Demand-Based Development + Open-Proposal System #XIOfeedback

Please upload doc, we will view

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Yep, a direction would be helpful, what do you say?

Roadmap with possibility of modifications can be a better fit

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I think a Roadmap is really valuable and also almost expected in the DeFi industry @foxhuntermonk

  1. Tick boxes per topic/goal
  2. Roadmap per quarter without exact dates
  3. This will also prevent distraction in to lower priority items

As much as Blockzero wants to be decentralized, I do not think this is completely possible.
Some sort of centralization will be needed to do what Blockzero achieves to do
Demand Based Development could possibly cause confusion with what Blockzero is

I just prefer to focus on core qualities and goals of a project and this sounds a bit to broad and open. Will investors and new citizens not get confused with what the project offers?

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I believe the team is already working fulltime, so how would you speed up? Getting more developers? Then this needs a specific HR recruiting effort. If we can do it, I´m all for it but let´s be honest with ourselfes. Blockzero has limited ressources.

If speeding up translates into cutting corners, I´m strongly opposing. Never sacrifice quality and security for speed and hype if you want to create a long term success.

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I like what BlockZero is doing. I have not seen any other community quite like it. Flash is exciting and I am looking forward to my second round of Flashstake. I think in terms of scaling all that it takes is a bigger community which will come in time. Aqua seems intriguing and it’s good you are looking at Uniswap V3 and checking with the community and seeing what they want. In terms of launching. It looks like a new token idea will be announced soon which will be nice to see. As always holding XIO is rewarding not just in terms of new tokens but the fact that there are very smart people in this community that want to help out.

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uhm… it’s difficult to say if 4 months is because of development time or because other causes (that actually i don’t know).

when i’m saying to speed up everything is because i’m watching many other projects doing and implementing contracts and new tokens and it doesn’t seem 4 months are needed for it. and i’m not talking about p&d tokens, rug pulls, etc… I’m talking about legit projects that are performing very well in the market.

their average is like 1-3 developers not more.

as an example i’m always putting the parachute token: they are literally building an option trading market on multiple chains and they have way less team members than xio.

then there’s another concern: we are starting to do announcement of announcement… i so don’t like that… like now: 16th april new token… that is not going to be released to people holding xio till 1st of may.

1 month (april) lost… why not start to release it now (april) then on more or less june or july the “real” realease…

i don’t like this looong wait during a bull run like this.

p.s. we are performing now wayyy worse than eth. they made ath like 3 days ago and we are now at 0,31$… at least we were following them till the moment. now the sells are overcoming the buys clearly.


Well, for what I get, 4 months is a “set” time
A token every 4 months. Even if it could be ready in a week. Sometimes you just have time the market. It’s like with smartphones. Apple could release a new iPhone every 5 months, but it doesn’t.

It depends. I have seen projects (injective protocol for example),focusing on 1 token and 1 product only, for 1 year. And they have hundreds of millions of marketcap. It is so because their product and marketing strategy are solid. Still I think flashstake and the whole bz ecosystem should be valued more than them, but it isn’t… And I can’t fatom why

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