Blockzero Labs Development #XIOfeedback

Hi XIO Community,

I read about self-paying debts/ loans recently on Bankless. I find this idea to be very realistic and relevant for most people. Wonder if we could develop some sort of protocol, for instance, by having $AQUA, we can borrow a stablecoin against it and have a self-repaying mechanism.

Here is the article i am referring to: How to take out a self-repaying loan - Bankless

The down side of this mechanism is that, it is built on ERC, which people will hold back due to its gas fees. If $AQUA can be on any L2 or we can bridge to other chains, it will be an advantage. Same goes to $XIO, the gas fee is going berserk for small retailers.

Disclaimer: I’m not a tech person; but am really intrigued by development of Cryptos that will change our lifes in many ways and how it will be going into mainstream over the coming years worldwide.

Thanks for all your feedbacks in advance.

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L2: Please try out ZkSwap. It is not only a swap but an entire L2 ecosystem, swap, bridge, wallet, all in one.

The team should allocate more time to reading up. I know it is extremely difficult given the responsibilities and workload, but…