BlockZero Accelerator Thread

Hi guys,

I have been following the project « Unizen » ( and they have been accelerating several projects. They also offer Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (DMAS) where holders of their token $ZCX can stake it and receive reward token pools that are provided by the projects that are being incubated or accelerated by ZenX Labs.

It got me thinking on how we could grow BlockZero Labs. Therefore, I’ve come up with some questions to both learn more about BlockZero Labs and maybe generate some ideas for the growth of the DAO.

Please find below the questions and my thoughts. Feel free to add any question to the below list and I am looking forward to your contribution!

  1. At this moment, what does BlockZero Labs have to offer to external projects founders in order to help them build/launch/accelerate their project?

I leave it to Dash and other core members to make the point on BZ’s current added value as they probably know more than I.

  1. In your opinion, how could we make BlockZero Labs more attractive for external project founders and make them want to get involved with us in order to help them build/launch/accelerate their project?
    2.A. What can BlockZero offer at each stage of creation of a project?
    2.B. How can a DAO contribute to more centralized companies or early stage projects that have already launched?

I personally think that founders have the vision and the drive to make their project a reality. But no-one has all the skills and ressources to build their own project. That’s why incubators exist and play a key role in the development of start-ups. They provide resources, funding, connections, trainings and a frame so people entering their program with an idea end up building a company. So the question is how can BlockZero empower people to succeed in their venture?

I think there are different stages where BZ can intervene and here are a few ideas.

BlockZero Incubator Program (Educational content and guiding potential founders)

  • I think there is sufficient knowledge and experience within BZ to make a couple of courses or training sessions for people interested in building Web 3 projects. It could for example be a 5 session series from a business, dev, marketing, community perspective (with invited speakers?). (Maybe sponsor some similar video content / webinars)
  • The question I often ask myself is how can we make the project creation accessible for people that have built business before but are new to the crypto world? I think this bridge is important.

Capital raise:

  • BlockZero Investments (For existing projects/Projects that already have a team) - Plenty of projects go to VCs for funding while they sometimes add very little/no value, BlockZero Labs could have a tab where Projects apply for funding and the core team review the applications before submitting the proposal to the DAO. This would also add a hybrid gouvernance into more centralized projects. With BlockZero I feel like we are the new Venture Capitalists, not just by providing funding but by enriching the ideas and being the layer of support to make projects a success.
  • For new projects, they could raise their capital with something similar to DropZero and it could be programmable with different settings (with or without ceiling, limited or unlimited ownership, auction style, NFT, Token)


  • The goal would be for BZ to provide all the human ressources necessary to make projects successful.
  • Founders could apply for contribution in specific roles.
  • BlockZero could have different pools of people with verified backgrounds that can help projects such as devs, marketers, project managers, advisors,… (What would be the ideal model to make it attractive for the individuals?)

eg. Developers Pools : Pools of developers in several networks. Those devs could apply for the pool and receive an NFT ( « BlockZero Labs Dev »). Their NFT automatically burns after 1 year if they did not contribute to a project or they can keep it as a collectible if they did participate. Each year they have to apply to be part of the developper pool and receive a new NFT.

I think BlockZero Labs should be more blockchain agnostic and encourage development on different chains. This would help gather different blockchain communities around BlockZero Labs (eg. Solana, Avalanche, Hathor,…) So a project could chose on which network it would launch.

  • Again, we could have people grouped by skills but also by industry (finance, gaming,…) especially for advisors.
  • We could create a BlockZero Founders/Alumni Network as BZ grows there could someday be influential people in the group (NFT for previous founders?)
  1. How can we make BlockZero Labs be known by the public as the go-to place to start projects?
  • I think the first step is to try to attract quality people that are willing to create projects. I think if BZ has a suit of products and the human capital that respond to their needs, they will come to us. Hopefully, we will have the ressources necessary to empower their ideas and bring them to life. And by building quality projects we will attract more interest for BZ.

« If you build it, they will come ».

  • Funding pools / BlockZero Grants - Projects could apply for grants and people could vote with $XIO for their existing project to receive the grant. (similar to $BTR) (eg. Grant for gaming projects) (How could we come up with capital? How could we differentiate this from the more traditional VC? Maybe by letting people know that BZ has capital for a project in a specific domain and people can come to build it ?)

  • As I said before, I think there is a huge potential in building on newer chains where the community is strongly attached to its development. It could perhaps help BZ have more engagement and also more developers. The problem I see on newer chains is that projects are often just copy of other projects (DEX, NFT marketplace,…) but nothing really innovative.

  1. What’s the first thing that you think of when you read « Decentralized Venture Studio »? From that point, what is in your opinion a must-have in order to qualify as a « Decentralized Venture Studio »?

Personally, when I think about a Venture Studio I think of a place where we come with an idea and leave with a real project. As mentioned above, it is a place that provides resources, funding, connections, trainings and a frame so people entering their program with an idea end up building a company.

I went to look for a definition of Venture Studio, here’s what i found :

"What is a Venture Studio? (The Venture Studio Business Model Explained | Next Big Thing Academy)

For those unfamiliar with the venture studio framework, it’s a new model for entrepreneurship, combining company building with venture funding. By design, venture studios play the role of matchmaker, linking business ideas to their talented counterparts to execute those ideas.

Venture studios help entrepreneurs grapple with the unknowns of building a new company by providing them with an initial capital amount and operational support. A venture studio’s main goal is to found as many successful startups as possible — all from the ground up. »

For me, the decentralized aspect means that anyone and everyone can take part and contribute to the process.

That’s why I think the ideas stated above reflect the concept of « Decentralized Venture Studio ».

  1. In your opinion, what are the future types of projects and how can BlockZero Labs be better positioned to enable and contribute to the next stage ? (eg. Metaverse, DAOs, Gaming)

I think Blockzero could create some sort of sub-practices where persons interested or who have experience in some specific industry can discuss and assist potential futures projects in that specific industry. This would especially make sense for the advisory roles (how can we attract influential people in niche industries to contribute to future projects?).

For example, we could have a section with game developers for the gaming industry, with artists for the NFT industry, …

In addition, this could be a place where established companies/projects seek for advices, assistance and skilled personnel for those types of services.

That was it for me, thanks for reading! Feel free to add any question to the above list and I am looking forward to your contribution!

I hope this will give you some ideas and I would love to participate if this leads to some concretes actions.

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