Chadfolio (chad)



  1. Chadfolio (Chad) is a Community trading token, every 24 hours (changeable) “the vault” will allocate the capital towards the most voted coin/coins.
    I am Cedric Grossenbacher, 24 from Switzerland, i love crypto :slight_smile:

  2. The token idea was created out of the idea that if we trade in big groups we can optimize profits & share it in a fair way.

  3. No, feel free to use what you like, what is the most chad logo you can imagine?

  4. Holding / locking the tokens will give you voting power of where the capital of the token is allocated. Meaning once you have your tokens locked, the community will vote in which asset /assets (erc20 tokens) the money will be invested. Every 24 hours (time decided by community) there will be a new election of where the capital will be moved to. Trades will be made via uniswap/mooniswap/1inch. If the community trades right the token will gain in value & every new participant brings in new funds which will further increase the value & the power of the token.

  5. Be the whales of the market with little money
    Brings the community together
    Saving on gas fees
    Sit back and let the community trade
    Allocating funds into various projects will speed up innovation & help developers to build revolutionizing protocols

  6. I spent a lot of time analysing, following & researching the crypto market. You could say that i am more of a creative kind of type.

  7. Not that i know of.

  8. Explore phase

  9. Deflationary, Burnable, not mintable with a fixed total supply: 11111 Tokens

  10. A few weeks/month

  11. Bringing further ideas, i have my own social media business, i love crypto & know a lot about the market, and have a good eye for the future and much more.

  12. I can’t code & my budget is limited & i am all by myself busy with my business & the crypto market.