Develop a user friendly XIO mobile app

I believe the best way to get XIO citizenship from 5k to 50k is by making it more user friendly to get involved in the community discussions. This is best achieved through an app interface rather than a website.
I personally love to get involved in XIO discussions (mainly FLASH chat) but only on telegram as I find it more user friendly (although I am inactive on Telegram until 16th December as im riding out a 1month ban).
I have also noticed that telegram interactions are higher than forum interactions.

So my proposal for the $10,000 to 10x citezenship would be for you to use that money to develop an XIO socials app for members to discuss all XIO related topics and token projects. Essentially replacing telegram platform for XIO’s own platform. Also as its your own app, you can integrate trackers to reward XIO citizens with XIO points for there interactions within the app.

I would personally have the app homescreen as simple as possible, making it easy for users to access the area they want to get involved in. Id make the homescreen like that of an iphone homescreen where each discussion tab has an app icon and the user can click on the area they want to get involved in.
I’d have the following app icons:
XIO token studio, XIO marketing, XIO chat, XIO LP, XIO, XIO support etc…

Users can then click on XIO token studio for example, which takes them to another app screen where they can read up on and get involved with discussions on token ideas being devloped and they can also submit there own token ideas.