Assignment – Optimizing the Moon Mission

Optimizing the Moon Mission

As of September 2021 Blockzero Citizens are called upon to take part in our 1 Million XIO Moon Mission. The goal of the Moon Mission is to help our project grow effectively. For this we have identified four different missions:

  • Rocket Science (Think)
  • Core Talent (Create)
  • Space Scout (Grow)
  • Liquid Fire (Liquidity/Capital)

Each of these four mission has four levels (overall 16 tasks to achieve). The proposed setup aims to activate a large number of people for “Level 1”, and then as tasks become more difficult, we want to identify a rather a small but really impactful group to reach the higher levels. The currently discussed setup is laid out in the following overview (draft) and explained in detail in the linked Medium article as well as in the Video AMA also linked at the bottom of this post:

Leading questions for this assignment:

  • How will the Moon Mission help Blockzero grow most effectively?
  • What is too easy?
  • What is too hard?
  • How can we avoid cheating?

Some more specific questions you might want to talk about (optional):

  • Which mission (or specific task) is most important? Why?
  • What specific changes would you introduce to the moon mission? Why?
  • What part (specific task) of the moon mission do you feel adds the most friction? Which task is most difficult for people to achieve?

"Liquid Fire" Special

For “Liquid Fire” we currently suggest requiring Citizens to add minimum amounts of XIO as liquidity for each level:

  • level 1: 1000 XIO for 1 week
  • level 2: 25 k XIO for 1 month
  • level 3: 100k XIO for 3 months
  • level 4: 250k XIO for 1 year

What rules should we establish for the Mission “Liquid Fire”?

Due to the nature of liquidity pools the amounts XIO inside the pools will be fluctuating. We will yet have to determine how to best set up the rules around this mission. Different approaches are:

  1. Require XIO inside liquidity token to not drop below threshold
    Should we require the amount XIO in the liquidity token to stay above the threshold at all times? We could take daily snapshots of the liquidity position to check that the minimum is met all times. This would require Citizens to constantly check their position to make sure it does not fall below the threshold.

  2. Go with the initial add and disregard fluctuations
    We can set it up that only the initially added number XIO is relevant. This would match the current logic of our XLP (liquidity program). As long as no liquidity is moved or removed the initially added number XIO tokens will be considered.

  3. Require a certain USD value instead of number of XIO
    Since we are aiming to increase the total value locked (TVL on uniswap v2) it would also make sense to require a minimum USD value to be added to the pool. The suggested XIO numbers (1000, 25k, 100k, 250k XIO) could transform to pool values of $500 USD for a week, $10,000 USD for a month, 50,000 USD for 3 months and 250,000 USD for 1 year. Here the same question would need to be answered: how would we deal with price volatility? Use the initial value added or require the value (moving average) to not drop below a defined threshold?

  4. Which liquidity pools should be eligible?
    Should we allow any XIO pool for this or only predefined ones, e.g. only the XIO/ETH pool? Only v2 pools or also v3 pools?

  5. Reset on removal?
    Should the removal of liquidity cause a reset? Such as if someone adds 300k XIO for 10 months and removes it, and a few months later adds 300k XIO again for 4 more months… did they complete the 250k for 12 months requirement? Or would they need 12 months consecutive liquidity?

For any more details and background on the Moon Mission you may also want to watch the detailed explanations presented in the community AMA: LIVE: Million XIO Moon Mission | Blockzero Labs AMA - YouTube

Video Timestamps

00:00 - LIVE: Million XIO Moon Mission
03:15 - Today We Talk About the Moon Mission and N> eed Your Feedback
06:12 - You Could Read All At Moon Mission - Blockzero Labs
07:20 - Agenda For the Video
08:20 - What is the Blockzero Moon Mission?
10:23 - Why Did We Create the Moon Mission?
14:09 - How Does the Moon Mission Work?
16:50 - Rocket Science
22:45 - Pass the Core Exam
25:08 - Space Scout
26:34 - Liquid Fire
28:20 - Community AMA
30:16 - Is There a Time Frame to Complete the tasks?
30:20 - Is the Exam a One Time Test?
31:51 - Is There a Cap For Each Level?
34:50 - Start Date is September 1st for Everyone
36:50 - Will More Quests Be Added?
39:00 - How Do We Reach the Levels?
40:22 - Could You See Levels of Progress?
42: 30 - Will We Get Some Hints?
44:39 - How Will the Cohort be Structured?
45:00 - A Multiplayer Experience
47:27 - Request To Community, We Need Help
50:58 - Reviewing the Moon Mission
57:27 - Give a Thumbs up to the Video
58:30 - Amazing New Talent Joining Blockzero

A total of 10,000 XIO can be earned with this assignment. All participants will be asked to take part in the collective allocation of rewards using the coordinape tool. The allocation period will start on Friday 10th and conclude one week from today on Tuesday 14th.

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Guys, First I would like to Tank You ALL for the welcoming i received. :clap:

  • I think Moon Mission is a well thought competition developed around the core values of BlockZero.
    The appealing prize will attract a lot of people with all sorts of skills which will need to find a good strategy to win.
  • By providing liquidity and ideas to BlockZero community is the first step in efficient growth.

Nothing :)) … one task might seem easier than other … but in the end one still needs to complete all the tasks

By finishing the competition, how it is structured, BlockZero will manage to find a new member for the “council” … so obviously the tasks in L4 are very difficult

I don’t see yet how one can cheat his/her way to the top… at the moment seems impossible

All missions are as important for one that aims completing L4 and gaining 40 points

I think i would consider alternatives for L3 and L4 Space Scout … like this it seems one needs to find “an assistent”

The task were other people are required to arbitrage the competition. More specifically the levels of “Rocket Science”.
I introduced an idea for L1 RS to incentivize people to interact with the ideas/proposals/brainstorms … and not even that managed to get the emoticons required.

So i think, if we want more people to participate in lower levels to create a good base for the higher levels we will need to find solutions to add to the competition and not change tasks of the competition based on the fact that are difficult.

Today i was thinking to this as well … all 5 points make sense and i think is just a matter of majority vote…
for me 1 and 5(continuously) are the ones that are closer to my take on the competition

  1. Moon mission is going to help blockzero labs grow (by referring and getting new users) and at the same time increase knowledge of existing users by learning about different things to do in bz world.
    2 ) Don’t think the moon mission was too easy (neither too hard)
  2. Dont really think cheating is an issue here , specially with luquid fire as mandatory task and gas fees being as high as they are. If team think this is an issue , perhaps increase the time people have to add liquidity for (or amount ).
  3. All missions are equally important and this seems like a well thought plan .
  4. Nothing other than needing to upload video of yourself answering questions. Why is that needed ?
  5. Uploading video for core exam sounds like would create most friction and i think referring people and getting them to join discord might be toughest.

Liquid fire special
I think initial add in liquidity is best route (just like XLP rewards), cant predict price so thats the best route.
Yes for reset on removal.


This is my first mental mining so I hope I’m doing this correctly

To start the Moon Mission is well-thought program to encourage the citizens to dig deep into BlockZero Labs as if they are on game. I believe the Moon Mission will help Blockzero Labs in the four categories/missions ( Think, Create, Grow, Liquidity )

  • First on the rocket science ( Brainstorming ), this Mission is great way to collect ideas ( as we can see it now on discord ) and every idea on Brainstorm channel is valuable even if they didn’t get 10 ( Blockzero logo) it still would bring something new that Blockzero could use/make it in the future.

  • Core talent, in this mission 1st level I think the test is great way to introduce BZ and other protocols to those who are new on Blockzero as well as others old citizens that aren’t aware of BZ protocols, core team, etc. On the other hands, it help BZ to know their citizens as well. One thing I noticed on this mission is that some citizens think these questions are tricky or they have another meaning to it which would misleading them the main point of the test.

  • For Space Scout mission, I believe it will help BZ to expand larger in crypto space and bring new citizen to the participate on moon mission which they could bring new citizen as well not to mention the prize in Moon Mission which could attract high numbers of people.

  • For Liquid Fire, is obviously will bring more stability to xio token.

It depends on the person him/herself, some might find Rocket science is the easiest, some are good at core talent, others have some ways to convince people to join BZ and others have capital to provide liquidity. Personally, I found recruit one citizen is the easiest.

Rocket science. Haha it’s hard to come up with good idea personally, but I won’t call this task is too hard.

Recording video of ourselves is one way to avoid multiple accounts. I also recommend asking the participants to add their twitter account so it could prevent cheating.

I think Rocket science and liquid fire are most important, the first one could benefits BZ if the final proposal approved and for the liquid fire, high liquidity means good financial health which indicates that the Blockzero is good/stable business in which it will bring new investors as well.

Nothing, all missions are really good.

I would say the part where we asked to record ourselves answering some specific questions but I understand it’s for prevention purposes.

Again it depends on the person but I think the last task in Rocket science would be the most difficult.

Option 2 is the best and the easiest way which is to go with the initial add.

All pools are fine.



Leading questions for this assignment:

How will the Moon Mission help Blockzero grow most effectively?

  • Gamification and greater participation with community on-boarding.
  • tangible incentivizes for people to conduct certain tasks.

What is too easy?

Liquidity for a week. However I don’t think its so much “easy” as it is a little superfluous and wasteful. If people do undertake this and add and remove liquidity then they would lose more in gas fees than they would earn with 1000 XIO for level 1.
Recommendation: Wait for staking or Layer 2 before making this a week requirement, otherwise maybe this should be another test for learning about the Liquid fire and answering that test.

What is too hard?

Core talent. Passed level 1, most people will never have the time or ability to join the core, I think this is out of the reach of most people.
Recommendation: Change this to 1 month in explorer program, and other such achievable tasks for the remainder.

How can we avoid cheating?

Mods, community engagement, (cheating on the test is going to happen and that needs to be accepted).

Some more specific questions you might want to talk about (optional):

Which mission (or specific task) is most important? Why?
What specific changes would you introduce to the moon mission? Why?
What part (specific task) of the moon mission do you feel adds the most friction? Which task is most difficult for people to achieve?

Most important:

  • They all are, but for this stage of development, Space Scout. We need to build the community. The rest will follow.
  • Already touched on some changes.
  • The most friction would be the core talent for reasons mentioned.
  • Additionally, we are creating a problem at the moment where too many people are providing ideas in the #brainstorm section for points to go up levels… some of these are great but there is too much noise and it is hard to find quality. I don’t think anyone has reached the 10 emojis required yet.

"Liquid Fire" Special

  • 100% Go with the initial add and disregard fluctuations.
  • All pools eligible.
  • USD or XIO, I don’t see this as mattering if you base it on the initial add.
  • No reset on removal. People shouldn’t be penalized if they have financial circumstances that require a removal of liquidity.


  • By the way it is presented and the rewards tier built, the main benefit of this campaign will be the discovery of new citizens that want to be actively involved in the ecosystem and share it’s vision.
  • Some persons that were inactive might find areas in which they can provide value and be compensated without having to make official statements or commitments. They could be freelancers on their own terms and just present the results when ready.
  • It also encourages citizens to get closer tot the core team and try to be more involved in growing BZ.
  • Liquid fire: under the current format it gives advantage to citizens that are already LPs. The one person that marks the conditions does not have to do anything extra in order to reap the benefits.
  • “Core Talent” and “Recruit citizens” need some additional conditions added as they are interlinked and one can render the other very easy: If the person that qualified one for Level 2 “Recruit citizens” can count towards level 3 and 4 then it might be too easy.

“Rocket science” because the setup is confusing to follow and add ideas: The mission is in missions section and brainstorm is in the governance section. In the brainstorm section there are other topics discussed and it is difficult to follow on the ideas that are part of the mission.
A separate section might be lucrative.

  • The video option, which I am personally not to found of and will not do it, can solve this issue
  • Another option would be similar to what Binance, I think, does: persons are validated as citizens if they send a selfie with the 10 answers handwritten on a paper. The paper should also contain their XID and current date. If needed i am willing to make a test run and see how it goes.

Even though all missions are very well thought out and useful, my personal opinion, is that increasing the user base has a slight advantage, therefore I declare “Recruit Citizens” as having the advantage. The reason are presented below:

  • The more people find out about BZ the better
  • The more people find out we might have an increase of citizen numbers
  • Having more citizens benefits all the rest of the missions: more brain power, more talent, more connections, and more liquidity

I understand the need of “Quality people” however at a low level “quantity” could be a quality by itself.

  • I believe that some disclaimers need to be added to some missions in order to make things clear and transparent. For example:
  1. For “Rocket Science” - levels 2-4: one need to make different proposals. If I start with a 1M proposal does not qualify me for LVL 4 Directly or it does not qualify me for LVL 2 3 and 4 :slight_smile:
  2. “Core Talent” - do already involved cores participate?
  3. Recruit citizen - if level 3/4 persons need to be different than the ones from level 2/3
  4. “Liquid fire” - does the time reset after each stage? Are cores included here?

As for changes:

  1. “Core talent”
  • level 2 to be changed to “apply and be and explorer”. Here the core knows better how much time is needed to evaluate if a person is suitable to be core: 1/2/3 months. This is to encourage persons to apply for an “intern” position before they commit to becoming a core.
  • Level 3 to be changed to “be part of the core” - Practically level 3 is the old Level 2.
    I would suggest to increase the 1 month to at least 3. I say these because there were situations in the not so distant past where persons were in the core for short periods and then removed. Increasing the time would benefit more BZ.
  1. “Liquid fire”
  • Level 2: 25k xio for 1 month: at the moment there are rougly 90 wallets with LPS above 7k USD. If we asume they are half/half they would qualify for the mission. In one month they would earn a total of 900k xio

  • Level 3 100k XIO for 3 months: at the moment there are 25+ wallets that have lps above 30K usd. If we assume half/half again they would qualify for level 3. In three months they would earn 2,5M Xio.

  • I don’t know how off I am with the assumptions, however I see a big chunk of XIO going, in the next 3 months, to wallets that add no extra value to the Moon mission.

One fix for this without offending veteran LPs, by excluding old stakes, would be to slow down the drip for upper levels:

  • level 1: 1000 XIO for 1 week - with current fees people are less likely to add liquidity for this level. I might be wrong but they might aim for the second one.
  • level 2: 25 k XIO for 1 month - 1 month is nothing for Old LPs but it might be appealing for newer ones which for 50K (half xio, half the other coin) they could earn 11k xio fast - 20% plus XLP is not bad.
  • level 3: 100k XIO for 6 months
  • level 4: 250k XIO for 1 years

Another option would be to reset the timer once one level was reached. And Increase the Level 3 from 3 to 6 months.

  • level 1: 1000 XIO for 1 week - reset timer
  • level 2: 25 k XIO for 1 month - reset timer
  • level 3: 100k XIO for 6 months - reset timer
  • level 4: 250k XIO for 1 year
  • This seems a nicer option than the fixed amount as it keeps LPs engaged. If the value of XIO tokens goes down this means that XIO value goes up so they might be double incentivized to add more liquidity.
  • Maybe daily snapshots are overkill for participants. Maybe every week and 10 days. On the specific day each LP needs to have the minimum.
  • Downside - high gas fees might make it prohibitive to adjust for small XIO differences, however it might encourage to add more liquidity in the first place to offset potential differences.

This one is ok as well. It’s a set and done type of approach. Simple to explain and execute.

At the moment we have 2 active, in the sense that people interact with them, pools. We can continue to develop those.
Is there a need in BZ for encouraging new pools?

I would go with the simple approach which is consecutive periods of time and reset on removal.

  • There will be some reluctance in creating the video. Therefore an alternative solution might be needed.
  • With the current format the “rocket science”. It needs a separate section either in Discord or here on the forum.

mostly i agree with you… but if one is serious about trying to go all the way, why to be shy about it?
higher one manages to reach, more known will be by the BZ community … everyone will know him/her anyway.

first of all … Welcome to the MM !

option 2 has one great disadvantage, after the initial add, one can forget about it … and doesn’t stay connected to the task. Why is so difficult to add a 20% more than the requirement and keep on checking from time to time for the whole period required?

very good point. adding to your recommendation i would say:
L1 - as is
L2 - 2 months in a group of choice according one’s skills (can be proposed 3 or 4 )
L3 - 5 months in a program
L4 - 6 months in core

how will it incentives people to keep the liquidity? it might be the case that after one’s liquidity is accounted for , might withdraw the funds and we might loose the whole purpose of providing liquidity and helping the community

very well said :clap:

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Would you clarify what going all the way means? :slight_smile:

At the moment there are two instances when one needs to make a video: one when they become citizens in order to receive the 100 xio and the other for the Core test.

  • I agree that one needs ways to make sure the system is not abused and real humans are interacting with BZ (this is one quality factor which is of the utmost importance) however another option would be welcomed.
  • the core test is very nice designed as it achieves it’s purpose to educate even the most ignorant persons. Do you want to pass level one? Study and answer some questions and it you can do it. When the quest stopped for me was at the video stage: I just pressed exit and don’t intend to come back unless this changes. I am not ca camera guy and don’t have the time and patience to make such a video. Did it once for an interview and it was an awful experience. I am serious about BZ and have been around since the BOMB days. It was the gateway to crypto but will not make the video :smiley: Uploading it does not say anything about the intentions or commitment of the person.

I am not against using the videos, I advocate for another option.


:slight_smile: first of all, was not my intention to question your commitment to BZ…

going all the way means trying to go reach the final level of the mission, potentially the 40 points…

at first sight, the video gig was the only thing that i didn’t like about the mission so i can relate to how you feel about it… but then i thought again and i don’t mind it anymore.
Anyway, one has always control of the video, since is not uploaded directly to BZ, so can be deleted at anytime.

Although i’m a strong advocate of not changing rules during the game… at this point i think attracting participants in L1 is extremely important, so we can offer an alternative for tasks that are stopping people to participate.

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I am sorry if I formulated in a way which could have lead you to thinking that I took it as an offence. It was not the case. I was trying to make the point that a person that does a video might not necessarily be more serious than another which chooses not to :smiley:

how will it incentives people to keep the liquidity? it might be the case that after one’s liquidity is accounted for , might withdraw the funds and we might loose the whole purpose of providing liquidity and helping the community

  • The incentives are already in place with XLP. The longer people stay in, the more they are rewarded.
  • The existing model doesn’t change the problem you are pointing out. People could leave after a year of consistent LP providing if they wanted to.
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How will the Moon Mission help Blockzero grow most effectively?

  • First of all I really like the idea of levels. It makes it feel a bit like a game and in which you have to gain points to reach the next level.

  • The first level seems to be easy to reach which makes it accessible to everyone + the rewards are decent too. Both of these points should attract new users pretty well and help Blockzero grow.

What is too easy?

  • I don’t think there’s anything too easy in this task.

What is too hard?

  • Definitley #brainstorm for new users. They probably don’t have much knowledge about Blockzero so it’s really hard to come up with new ideas like that + getting 10 reactions on your post.

How can we avoid cheating?

  • As it goes usually with communitites: having moderators. Also, as I said in the previous task I really liked the BrightID solution. Video introduction is also an option but that can be cheated easily.

Which mission (or specific task) is most important? Why?

  • I think Liquid fire because we need some fuel to power this thing :smiley:

  • Also core talent/space scout because we need new people to get on board. The more people we have the better.

What part (specific task) of the moon mission do you feel adds the most friction? Which task is most difficult for people to achieve?

  • For me the hardest task seems to be recruiting citizens since I really don’t have anyone close to me who’s into crypto and my social impact is negligible.

  • Also, as mentioned before the brainstorm part since getting 10 reactions is pretty hard.

What rules should we establish for the Mission “Liquid Fire”?

  • Initial add and disregard fluctuations seems to be fair.
  • All liquidity pools should be eligible since it gives flexibility to users.
  • The USD value instead of XIO seems to be unnecessary.
  • I think people should be free to remove their liquidity since you never know what’s going to happen in your life. It would just leave a bad taste in your mouth if you provided liquidity for 10 months and then want to do it again but you wont get the rewards. Then you wouldn’t be incentivized to do it again. But there should be some time limits to that. Maybe 1 month in between providing liquidity or smth like that.

Fair point that it might be punishing if people must remove liquidity.
I like the idea of having a limited time to add the liquidity again.


Hi Valeriu, personally I a doubt most people to forget themselves adding liquidity for one week or months if that what you meant. I choose option 2 because it’s easier for users and the team, in term of checking and calculating the xio in the pool.

yes agreed, but why shall we make team’s life easier? :)) … for participants it’s really difficult, so should be for the referees :slight_smile: … i’m joking…
but obviously, we are speaking of large prices so for sure will not be easy for anybody… if easy everybody would be doing it.

this can be a good compromise: a timeframe for re-LP and an effective timeframe for holding it.
… but maybe only for L3 and L4 …doesn’t make sense to remove 25k for 1month

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Not speculating, but depending on the price evolution it might make sense to remove and add for 1 month or less, regardless of fees :slight_smile:


How will the Moon Mission help Block zero grow most effectively?

To grow BZ (grow = increasing token value) we need an involved community that creates a network effect. The initial buzz created by the moon mission is a great first step in building the growth environment. The outcomes of the rocket science will be the primary driver of the growth followed by space scout and core talent. I don’t see how liquid fire will enhance growth.

What is too easy?

I don’t think any of the levels are too easy for the benefits to be generated. Level 1 needs to be easy enough to get people involved and build the enthusiasm. The remaining three levels are sufficiently hard that people will need to put some effort/dollars in to get the rewards.

What is too hard?

The hardest area will be rocket science as you will need to come up with 4 fantastic ideas of which 3 need to get to the proposal stage with a tiered spend. I think for the vast majority of people recruiting someone that makes it to level 2 will be very difficult and almost impossible to recruit a second person that makes it to level 3.

I think the involvement in the Core team may be a barrier to some due to other commitments that they will have. Not sure what actual investment of time is required.

How can we avoid cheating

The only levels you can cheat on are level 1 Core talent and space scout, you still actually need to submit a proposal and provide liquidity. The cost of supplying liquidity will reduce any gain they get from the1000 xio.

Which Mission is most important

Rocket science is the key as they creation and development of ideas will move BZ forward. We need to be constantly improving and innovating to attract growth. I also think space scout is important but the way it is structured with quality over quantity it will only deliver benefits through the ideas that the new recruits bring.

What changes would you make

Obviously BZ wants a return on its investment at the higher levels but I think it is highly unlikely anyone will achieve level 4. Because you will need to achieve all 4 streams on all 4 levels I think the population of the Venn intersection will be incredibly small. People that would fall into this category are probably building their own project.

I also struggle with a proposal being linked to an XIO spend. Someone can have 2 proposals that hit the 25k and 100k threshold for level 2 and 3 but then come up with a game changing idea that will create a quantum change and not achieve level 4 unless that proposal will cost 250k of XIO.
Consider adding a volume based task for space scout - a quality task or a quantity task. Part of creating energy around a project is getting more people involved.

Liquid Fire

I think they need to meet the XIO targets at the time, the movement of the market is outside of their control and should not need to top up.

I think unstaking and restaking should be allowed, if they are meeting the requirements of the other 3 streams then we need to accept they may need to unstake due to other external factors. It will be a long term effort to meet all 4 levels so we need to build in some flexibility.

I assume the liquidity benefit to XIO is the same regardless of the pool, if so then all pools should be eligible.

If we are giving XIO as a reward then the liquidity provided should be in XIO as well, otherwise you will need to recalibrate the USD value based on big token value changes.

I agree staking for one week adds no value to BZ or the citizen, either make the period longer or remove the requirement.

I agree the brainstorming process needs to be redesigned - for easy for good ideas to be overlooked as it gets pushed further back in the time line.