Blockzero Mind Mining – XSI Updates and NEW Reward Structure

XSI Review 2020 & New Reward Structure 2021

During 2020, the Blockzero Social Initiative grew from a simple idea to becoming a community think tank. Below, you will find some interesting facts from its first year.

We’re introducing some new rules and an updated reward structure to further improve the program.

Looking Back - Some Facts & Milestones (2020)

  • late 2019
    start of the XSI leaderboard with monthly runtime periods resetting on each 15th

  • August & September 2020
    highest monthly payouts to single Citizens with up to over $6000 USD per person

  • September 2020
    highest monthly total payout with over $38,000 USD to more than 70 Citizens

  • October 2020
    changes to the grading system and reward structure to achieve more reliable and valid results and limit the possible maximum earning per citizen to $1000 / month

  • November 2020
    the leaderboard runtime was changed to resetting each end of month instead of on the 15th

  • March 2021
    introduce new reward structure (see below)

SMS Insider (Jan.-Aug. 2020)

For providing additional contact information, the SMS Insider offered an additional 1% monthly interest on all XIO holdings in a registered ethereum address.
After community feedback, this program was cancelled in August 2020. Almost $30,000 USD worth of XIO had been paid out.

№ citizens total XIO paid @XIO price øUSD /citizen total payout USD
January 103 16,974 0.0133 2.19 225.61
February 131 28,549 0.0104 2.26 295.67
March 129 31,801 0.0074 1.82 234.45
April 132 34,754 0.0091 2.39 315.57
May 138 37,259 0.1000 27.00 3,725.90
June 119 27,405 0.0813 18.72 2,228.14
July 175 43,044 0.1724 42.39 7,418.98
August 279 55,414 0.2700 53.63 14,961.84
total 275,200 29,406.15

XSI General Rules (previous)

These are the rules that worked up to now. Some changes will be introduced further down.

  • XIO credits can be earned by engaging in all eligible discussions over all different social platforms. Credits transform into actual XIO.
  • Must be an XIO Citizen and have at least 250 XIO in your wallet for minimum 30 days.
  • Official hashtags were: #XIOdebate, #XIOflash, #XIOfeedback, #XIOswot (see website).
  • previously you could earn additional interest by reaching a top position in the leaderboard XIO tokens in connected wallet: Top10: 10%; Top25: 5%; Top100: 2.5%
  • the monthly average of tokens in your wallet will be applied.
  • Monthly payout was capped at $1000 USD worth of XIO per XID.

XSI Top Leaderboard Payouts 2020


  • 333 Citizens took part
  • 150 Citizens earned at least 30 credits
  • top 50 earned 200 credits and above
  • top 15 earned from 1000 all the way up to over 2500 credits

The following table shows the number of citizens actively taking part in the XSI program each month. It also shows how many citizens reached payouts of USD $500 and $1000, the total amount XIO paid each month, and the corresponding value in $USD (average and total).

The total number of active citizens has been ranging between 50 and 100. Of these, about 35 have been constantly and highly engaged, providing creative ideas, valuable feedback and insights. These most engaged citizens are a core pillar of the strategic development process at Blockzero Labs.

On top of that, there are numerous punctual contributors - adding everything from quick feedback to in- depth analysis.

Monthly Payouts In Detail (2020)

№ citizens № citizens reaching $500 USD № citizens reaching $1000 cap total XIO paid @XIO price øUSD /citizen total payout USD
January 58 0 0 59,796 0.0133 3.70 794.77
February 97 0 0 159,207 0.0104 17.00 1,648.83
March 47 0 0 158,793 0.0074 24.91 1,170.71
April 25 0 0 116,273 0.0091 42.23 1,055.77
May 51 1 7 191,726 0.1000 375.93 19,172.60
June 64 4 4 148,179 0.0813 188.24 12,047.55
July 57 5 6 154,761 0.1724 467.97 26,674.30
August 79 8 10 139,219 0.2700 475.81 37,589.10
September 72 6 12 147,336 0.2640 540.15 38,891.02
October 67 3 11 91,644 0.2131 291.54 19,533.28
November (15 days) 78 0 15 39,463 0.3800 192.26 14,995.94
December 100 15 9 106,473 0.2600 276.83 27,682.98
total 1,512,870 201,256.84

New Rules & Reward Structure - Starting March 2021

General Rules

XIO credits can be earned by engaging in all eligible discussions over all official social platforms. Credits transform into actual $XIO that will be included in the monthly distribution via the

  • To participate, you must be an XIO Citizen.
  • To participate citizens need a minimum of 250 XIO Month-To-Date Average ( “XIO” + “UniV2-XIO” + “FLASH-XIO”).
  • The only official hashtag will be #XIOfeedback
  • Citizens can earn up to 15 credits per active #XIOfeedback (45 credits on our forum).
  • “Citizen’s Content” can be promoted by officially adding the #XIOfeedback.
    The promoted citizen earns the maximum possible credits on that post. [45 credits on forum, 15 on all other platforms.]
  • new requirement:
    In order to qualify for any leaderboard position, citizens will have to take part in at least three different credit earning discussions of which at least one must be on our forum (or earn at least 15 credits total).

Grading Logic

All comments are manually graded. The following grading logic is applied.

quality or value added grading criteria credits earned
zero / none if the comment has no reference to the question asked, contains no reasoning, no example or is sheer repetition 0
average if the comment contains some explanation giving at least one simple reason or example (also if referring to another comment asking for explanation or further detail) 3
high if the comment contains detailed explanation giving at least two good reasons or examples 6
premium if the comment answers the question or refers to another comment articulating multiple pros and cons 9
exraordinary if the comment is a special contribution to the discussion e.g. by introducing an unique or controversial idea sparking further discussion, summing up previous statements in an extraordinarily comprehensive way, etc 15

New Leaderboard Tiers & Rewards Structure

TIER Leaderboard additional % max individual USD max total payout USD
1 1–3 15.0% 1,500 4,500.00
2 4–10 10.0% 1,000 7,000.00
3 11–20 7.5% 500 5,000.00
4 21–35 5.0% 250 3,750.00
5 36–50 2.5% 100 1,500.00

This results in a maximum monthly total of $21,750 USD (plus additional credits)

New Rules At A Glance

leaderboard runtime

The leaderboard duration will always be for one complete month (1st - 31st). Leaderboard updates may take up to a week. Payouts occur on the 20th of the following month via

50 leaderboard positions

By simply creating multiple XIDs people, could have easily gamed the system and reached low leaderboard positions that still earn them credits / percentages on their holdings.
The leaderboard will be limited to 50 ranks earning additional percentages. (Before, we had 100.)

Even though we encourage all team members to actively engage in discussions on this forum and on #XIOfeedback posts, we will exclude core-citizens from the leaderboard.

5 tier system

The leaderboard will have five different tiers with different individual caps and bonus percentages. (See above).

15 minimum credits to become eligible

Before, it was possible to reach a leaderboard position by providing only one single comment in a whole month and earn 2.5% that month on your XIO holdings.

Now, we require a minimum of 15 credits to enter yield earning positions the leaderboard.

Up to $1,500 USD maximum individual earnings cap

The possible maximum amount a citizen can earn depends on their leaderboard position. While reducing the overall cost of the program, the potential maximum earnings for the top ranking citizens has been raised to $1,500 USD (see details in the table above).

The above described changes reduce the potential maximum monthly cost for the program from over $100,000 USD to around $22,000 USD.

250 XIO MTD Avg minimum holdings to participate

To participate citizens need a minimum of 250 XIO Month-To-Date Average ( “XIO” + “UniV2-XIO” + “FLASH-XIO”).

Official Hashtag = #XIOfeedback

There is only one official hashtag: #XIOfeedback
Tagged posts are active for 5 days (if not stated otherwise).

Promoted Content

Citizens’ posts can be promoted by officially attaching the #XIOfeedback hashtag to them. The promoted citizen automatically earns the maximum amount credits on this post. (45 for forum, 15 all other platforms).

Core Citizens

We very much appreciate all core citizens’ mind mining activities – on this forum and across all social channels. To allow all other citizens to reach high ranks on the leaderboard all core citizens are excluded from this.

How to Find Active Campaigns

On this forum you can easily find active posts by using the tag search.
Also search for #XIOfeedback on Twitter and monitor our XSI Telegram channel.

We are looking forward to your participation. We’ll see you atop the leaderboard! :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::1st_place_medal::trophy:


Thank you for this update an very exiting new reward structure. I definitely feel this will improve the quality of the Forum and would also help to spend funds in a more effective way.

Could you please clarify if a citizen would need 250 XIO and XLP LP token and FLASH-XIO LP tokens or will it be one of them?

Thank you for the time put into this update.


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This takes the MTDAvg: Month-To-Date Average for Total-XIO as explained on

This is what all XSI rewards are based off of as of December 2020, but only the final day per month is relevant.

  • This data is based on the daily Midnight UTC snapshot of this address’s XIO holdings. Any XIO Tokens that went in and out in the same day and weren’t held until the next day will not be seen in this data.

Total XIO 30 day average holdings have to be 250 or more. It does not matter in which of the above mentioned places you have them.

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Thank you for a very detailed and clear answer!

I think this is a well thought out model. Great work

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Thanks for this amazing update @jorn . A lot of energy on this new model. Let’s the battle starts and let’s build a best future for BlockZero Labs.


Changes seem solid.

15 minimum credits to become eligible

Before, it was possible to reach a leaderboard position by providing only one single comment in a whole month and earn 2.5% that month on your XIO holdings.

Now, we require a minimum of 15 credits to enter yield earning positions the leaderboard.

When I learned about the XSI program and it’s total of $1000 regardless of leaderboard position, I always wondered is anyone gaming this by parking tons of XIO in separate wallets and doing the bare minimum to yield 2.5% per month. It obviously wasn’t happening on a large scale because there wasn’t even 100 XIDs with credits, but it would be interesting to know if anyone was taking advantage of this.


I really like this. from my perspective the XSI has grown into its own and this clarification on the rules really helps promote the opportunities available.

My experience is that it was hard to stay engaged as the rules seemed to be unclear and change frequently.

I would love to see the leaderboard brought under the same website as or the blockzero alternative.

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Well, any new step is a good step

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Really a comprehensive summary and update.

Great that the payouts are reduced.
And I hope that this also reduces the work connected to it.

A few questions:
Are comments graded twice? It could be that the first thoughts are shared on Twitter or YT and later extended in the forum?

If someone comments twice on the same forum post, is it graded once or somewhat put together?

Is there a plan to limit feedback posts to four so that at least one contribution has to be above average?
Or from the other angle, is there a plan to guarantee a minimum of 4 feedback posts?

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