Flash Liquidity and FLP program idea

I made this proposal, because liquidity is one of the most important thing in crypto and it’s needed to have great succes! The idea would be that we could use some of the XIO from the XSI wallet until the founders wallet wilp have enough FLASH to start a liquidity reward program for FLASH. We have to encurage somehow people to add liquidity, because with a low liquidity now it’s people won’t buy a lot of flash because the price impact would be too huge! Originally XIO was planned to used as the token for flashstake XIO gained a great ammount of liquidity thanks to the XLP, but Flash only has around 100k liquidity and because of that it’s really volatile. It’s not really the same if Flash only has the 1/40 liquidity compared to XIO.

My second idea/proposal would be that we can make the FLASH/WETH pool back and forward so you would be able to also swap Flash for WETH and move the liquidity there from uniswap so we would have everything in one place and liquidity providers also would benefit the great fees from the protocol instead of the small fee of uniswap. Why would we need Uniswap if we could do everything in the dapp and I think not sure on this, but probably could also resolve the problem and missunderstandings caused by the price difference between the dapp and uniswap.

So do you think this would be a great idea to make a great liquidity for flash and make it less volatile?
What would your idea be to make a great liquidity for flash?


Both your ideas are interesting.
A liquidity programme would be a great use of the funds to incentivise liquidity providers.

However the 2nd option, although is interesting, I believe wouldn’t be possible in the protocol. The protocol does not allow for swapping of Flash, only staking. Flash is the main currency of the platform. Only Flash can be staked and alts can only be swapped for Flash. No swap between alts and no staking of any other alts.

I believe this puts Flash in a powerful position, as Flash is the only fuel for the platform

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Yes, I know that currently it’s not possible, but I think it is possible to chage this in the protocol. Flash would remain the main currency and still only Flash could be staked and you still weren’t able to swap between alts, because this would be a feature only for the WETH pool. It’s really just moving the liquidity in the dapp

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I think it may be useful to use at least a portion of any unclaimed funds to re-populate the liquidity pool, but I also think that we should first establish whether it is really needed or not.
Keep in mind that there are still alternatives such as Airswap.io where one can otc trade tokens.