Assignment – Feedback on New Website

Firstly I appreciate the effort that has gone into the upgrade and I think the space metaphor has merit and will resonate with newcomers to the site. You have already received plenty of good feedback on the visuals of the site so my feedback is around the content.

I would like to see more focus on presenting a solid value proposition as to why someone should buy XIO. Visitors to the site are looking for information that will help them assess the risks and potential rewards in buying XIO. When I am looking at small caps to invest in I need to get comfort that the project has good fundamentals, a clear strategy for moving forward and a team with the ability to deliver. Key information should include:

  • what Blockzero does, a motherhood statement on the landing page is fine but it should link to more detailed information.

  • what sets Blockzero apart from the competition and how this will create growth/add value

  • demonstrated past performance. I think the information on Aquafi and Flashstake does an excellent job of demonstrating 2 quality outcomes. The dropzero link does not work so unsure if it adds value.

  • future growth plans. Investors need a roadmap as to what the organisation has planned for the short medium and long term. The Accelator tab gives no indication of how many projects you are looking to take on, or how you generate revenue or value through accepting a project via the accelator. There is also no information on the difference between an internal project such as Aquafi where all the value created flows to XIO members (or held in the Vortex) versus a project that would be run via the ‘Y combinator’ concept from which we would generate a fee paid in the projects native tokens. Are we focused on one versus the other. Also not sure how many people are going to watch the 57min Uma video that appears on the Accelator page, I think you need something more concise.

More detail on how tokens in new projects are allocated will help demonstrate the value proposition - what benefit you get from holding tokens in your wallet versus providing liquidity, the impact of halvings and the benefits of investing early and muiltiplier increases for holding them long term.

I think the missions section do an excellent job in demonstrating how someone can earn more tokens once they have made their initial investment. But a knowledgeble investor will need to ensure the fundamentals of the business stack up before they look at the bonus token opportunities.

I think we need to explain the differences/pros/cons between the the Liquid Fire mission and staking. Liquid Fire has an APY of 30% to 90% with the risk of impermanent loss compared to the screen shot of the staking page showing APY on 4 coins simultaneously including XIO at 53%. I understand the Vortex is still a work in progress but we will need to explain to current and future holders of XIO how these options work so they can make informed investment allocation decision.

I could not see anything on the core team.

Once a potential investor has decided to buy some XIO we need to make this process as frictionless as possible. According to Coingecko Blockzero is listed on 2 exchanges plus Uniswap. Rather than have the link go straight to Uniswap, why not explain where they can buy it and have links to all three. Uniswap is not a very user friendly interface and we should avoid dumping people straight into their page.

I can appreciate that Blockzero wants to be different in how it presents itself and being edgy and trendy is perfectly fine but if we are trying to encourage more people to buy XIO then we need to ensure that we still give them the informtion they need to make an investment decision. I have passed on numerous small caps based on the inability to get useful information from their website.


Asked by FrankDaTank (no clue how to tag you): “Could you think of other ways to improve trustworthiness? On one hand you like the dark colors, on the other you mention a light color could increase trust. What if you had to choose?”

Answer: If I had to choose between colors I would almost always go for lighter colors because I can’t think of many dark color schemed webpages that I like. I think it’s because most of the time the contrast isn’t well brought out but I don’t think it’s the case with blockzero’s webpage because the contrast is nice (maybe needs a little bit of work on the left side). I think it’s because I’m not a fan of the dark asthetic at the opening as it just feels too dark and I feel like it makes the first impression a bit too…dark (it feels like it’s a really personal opinion so I would take it with a grain of salt).
In contrast I asked my wife about it and she said that she likes the colors. Only things she didn’t like were the green and white text as shown in the picture because it makes the text a bit diluted. Also the font on the left seemed to be too small and weird compared to other fonts.

As to how to make the webpage even more trustworthy I really liked the idea to use common crypto terminology to make the user feel more at home. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s easily done by using the @ and typing who you like to add :wink:


Hey @Biggles99 ,
good to see you on the forum. Thanks for providing such detailed feedback.

Please provide your wallet address so I can add you to the coordinape app. We will be using that for collectively allocating the reward for this Mental Mining Assignment.
Best use the typeform linked in the post below. You find additional details there as well.

This ^^^ also applies to you @Teck5150 – please use the typeform and register the wallet you’d like to use for taking part in the reward allocation.

I’m new to discord, I thought i had registered previously but I didn’t have my ID and just used XID 1. Just filled out the typeform again, hope it worked.

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Thanks so much, really appreciate your added input!
Great that the feedback on Coordinape was sent and received. It’s a nice feature that allows to continue the discussion.

@jorn Did you also get the comment that I sent as ‘Leave a note’ or does this only work if you opted into receiving credits?


I just looked at the updated landing page and liked the statement about creating crypto - to the point and makes it clear what Blockzero is about and how the benefits flow to the holders of XIO.

On the assumption BZ will be rolling out internally generate projects for many years to come we should consider creating a style/format and BZ dictionary that will be used for all projects. At the moment BZ and each of the project websites look different. If you went to the flashstake webpage you would not know it had anything to do with BZ.

To help build a visual brand that over time will become synonymous with quality projects, people should be able to identify one of our projects simply through the look of the website and the consistent logo. The common style/format and logo would identify the project as a BZ project, each project could be differentiated through the color scheme used. For example the look and wording will be consistent but the BZ webpage would be green, Aqua is obvioulsy aqua, Flash stake is pink etc etc.

The use of the same logo on all projects then creates a suite of projects that will transfer credibilty from project to project. Think of Apple branding - when you see the Apple logo on a new product that you know nothing about, you will automtically recall your prior experience with Apple and many of the barriers to exploring the new product will be instantly removed.

The danger with this approach is a bad experience with one project can have the opposite impact and create barriers to adopting the new project.

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After reading the other comments, talking with a few people and watching & navigating the website all this week, I will say that I like the overall concept and design. The first impression is good, but not good enough in my opinion. To be honest I like more most of the parts of the old website. I will be honest and I will recommend a lot of changes below.

  1. I would remove the “Get XIO tokens” button from these 2 places and instead put Join Blockzero / Become a Citizen. Putting buy XIO in the first landing page might not be a good idea for many reasons. Also what will the “Get Started” button do? Because now it leads me to a new window that lands again to the first page. I guess it will lead to the yield missions? I also don’t like the “we create crypto” phrase, “We build or create crypto” doesn’t sound right to me. Just building or creating crypto can be seen as something generic that could be anything without value. Also as we not only create crypto but other tools and protocols as well (like dropzero) maybe We build/create crypto/DeFi tools/projects or something similar would be better. Or just Web 3.0 Venture studio like it was in the start and explaining a little more what Blockzero is and does in simple terms.

  1. I would definitely add an XIO explainer as the second box (the correct word doesn’t come in mind now, so I will use box, lol) after the first and before the flashstake one, explaining the utilities of XIO and some basic information, and that’s where you put the “Get XIO” button. Similar to this:

  1. I like the Flashstake, AquaFi, Dropzero boxes, but with that way, it makes the website and landing page long and tiring. What I would do instead is put all the 3 projects in 1 box or/and put these 3 boxes on the projects page, not the landing page, instead of having just the link names and links when people click the projects:

  1. Yield Missions: This is the part that I don’t like a lot. Terminology? A little confusing, complicated and overwhelming. I sent it to a few people that were beginners in crypto or that learned recently about Blockzero and they were confused overall by checking out the website and there is a also lack of cinsistency in wording and terms. I also don’t like the pictures/gifs used and I don’t think they fit with the rest of the website. The overall website is modern and new, while these remind me of something old and outdated. I would change them all and put modern pics/gifs from the space, universes, modern rockets and austronats (SpaceX) etc. with nice colours

  1. Next is the “Around the Block” box which I don’t thinnk it fits there, I would put it in the end.


  1. Now that the blockzero facebook page is active, put this instead of the group down in the social media buttons. Redirecting...

These are my observations and what I would change. Overall, I would try to make it simpler and easier for beginners and the average person to navigate the website and put information and words that explain everything simply with nice terms that will not be confusing. Modern and at the same time professional, simple and beginner-friendly is what the website should be, in my opinion. The majority of people have short attention span and need everything ready, instantly and easily explained. We need to get our message and content clear and easy to understand.


What do you guys think about creating our own custom wiki? For the blockzero and all other linked ecosystems?

Honestly, I think that pushing people to go register an account on one of the small, clunky, centralised exchanges, is a bad idea… Dexes are the future. The situation would be different if xio was on Binance, though


Good point and I agree we don’t want to push people to small exchanges that might be risky. I don’t know much about the exchanges XIO is listed on and whether they should be trusted or not.

However I still think we should make them aware of the options rather than have the ‘buy XIO button’ go straight to Uniswap. Without providing the options we are making the choice for them.

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I definitely think a custom wiki is worth exploring. Just need to ensure it remains up to date and in alignment with what we present on the website


I really like Blockzero’s aesthetics, the choice of colors, and the cosmic vibe in black and white. Here, too, I cannot agree with the opinion of my predecessors that “the site is too serious”. Let’s leave clipart and vector graphics for shitcoins.

After the recent changes, the website has also become clearer and the information is more structured.

Due to the fact that I would like to contribute as much as possible to the feedback, let me list a few different aspects.

  1. Aesthetic - The transitions between parallax (between projects) don’t fit together and with the whole Blockzero vibe. This undulating transition works well with Aqua, but not very much with Dropzero and Flashstake.

  2. UX
    2a. In the left-hand menu, social media icons should be separate from contact icons. This will reduce the embarrassment of having too many icons in one place and make it easier for interested people to get in touch.
    2b. At the bottom of the home page where the steps are described, some summary is missing. There is step 1, step 2, step 3 and … uuh, right?
    2c. Yeld Missions section - portfolio filters lack an explanation of what is what (Talent, Task, Thinking, Time, Token). This may be problematic for newcomers.
    2d. Around the block - It is best to put such video content on a separate subpage. Slider is not the best solution for this type of content, plus it increases the rendering time of the page by embedding video content on the home page.
    2e. On the main page, in individual sections, there is some additional indication for which group of recipients a given section is dedicated. Most sections seem to focus on investors, while Accelerator focuses on startups.

  3. Performance/optimization
    Currently, the website is technically not optimized for performance and speed. I know that it is still a staging version and maybe it will be improved, but my IT experience tells me that after recent corrections, files are simply replaced.

The site is heavy right now, takes a long time to load, and takes a long time to render. This is mainly due to heavy images, large gif files, images in non-modern formats.

Not every potential customer or investor has a fiber-optic connection.

I described most of the problems in the second point right away. A performance and optimization problem with long loading and rendering times may discourage some audience from discovering Blockzero - people are impatient.

Core Web Vitals is also one of the very important ranking factors recently, but that’s a completely different topic.

  1. Here, I would keep the wavy transition with Aqua and change to straight lines with the other projects.

  2. 2a.Picking up the social media icons a little higher in the menu and separating them with a line
    (blockzero colored) from the contact icons should do the trick.
    2b. Adding some summary would be great.
    2c. You can try to add some hoover with a description after hovering the cursor over a given filter.
    2d.Transferring the video to a separate subpage will do the job.
    2e. Just add a color tag with the name of the group (investor, citizen, startup, organization etc).

  3. The easiest way is to upload the page in PageSpeed Insights and follow the instructions.

If necessary, I will also be happy to provide my SEO expertise if needed.

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Hello to all. I’m new here I am a website designer and I own my own small web Boutique. First off I’d like to say I find this all very exciting. I’d like to offer some insight on the design.

  1. The general overall flow is very good so I don’t see any need for improvement there. The colors all work well off each other as well.

  2. I would make some changes and I will tell you my reasons.

I) liquid fire section and image are not related visually at all. The image to me personally is irrelevant. I would perhaps use a lava image to at least pull the words and image to be some how related or if the meaning of liquid fire can be related in some other way. I don’t fully understand it but as someone new I wouldn’t get it and neither would any other new person. So no good.

II) zero core section… Not a moon. This whole entire space is riddled with “it’s gonna moon” and the reality is the moons core if it even has one lol is up for debate so irrelevant. Better the core or earth… Maybe showing the crust and mantel would be cooler.

Iii) task force section I think it would be much more bad a$$ with a team of navey seals moving around… That’s what I think of in a task force or at least green barays.

Iiii) diamond hands? Well that’s my last suggestion esthetics wise what are diamond hands? It’s a person with guts… A baller… A winner… So why not emulate that? Have a beautiful man and woman shooting bills out of their hands walking down rodeo drive. Show that diamond hands means guts and glory.

That’s it other than that stellar job guys beautiful work.


Well, to ensure that it stays up to date and the contributors put a real effort in to it, we could make it part of the xsi rewards. A good article on the wiki, gets you some xio… But I am digressing, let’s focus on the website feedback

Well, yes a lot of shitcoins have that kind of graphic art… But… Have you ever noticed that all of them have marketcap that is tens or hundreds times bigger than xio? A lot of holders and investors too? That is because a funny and simple look of their websites, bring in more people… Serious project are harder to grow

Well, with that we lose the space theme though… Every image is from space missions, and lava or a volcano wouldn’t integrate well with the general space theme of the website :thinking:

Good morning actually, I would think there are planets with a hot core and Lava. Perhaps even… Green lava? Does it have to be 100 factually known lava? :wink: Thought they might want something cool and unique. Anyway it’s just a suggestion.

This is just an example

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Thank you @MentalCrew for all your feedback. As mentioned above a lot of it has already been implemented. As you might imagine not all suggestions will be used though. In the future we expect to continue improving the website. As the project develops further adjustments can be expected.

Please log in the before tomorrow and make sure you opted in to receiving Mental Credits (GIVE). Since this is the first time we are using the tool I will make sure all your contributions will be acknowledged and everyone who contributed will receive a share of the total reward.

For further questions and discussion about how to use the tool please see how to participate.

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  1. What is your general impression.
    Alot of though and plan was placd in the website,we have a good team working with

  2. Pick one specific aspect and discuss it!
    I Think the space theme is ok,its just that the website pictures could use some modern colours.

  3. Which difficulties do you see?
    User might have issue navigating the website as they might not understand the pictures in the website.

  4. How would you improve it?
    Create a more clearly defined pictures for the website that anyone can understand which will enable them to navigate the website properly.

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