FLASH Marketing Proposal: Flashstake a Tesla

Absolutely love the idea! C is my choice. Getting an nft of the tesla with the car would also be great. How would somebody actually get the car delivered though? Taxes would need to be paid and how to bring the car to your country or you get to buy it locally?

#1 Provide $250 - $500 of liquidity for 30 days
#2 Flash Stake $250 - $500 worth of FLASH for 30 days
#2 Buy $250 - $500 of FLASH from the Dapp and hold it in your wallet for 30 days.

The best way to do this is to create a minimum amount to qualify as I mentioned in my previous post above. If we went with the ladder amount, it would cost over $25K on a low end to qualify 50 different wallets because of the current high gas fee environment. This would likely mitigate whales making a ton of wallets. in itself.

Let´s deal with the operational details later. All I know is, companies do this stuff all the time so there is a way.

I like your analysis. It is vital to determine the goal first and I agree that for getting attention we should go the route with lowest barriers of entry. Having people like the Tweet, retweet and signing up for an email list would provide quite some value for us.

Option C is still a good one though. Maybe we do both over time? Option A sooner and Option C after L2 scaling?

I don’t understand why so many of you are against likes/retweets/holding

We could do a system like this:

  • Like tweet - 1 token
  • Retweet tweet - 1 token
  • Buy and hold flash - 2 tokens per flash
  • stake flash - 4 tokens per flash
  • pool flash (both on flash AND uni) - 8 tokens per flash

(where everything flash related needs to be done for a month at least)

Of course the numbers need most likely to be tweaked but it would:

  • be simple enough
  • be whale proof (wallet splitting not worth it I mean)
  • have a low entry barrier
  • have people willing to share
  • be good for the protocol

I insist on the PER FLASH, liking and retweeting would only give a micro chance while still giving a lot more visibility than if we didn’t use them. We must include them, it’s a no brainer.

Since, in case you forget, this whole thing is about getting people know about Flash and Block Zero.

I like the idea of staking and having that as the main metric for how many tickets you have in the raffle.
This will stop people from simply buying and selling as soon as it’s all over. That would not make for a pretty graph.
Maybe a min stake of 30 days?

I think though, far more important that staking, is to also have a requirement of sharing on social media to be eligible. This is the absolute foundation of any giveaway. Without this, we will be actively incentivising people to not spread the word, as it ups their chances of winning.
It’s important to recognise we are in a bubble of people that want to spread the word due to the fact we know and understand flash, and so we like to think everyone else will want the share out of good will. Most people will not have any prior knowledge of flash and they will not go out of their way to share if they don’t have to.

It’s quite simple. You have a form which allows an entrant to put one or more of their social media identifiers (Twitter handle/Reddit user/LinkedIn url/Facebook URL). Once you pick a winner, you check they have an eligible share prior to the end of the comp. if they don’t, you move on to the next winner until you find an eligible entrant.

If we stick to stacking I would propose the following:

  1. Only new wallets.
  2. Number of FLASH staked x Number of days staked = number of entries.
    This way it does not matter if you stake 100 Flash from one wallet or 1 from 100 wallets for 100 days. The outcome is the same. It also encourages either to stake more flash or for longer periods of time.

Considering all things: Option C is the best… compromise.
Yes, whales will have more chances but not ALL chances :wink:

Also, if there’s only one prize… why settle for a Tesla, when you can go all in with a Lambo ? :))
#moon #lambo #makeflashgreatagain #blockherolabs

A while back there was also talk about having a 1k FLASH giveaway hosted on r/cryptocurrency. If that still happens, I think it would be really smart to combine that post with the Tesla giveaway announcement. That way Reddit users would upvote and comment to win 1k FLASH, which would increase visibility of the Tesla giveaway too.

you can simply look at the date of wallet creation and number of transactions
if it s only 2 transactions (one to buy flash and the other one to stake it)… well then you have your answer :wink:

I’m inclined to promote a combo of citizenship and a stake. One citizen one ticket. That way the ethos of Blockzero being community driven is driven home. Secondly it stops the whales. Or you could do say 3 tickets if a citizen (to encourage joining up) and then 7 tickets if you staked. Or some variation on the numbers. Then we need to address getting the community to advertise via social. You could do something like saying you have to evidence x amount of social effort. So BZL could provide the preferred messaging for each platform and as long as x efforts are evident before the award of prize then there can be no making the effort because you’ve been told you’ve won. Also, how about best effort / innovative spot prizes - maybe 500 xio for best / most liked or shared tweet, Facebook post etc?

I’m starting to think a stake might be too expensive and will limit our reach.

I think the simplest thing to do is to have a form where an entrant will fill their details in along with social media IDs. We pick a winner from that sheet and check they were eligible.

I know people want to get people to use the dapp, but I think there is a little confusion around primary and ultimate goals here.
Primary goal of this is attention, ultimate goal is increased usage of the dapp.
You don’t have companies force you to buy their products during competitions/giveaways… why is that? Because they hook you with the free shit and then you buy their stuff later.
Our ultimate goal will be reached but we have to nail our primary first.
If it was cheaper to stake right now I’d agree it would be the most ideal thing to have. But it’a too much money for the vast majority of people to participate.
Let’s open this up to being as widely shared as possible, that is our primary goal afterall.

Will there be a vote on this soon?
I initially said option C, but that might indeed be too much of an entry barrier.

OK maybe there’re some problems for doing TESLA contest, but the team can flashstake the flash dedicated to that contest to hire and pay professional marketing managers, influencers, youtubers etc on without spending money. This can help a lot!

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Wait. Why aren’t we doing the Tesla contest? I thought people generally loved it.


It seems to be a lot of problems doing it check this what ZACK wrote in TG CHAT:

The tesla idea showcased a deeper rooted inefficiency currently in Flash and Blockzero: The governance system

It’s awesome to have an idea, but who is going to lead it? How are they going to propose it? How are we going to vote on it? Etc etc

Myself, Jorn, Steve, Anthony and a few others have spent a good amount of personal time discussing the campaigns. There are usually many more things that need to be figured out past the idea phase that aren’t always clear. A few examples

  1. complianc/legal. Raffles and contests are pretty heavily restricted in the US. Not saying there aren’t ways to properly structure this to stay compliant, but this is part of the conversation

  2. liquidity. Say you run the campaign. Will people pull their liquidity off the dapp in order to stake/participate, thus leaving us with no ETH to stake? Maybe or maybe not, but its important to discuss

  3. reward. How do we actually flashstake a Tesla? Getting the tesla into the hands of an individual could be extremely hard depending on location and tax implications. The more direct route would be simply getting the ETH to the person directly to purchase it - but it kind of dilutes the campaign

  4. timing. Should we do one flashstake all at once or small 100k stakes over a period of time? One all at once could cause a pretty large imbalance and also not build proper potential momentum of the campaign

  5. picking winner. How can this be done in a fair and transparent way?

I’ve changed my post. There’s the intention but there’re some critical arguments.

We are already doing other contest like the one with UMA right now. Can’t we use the same system?

Good point. Maybe we also need to give a ticket to people providing liquidity?

Yeah. Obviously the winner will get ETH. We can’t actually send Tesla. Alternatively they could get some stablecoin . But I doubt we want to bother with actually delivering the Tesla.

To answer your original question though. I am definitely for any kind of marketing especially influencers. I would love it if we staked some flash to increase awareness of flash.


In regards to the delivery of a Tesla:

Therefore the Tesla could technically be ordered in the name of the winner in their country as long as it’s on the list. The winner would also technically be responsible for paying a tax on the value of the Tesla according to the laws for contests in their respective country. There might be some FAQ and Fine Print required for this lol.

We should also offer the winner to receive the value of the Tesla in Yield (WETH) if they chose to avoid the complications of receiving the vehicle, and if it’s in WETH it will avoid having the winner dump all his yield if it were awarded in XIO.

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I vote option C. This is a great idea!!

I have been a regular user of both Matic and ZkSwap (an independent fork of ZkSync) now. I find ZkSwap experience to be extremely good. I think it will be ideal for the core citizens to consider L2 sooner than later, especially one such as ZkSwap. I would not mind Matic (Polygon) but ZkSwap is far far better in user experience – L2 deposits/withdrawals, L2 Swaps, L2 Wallet, L2 staking, etc. all combine in one easy to use single interface design. Whereas in Matic, the wallet is separate from swap to the bridge to what not. Thanks!

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