Contest to create the XIO mascot

Bomb token has one of the best mascot of the entire crypto world.
I think that we should start a contest for a community created mascot of xio.

2000 xio to the chosen mascot
1000 xio for the second place
500 for the 3rd
200 for the 4th-10th

Citizens would submit their creation on the social platform and they would get voted.

I start:

A good fusion between xio and bombino ehhe


How long do we have?

Even if the first community comes from BOMB, I think we should definitely have no connection (except the colors) with this other project.
XIO is unique and don’t share much with BOMB in its project :smiley:

I would say… 3 weeks from now? Or we could set a deadline like 10th November

Yup, I agree, I am not good with photoshop, so I just wanted to kickstart ideas