Feedback Cotton Candy Design

Starting a thread for those who like me find Twitter too limited to give feedback on designs.
Referring to:

⚡ A little Friday surprise for you Flashtronauts!$FLASH Cotton Candy Update is now live 👇

— $FLASH ⚡ (@Flashstake) April 2, 2021

I really like the design. It’s a real beauty and amazing work :sparkles:

Within the light design the borders are perhaps a bit to light/thin.
The pre % choices are great. Perhaps a seemless volume bar style instead of buttons would allow to select easier a % of total flash.
Thinking in reverse I believe there could be two other mindsets going to the app:
One looking for a certain amount of payout: I want to earn 100 XIO.
and the other one who is willing to lock until a certain date: I want to flashstake until 24th May.

The link to visit legacy app I do not find useful, also the stake dashboard link could be placed somewhere else in my opinion, perhaps the flash homepage?

As to the social links, I was surprised that we have 2k plus members in FB :slight_smile:
Our forum and medium links could be added.

A nice feature would be to share staking events in social media.

Here’s another draft that visualizes my input above specifically regarding timing / yield oriented users:

Depending on what the user inputs (Time, Flash or Yield), the other fields will be populated automatically and the input field is put on top. The flash icon could be used as a fix marker?
Just some Sunday afternoon creativity.
The original version is fabulous and most importantly, it’s working :firecracker: