Assignment – Feedback on New Website

it looks “serious”…maybe too serious. Let’s be honest, i know that Bz is a very, very, very professional project, but the most successful blockchain project so far…have a “less serious” look… Uniswap ? a pink unicorn. Sushiswap? literally some sushi and colorful stuff. Pancakeswap…the list goes on… I like the "space"theme but maybe we need to make it a little more friendly and “easy”, fun…i don’t really know how to explain myself here because i am not a website designer or an artist, but i think you guys got my message. Just look at other website and see how different we are. Different is good, we should aim to be more serious and trustworthy, but we could be a little more bright as well. Even coinbase uses cartoons and a simple graphic interface.

hum i think i discussed it in the point 1, that is my main concern.

maybe i can go into more details.

look at those images…i don’t like the black and white, and the serious look. They could be replaced with little toons or animations, maintaining the space theme


ok ,maybe this is too cartoonish but you get the idea

i don’t see any particular difficulty

as i said, a more “friendly” look

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-The concept of planets as projects that help generate yield for the blockzero ecosystem is clear although there may be some initial confusion to why UMA is there if the newcomer has not yet scrolled further down the website 1st to see they were involved in the accelerator.

-I like that the yield reserves are verifiable through the Gnosis Safe link. I think this transparency helps build some initial trust with a newcomer.

-There is a great flow through the whole website, it’s feels like I’m on a tour-ride through the ecosystem and can jump off at any point of interest to learn more or get involved.

-I like the yield mission GIFs used, inline with the space theme and feel the specific GIFs used for each yield mission are well thought out.
I feel that overlaying some suttle colour into these same GIFs may help slightly with converting website newcomers to yield missions click ratio.

SMS text number and terminology used in the statement

The SMS number;

In the video, there was a statement on the left with a US number you could text to join to keep up to date by texting ‘yield’.

I think this could be off-putting to people who want to join one of the yield missions but then see that statement and think they then have to text that number to participate but they don’t want to give out their number due to fear of being spammed or their number possibly being sold on with other information such as ETH address which blockzero may gather on the user.

Also the fact that it is a US number only could prevent alot of people texting it as some contracts don’t allow text numbers outside of region due to additional costs outside of mobile contract. This setting can be adjusted but can be difficult to do so in some cases. It took me a month to be able to take part in the 1% month SMS scheme that was going a while back, due to 3network have difficulties sorting issue their end.

The terminology used;

I checked back the website after watching the video and can see the statement is now at the bottom of the website with ‘zero’ needing to be texted instead to join the ‘moon mission’. Not far above that, there is text stating ‘board the spacecraft’. Then there’s the terminology of ‘yield missions’.
There may be confusion and uncertainty if all statements are to do with the yield missions or different aspects of Blockzero labs.

Newcomer confusion;

Confusion if texting the SMS number is a requirement to be a part of Blockzero labs may make a newcomer turn away without bothering to further dive in.

Confusion with the terminology of ‘spacecraft’, ‘moon mission’ and ‘yield missions’ may turn newcomers away as they may be unsure if all are required to be part of yield missions even if there is a procedure for each yield mission. It may be in the back of their mind. I would not want to lock up collateral or spend time on an activity with risk I have misunderstood participation requirements so possibility of earning no yield. Risk for newcomer is loss of opportunity cost and time due to uncertainty.

In terms of terminology - clarity;

I think keep the terminology of ‘yield missions’ but change the other 2 statements so one is clear that it is to help stay informed and up-to-date by SMS and the other allows the journey to become a citizen which allows participation Blockzero labs ecosystem.
I see that spacecraft term was explained 20mins into vid which is good as I understand the reason now but my points are still same above.

In terms of SMS number - inclusion;

Either get rid of SMS entirely or provide a SMS text number for all major regions of the world or something universal if there is such a thing.

Additional - translations for further inclusion;

Do website translations for all major languages and allow languages to be altered by swiping a flag on the moon on the top image below ‘Web 3.0 venture studio’ text.

Do a new type of yield mission where there is a flag for each major region which needs to get to the moon. To the right of each flag have a moon. Only when the website has been translated by 3 citizens for a specific flag region (to cross check) then can the flag icon move to the right an be placed on the moon to confirm translation completion. Payout of yield can then occur for those involved in that specific translation.

  • What is your general impression?
    The layout seems a bit like it’s outdated. The big news boxes at the bottom especially. Overall the middle part seems to be the most eye friendly part. Otherwise all the things you want to do seem to be there on the right and in a compact form.
  • Pick one specific aspect and discuss it!
    Even though the front pages dark theme is a bit too much I really like the claim your tokens part. There the dark theme is really pleasing to the eye and compact. As we know the color scheme really comes down to preference so I suggest that there should be an option to change the color scheme. Same might be done with the main page.
  • Which difficulties do you see?
    If I was totally new to the webpage and a little bit skeptic it would seem a bit off. I can’t really explain it but it gives a little bit of a untrustworthy vibe.
  • How would you improve it?
    Make the color scheme lighter or give users options to change it.
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First impressions

My definition of a website is an interface which explains in a very simplify option what we are doing.
So my first impression is that the website is little technical. And also we may have a lot of informations. Maybe we can choose sometimes what can be necessary for our audience.
At the welcome page, I would have put a very brief and simply definition of what Blockzerolabs is.
In fact, what I’m seeing in the welcome page maybe a little high for “normal understanding”

When we say “get XIO token”, I think we also need to give the relationship between Blockzero and XIO before. Maybe new citizens will not understand. And it seems to be little premature at the welcome page.

We could also add some animation here when a citizen reach there for the first time. The number could just start at 0 before going to the exact number.

Here I was expecting to see a link who brings the user to join, maybe discord Chanel or to become a citizen

These gif could be good, but I will have opted for static images.

Double word here “top top”?

I like the form of the website.
But I’m questioning, is it necessary to underline important words?

At the “accelerator” page
I would suggest to not ask there the audience if there have some ideas about what we could put there, this could be done in our discord Chanel. A website, for me, is a final product. And we should not give the impression that we are not sure of what we are doing.

Another remark is that some link are not yet working. Like “start the mission” of mental mining.
I think is better to put link that are working on the website because it has already been released to the public.

Each time, I see the word “project” a question always came in mind, is which type of project?
Is it not necessary to precise?

Here I would suggest this sentence

“We turn yield opportunity into a mission and send out an alert to all Blockzero passengers”

The specific aspect that retain my attention here is statistics of what Blockzero have already done (numbers and videos).
This is a very important aspect for me to attract new citizens.
Is already good for the videos on the section “The block”. I really appreciate that.
Now for the numbers on the section “the token”, I will suggest to add some links which could give some proof of the number there. If possible.

The most difficulty for me is the comprehension of what Blockzero is doing, and I will like to understand this just at the welcome page

Does Blockzerolabs is the Web3.0 venture studio and what does that really mean?

I will improve it by given a really basic definition of Blockzerolabs, before making after a correlation with Web 3.0 venture studio.
And also, I will not put the link “get xio token” there. Because when a new user visit the website site, he could first click on that link and do not understand why he should even have that xio token and do come back on the website again and do not also get the xio token.


I think it suits the blockzero theme from the beggining. Otherwise its well structured and minimalistic. Some buttons are missing functionality but i guess that still in progress.

I really got my mind wraping around
image and image

As i’m still not sure in what i’m participating in now and what i’ll be after i send this text?
Isn’t joining the spacecraft, simply joining discord channel and start following the project?
And join the moon mission? Havent found anything about that.

If its confusing to us it will be even more confusing for the newcomers.

As many have already pointed out about this sms texting can be repulsive. Could all simply be done with discord and Typeform for whitelisting and you’re done.

Get $XIO in-menu button could open in blank window and as Zach already said text should be black (to make only first items text black you should try this #menu-item-8710 .menu-title-text { color: black !important; } just put it in custom css file). Also pressing on The Missions it just simply redirects you to The Token page which could be removed and just add The Token submenu to The Missions submenu.

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Linking here what I wrote earlier on Discord:

I am focusing on the landing screen impression, specifically what is visualized in the first frame.
There were some changes made to the first feedback I gave earlier, for instance the interstellar yield was replaced with Web3 venture studio.

I would take away the video button because it takes away too much space. Estimated 25% on desktop and mobile (noticed that there was no autoplay on mobile).
Pressing play is unclear what one can expect. I’d rather place a link ‘Watch our story video 1:08’ where it is suitable. There is also a missing link as the video visualizes urban lifestyle whereas the new landing page is about space. Perhaps the escalator scene at the end can be replaced with a spaceship entry?

Another alternative would be to have an onboarding webpage that only consists of short videos?
Dominantly the welcoming message and webpages are done in text, and that is probably most effocient. But I would find it interesting to welcome visitors solely with video or audio stream. These options however make it difficult to navigate since visitors usually have to consume the whole media before they can take actions.

I would take away the yield mission button. The youtube video named 2 primary KPIs and 2 secondary KPIs.
With KPIs my recommendation is to have 1 primary and start with 2 secondaries. It’s not possible to achieve 2 targets with one action. Should you believe that you can achieve them simultaneously, the two objectives are in fact the same or so much interlinked that presenting both probably leads to inefficiencies versus optimizing towards pareto efficiency if you address one at a time.
The primary KPI should be to purchase XIO.

Then the question is why one should do so.
And here I am guessing, but most people will fall for these USPs:
Yield, ‘where is my reward when I do this?’
Ease, ‘I only have two minutes before my boss will call on me’
Recognition, ‘I want instant gratification if I give you these two minutes, no pain just make me feel like a a saint’
Security ‘I hate scammers, can’t afford to lose, can I trust you?’

I can’t see that the landing page addresses any of the above. It focuses on what BZ is about and it’s difficult to see where we differentiate. And here BZ has a lot to offer.

Just as others have written before I see a high risk of confusion, a lot of clutter and a lack of incentives to join.

Ensure a consistent wording and avoid using terms that a new visitor has no clue about.
Keep the target audience in mind.
Reduce KPIs.
Streamline the most valuable customer journey after you mapped it.

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Talking about points of view :thinking:I got the feeling the website and the navigation though it was a bit “too long” and not immediate… Too much information all at once, it is not simple to graspthe basis of the whole projects… A lot of “missions”, complexity etc… I would have liked something simpler and to the point

This is something that just came into my mind. People that want to invest in the blockzero ecosystem want to see the words APY, APR, VOLUME, Price, as soon as they land on our website. Let’s not kid ourselves here, 90% of people in crypto that could invest and put money in a project like bz, do so to get money back. They follow the best rates and potential in a new crypto token… We should be more clear on what the expected volume, Apr, apy etc are…


Looks way better than the previous websites and the information is easier to find, but it’s somewhat too simple and straightforward, the icons are not moving/ doing anything, the homepage is just a simple scroll from top to bottom instead of each of the 6 screens loading separately with some nice flashy movements, etc.

The homepage. As it stands right now we have 6 different screens: 1. Web 3.0 studio, 2. The planets, 3. The token, 4. The yield, 5. The block, 6. The accelerator. These six screens are just a continuous scroll, and the 4th one (yield) does not even fit entirely on a 16:9 screen. I would rather go with something similar to this theme: Landing Scroll | Folie WordPress Theme Notice how each screen loads separately, with the elements appearing or moving from one side? That looks way better to me than a blank boring homepage.
There’s also the left side menu. When you click on the links it takes you to the specific page, for example this one: Accelerator | Blockzero Labs - Blockzero Labs What I don’t like here are the static icons. I would rather like some animated icons similar to these:
Right now the only motion graphic on the page is the line moving below the title. Would be nice to see the rocket burning fuel and climbing I guess, or the astronaut moving around in space.

Not many, the website looks pretty good already, it needs just a few adjustments.

I would pay some money to a professional team to built a website instead of doing everything in-house for cheap. Also I would like to see a clear branding manual being built around the logo and visual identity for each new project, so the designers know exactly what visual assets to use and how. Again, pay a professional team for each branding, don’t do it for cheap. Up until now every website you guys built was either made by unprofessionals (the first Flashstake website was horrible to say the least) or made by XIO holders that provided their services. That’s not the way a potentially billion dollar token should do things. Work with professionals > pay significant money > get quality services > profit.

  1. What is your general impression?

Overall, a lot of good ideas in this new website. It fixes some issues with the previous one, such as information on a given subject being grouped together (e.g., yield). On the other hand, I believe there is still a long way to go in terms of consistency: there is still a patchwork feeling due to redirections to external pages (more on that later).

In addition, there is an unprofessional feeling to the current website, exemplified below:

  • On the landing page, the “Yield reserves” field is inaccurate. At the time of viewing, the value shown was 10,532,236 USD, while the value in the Gnosis safe (accessed through the “Yield reserves” button) is 8,311,319.92 USD. The difference is significant (roughly 20%), and gives an extremely unprofessional impression from the beginning. This needs to be fixed.
  • Under “The yield”, “Zero core”, “MONTHS” appears truncated on my screen (14")
  • The left menu feels somehow disconnected from the main, center part. For instance, when clicking “The token”, something should happen in the center menu.
  • There is no reference to the team. There should be an additional “The team” section on the left.
  1. Pick one specific aspect and discuss it!

My main concern with the website is consistency: In short, there are still too many links that points to external places. Concretely, on the left panel, out of 10 clickable items, 6 open new tabs without showing anything on the main page (each of the planets, buy XIO, Vote with XIO).

This is in addition to the fact that a significant number of news were presented through medium articles/social media posts, and sometimes contradict what is on the website (due to being outdated): it is difficult to know what information is “cannon”.

The lack of consistency is reinforced by the fact that each project have their own domain name, rather than being gathered under the banner of a single domain name (for instance, This point has been bothering me for a while, because it would be very easy for a bad actor to create a fishing website, such as “”, link it on social media/discord while core members are not looking, and scam users.

  1. Which difficulties do you see?

It would require a significant amount of work to bring everything together, and might bring back the “TMI” feeling from the previous website. Furthermore, having everything under a single domain name could be an obstacle to letting the projects live their own life after a while.

  1. How would you improve it?

Ideally, what I would love to see is all the relevant medium articles being updated and relocated to the blockzero website, while being removed from medium. I would also like the projects to be under a blockzero domain name.

A more realistic and immediate step would be to display something on the main page before redirecting the user. For instance, when a user clicks “Vote with XIO”, an explanation of the process could appear on the center page, something in the lines of “In the XIO universe, the users have the ability to vote on important decisions. This decision process is handled through discussions on the forum, and a vote on the snapshot platform”, followed by 2 big buttons: “The forum”, “Voting”.
Similarly, when the user clicks on “Buy Xio”: “The most convenient way to buy XIO at the time being is through the decentralised exchange uniswap.”, followed by a big uniswap button.

Finally, at least some information from the discord channel should be brought to the blockzero website. For instance, the whole bit on making proposals is missing from the website (unless it is a deliberate choice, and not an option anymore?). This sums up what I mean regarding different sources of information, and which one is cannon.

Overall, I would say that I appreciate the team being so active on different social media platforms, but that it is very ambitious and can easily lead to having contradictory information in different places, or having the website present outdated info. I hope that the new community manager (congrats @Panos :partying_face:) will keep an eye on these issues and make sure the projects has consistent communication.


What is your general impression?

I prefer it to the old site, great improvements =)

The strengths I see are:

  • Less menus, Keep it simple stupid is key for newcomers.
  • Greater gamification. The different ways to participate are great (but do create a double edged sword to be explained below).
  • Greater focus on the business case with “The Accelerator” on top.

Weaknesses include:

  • Insufficient information on the “Accelerator” tab. Appreciating that the website isn’t finished, it would be great to see this short and to the point for how BZ creates value.
  • Too many options and not enough of a clear path of progression with “The Missions” tab. This could be simplified by a small blurb appearing with what the thing is as you hover over a “Mission”. E.g. hovering over mental mining to get “Providing feedback on social forums each month”
  • I’m unsure what the texting “yield” does, but it makes the website seem scammy/insincere in my eyes.

Pick one specific aspect and discuss it!

The Accelerator.

I have read comments calling to make the website more comical/cartoonish for on-boarding, but I disagree there. BZ is trying to engage projects on a professional level and the Accelerator as a first tab on the website (in my opinion) needs to be succinct and get rid of the youtube video.

My recommendation would be a short blurb with the value proposition and maybe a testimonial from someone from UMA if we have something positive to share.

Which difficulties do you see?

  • Choice paralysis with the amount of missions.
  • Unclear starting points for newcomers.

How would you improve it?

I think I have touched on this already =)

Great job!

**What is your general impression?**

I like the whole lay out and how informative it is, you can easily navigate to find what your looking for.the whole theme has a buzz it gives a positive vibes on the future of the project.

** Pick one specific aspect and discuss it!**

The terminology use through out the website is consistent i believe instead of saying the planets we should say “our atmosphere”

** Which difficulties do you see?**
Im not in the US and i try the texting thing “yield” and it does not work to the number that is there.

** How would you improve it?**
I believe it can be a more vibrant or lively, i would probably put a theme song to the website to grab the attention of new users.

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Hello fellow Mental Crew :wink:

Thank you for all the feedback you have provided so far. Within the next days we will review all comments in detail to decide what to implement before officially publishing the website.

For the next 4 days it is still possible to add to this very discussion if you feel you can provide additional value.

Meanwhile I have whitelisted those of you who already entered your username and wallet in the typeform. You can go ahead and make yourself familiar with the coordinape tool at:
Please log in with the wallet you provided.

The tool is still under development but already functional. We are one of the first to use it and experiment with the possibilities it offers.
The most important aspect for you to know is:

  1. At first login you can check if your username is correct. If not you can change it.
  2. Please opt-in to the round so that others are able to award you Mental Credits for your discussion.
  3. Everyone whitelisted in the tool will receive 100 Mental Credits to distribute to the other Mental Crew.
  4. It is not possible to give to yourself.
  5. Please allocate your Mental Credits to your fellow Mental Crew. People who added more to the discussion, you can give more Mental Credits, those you did not notice taking part in the discussion you should skip in that round.
  6. You can change your allocations as long as the epoch has not concluded.


still missing, please use the typeform

EDIT: added both :white_check_mark:


Done, I provided my wallet and username. I m also trying coordinate but it tells me I have no circle… Probably you guys have to add me, I guess…

Back to the feedback though,

Yup, totally agree. This was a feeling I had from looking at the website, but I didn’t know how to express it… “patchwork” look is kinda how I feel about the website. Not too much, mind you, but a little bit it just feels like it… There is no “flow” to it… A lot of redirect and informations put together when they should be separated.

On a new personal note, I can add: is there really a reason for the use of such unique names and the “space” team? For example, the “planets”, the “missions” etc… New people couldn’t understand what we are talking about, they just know the base terms of the crypto worlds, and maybe we should use them…

Also, trying to navigate through the mission page from my smartphone, I keep going back and forth from every mission and is not easy to have a look at all of them. It is a little but clunky. It would be easier if there were a single page with a brief description of each mission, so that I could look at them all at once, with the relative rewards and infos

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One thing I forgot to add for an improvement item, it would be great to have an easy way to see the BZ core team.

An easy way to discern a legitimate project is the ability to see the team behind it. I think adding team members pictures as a part of the Accelerator tab with a short blurb for who they are in BZ would be golden, - definitely leveraging a strength.

Having Blockzero Labs | Status Map - Blockzero Labs below that to see what they are working on would improve this even further.

Definitely difficult to navigate with smartphones - smaller graphics might help? I’m no website designer though haha


Thanks for the Coordinape invite.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the distribution.

I don’t believe in objectivity and experience quite a mental effort whenever I try to accomplish objectivity.
Subjectivity on the other hand, I consider a privilege for everyone and as with every privilege it should be used with consideration which also requires some effort.

With that I mind, please note that I will follow some simple rules when I award the points.

  • Quality as a feedback with a thought through suggestion for improvement
  • Effort as an estimate of time spend on the subject matter
  • In case it’s possible I will allocate according to the following:
    3 top contributors to receive 25 points each;
    the remaining 25 points will be distributed with a maximum of 5 credits each for any other good contribution.
    This is to limit my own workload.

Most likely I will finalize allocation on Sundays.

Most importantly I want to express that all contributions are appreciated - you all rock.

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Hey Mental Crew,

some updates have already been applied to the website. So you might want to give it another quick look.


Hey @FrankDaTank
thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I do believe that we should allow ourselves to experiment with this system for a bit to find out how to best use it.

In psychological test theory (statistic evaluation) I learned that one way to achieve objectivity is to average out many subjective evaluations. That means that the more of us contribute to this grading the “better” (more objective) the result will become.
Of course this should not lead to an excessive additional work load for all of us. That being said I think your described approach is very good.

Anyone is free to solve this the way they want. Generally I would suggest not making a “science” out of it but rather deciding by some quick rule of thumb.

Everybody, please also consider to “limit your workload” in such a way. Allocate your Mental Credits in a way you feel fitting.

Let’s see what we make of it!

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Totally agree.
I believe transparency helps and also making clear that all input is appreciated, even if no credits are awarded, was my first impulse to write this.
Also noted that many contributors opted to not take part in this discussion, most of which otherwise would have been a good choice.

Altogether doing this myself makes clear once more how much work you put in this before. And doing it this way is an interesting next step for Mental Mining.

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Yes, smaller graphics might help, but it is not just a “visual” thing. It is the back and forth, up and down (you have to scroll a lot when on smartphone), and the general lack of “flow” when navigating through the missions. Again I am not a Web designer, so probably my feedback is worthless, but I can make a little example. If I go through the pancakeswap website, Via mobile, I don’t get the same feeling… It is not easy to explain, since it is just a feeling.

For example, look at this screenshot from my phone

As you can see, the whole screen is filled with animated black and white gifs… I feel 'overwhelmed" a bit… There is no space to rest my eyes or to catch some useful information… It doesn’t look too friendly

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