Automatic re-invest of rewards - Easier, cheaper, better

To avoid gas fees I suggest an automatic re-investment function of XIO rewards within the dapp.

This will ease, specifically for small investors, to re invest their earnings to the pool. Without paying gas in the dapp and adding both ETH and XIO to the pool on uniswap.

XIO could also take a minor share of ETH as well as saved gas, as long as fees are competitive and transparent.

This doesn’t ‘avoid’ gas fees however, and I don’t think it’s actually possible. Currently, the user pays gas fees to claim… Then if they want to compound and reinvest, they’ll either need to convert half of the XIO to ETH and then pool, or pool with their own ETH and XIO… If this was to be implemented, the team would have to code that it would automatically swap just less than half from XIO to ETH (requires gas so would be less than half) and then it would not be possible for the team to then pool the XIO/ETH on Uniswap for you… You have to do that, from your own wallet, to receive the UNI v2 LP tokens… But all of this still requires GAS, which, if possible, needs to be paid for still

Correct, so instead of avoid gas it should be phrased rather as a convenience option.