s just how the market works, we gotta adapt to the cycle and ride the altseason (unlike the feb-march altseason that we totally missed because of zero marketing…)

After reviewing the responses I have changed my thoughts on citizen. It seems that the term really resonates with a lot of current holders. Now that we have a passport, Citizen does make sense.

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Hey @Viklas , please follow the steps outlined here to become eligible for rewards.

Previously - no. Perhaps the XLP program was slightly confusing at first but the terminology was all clear.

Right now though the new terms were slightly confusing but most fit like yield missions, etc. I personally don’t like Liquid Fire. It is not easily understood. I would suggest something to do with fuel as providing liquidity really does provide what is needed for transactions. Perhaps “Rocket Fuel” Or “Liquid Engine”?

Mental Mining” - I remember when I first discovered Block Zero Labs and started reading on the website. This was immediately clear and understandable and it’s such a genius term.

I completely agree with keeping “Citizen”. First, as others have stated, it seems to indicate more involvement as opposed to something like passenger and doesn’t have as many connotations that come to mind with words like crew and member. Second, it fits with the new space sci Fi theme because it makes me think of Starship Troopers.

That said, if we want to explore other naming conventions that fit with the Space theme, here are some that I’ll throw out there:

“Alchemist(s)” - fits with the concept of creation surrounding Block Zero.

“Flight Crew” - by adding flight to the word it removes the connotations (first thoughts that come to mind/connections) but it also fits with the idea of taking flight and “going to the moon”

“Ingenieur(s)” - Latin word for engineers/builders.

Finally, I agree with @umarsa that it is confusing when we keep changing terms and strategies. We need a solid foundation so hoping we stick with this and build on it. If not, love the super hero idea too but not sure how easy that would be with copyrights and the like.

One other note, Discord makes total sense for a project like this. I know others dislike it but it’s far more manageable.

With the transition it was really hard for me to connect the XLP, XSI with the new phrases (Liquid Fire, Mental Mining), i think the liquid fire could still be XLP … as its not that direct and doesnt really tell you much … also Explorer program/Space scout could be something more friendly like mentorship or something in that direction as 1 word tells you everything.

As i already said XLP and XSI could be kept, and some of the missions could be renamed to be more intuitive.

As simple as possible. Comunity Members = Comunity Members, adding any other name for that will just bring more confusion into the space. Citizen was somehow still good enough to know what it is about but Passenger and Explorer are in my opinion just to far from what we are.

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What causes confusion. Moon misson,passengers instead of Citizens,The whole space terminologies

Please make sure to keep citizenship

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How to call ourselves? I still prefer citizens as it gives add more value to the blockzero community and token holders. Its a more family oriented word

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