FIR Coin [$FIR] - own your tree, reduces the CO2 footprint #tokenidea

Name of Project

FIR Coin

Ticker for Token


1) In one sentences or less, describe your token. This isn’t the time to get wordy, just to the point!

A fir tree forest can be yours, help reduce the CO2 footprint in the atmosphere.

2) Do you have a video to introduce yourself or explain the token? Upload it here and share the link here. (Not required)

No promotional video, just an idea for the moment.

3) Do you have a logo for your token? If so, upload it here. (Not required)

No logo for now, but I have some ideas.

4) How does your token work? Be as detailed as possible

One fir tree is equivalent to one $FIR coin, for every $FIR coin in circulation there will be one unique fir tree planted to forever grow old and it will have its own QR code and GPS coordinates detailed in the core of every coin.
The logistic behind the project will be massive but doable with the help of an ICO (initial coin offering) or a crowdfunding platform.
First of all we need to raise minimum $200k to buy a plot of land and to plant the first 10.000 fir trees, for this we will issue and sell the first 10.000 $FIR coins.
One real fir tree it will always be backed by one $FIR coin.
We can build a forest, a real forest and with the help of blockchain technology each fir tree will have its own individual coin.

5) What problem is your token aiming to solve? How will this positively impact the crypto industry?

We try to reduce the CO2 footprint generated by the massive mining equipment of $BTC or $ETH or any other coin that uses large amount of electricity.
Anyone, from the big miners, to the environment activist can make a positive impact by just buying at least 1x $FIR coin, the crypto industry will be more environmentally friendly.

6) What was the inspiration of this token? How did you think of it?

Seeing with my own eyes how an above average mining system consumes tons of electricity and generate nothing but heat and pollution in the real world we all live in.

7) Are there any projects out there doing something similar?

I don’t know.

8) What phase is the token in? Explore vs. Build vs. Launch vs. Scale. (If there has been no coding yet, your token is in the explore phase)


9) Will this token be inflationary, deflationary, fixed, or dynamic token supply?

Dynamic, small supply, every coin unique.

10) How long do you think it would take to build a minimal viable token?

3-12 months.

11) What skills do you have that would help bring this token to reality? (ex: Marketing, Development, Branding, etc)

Civil engineer, branding, business entrepreneur, real estate.

12) Are there any inherent weaknesses or obstacles to building this token? Any items you still need to figure out?

Sometimes things aren’t clear right away. That’s where you need to be patient, optimist and persevere and see where things lead.

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This is where you can put anything you want that was not directly asked above! Anything and everything related to your token idea can go here. Any files, links, info, etc


How to prevent problems like this?

How to account for dead trees? If my 1 FIR tree’s GPS location and QR code associated, if that tree dies, does my 1 FIR coin act like an NFT and become worthless?

Hello Mister!

Always 1 $FIR coin will be backed by 1 fir tree.
The team will monitor every baby fir tree and if one or more will die they will be replaced in the same spot with the same GPS coordinates.

Thank you for your question.

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If a tree is always planted back in the same bit of land, perhaps each coin could represent a different specific co-ordinate of land in which a tree will always be situated, rather than the tree itself?

Really like what you are trying to accomplish.

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Yes it is a good idea and it can be done.
Thank you for sharing you point of view.

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Love this idea great work!


It’s more than plant. The first 4 years are crucial for the trees really grows. Here in Brazil, we found a 30% successful rate but even that is too low. The problem is that when you have to plant 200.000 trees to attend for demand you will have less room to chose the area to plant, less possibilities for multiples varieties of trees (the most diverse the most success) and you may need to plant using chemicals to prevail.
As BGzetro suggested track the land plot recovery maybe better approach…

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This is amazing! Loves the idea if it ever materialised with cryptos. It sounded a massive project and needs people to care for the fir trees. Definitely a long term project and requires more planning


Hello Mister!
I am form Romania, Europe and here we have to major benefits, the first it’s the climate (no need for chemicals to prevail), optimal to grow a fir tree forest and the second one really low price for agricultural lands.
I also agree that it is a better approach to track the land plot.
Thank you for your opinion!

Thank you Mister!
As much as we love the idea it didn’t make it to the final 10 projects of token ideas…
Zach did not even mentioned this project yesterday on the live broadcast on YouTube.
It is a beautiful project, and most of all doable with the help of people that care for Mother Nature, as you said it requires more planning but if it was simple everybody was doing it.