FLASH Marketing Proposal: Flashstake a Tesla

Perhaps the competition could start when the Foundation Flashstake matures and is unstaked, bringing the FPY back to as it was (not considering other activity) prior than.

It’s an interesting concept. A literal Model 3 might not be the most inclusive prize, but I kinda like the concept of using some funds like this to raise a prize for additional incentive.

I much like the idea and see good additions to option C here.

However, make sure that this is not “just another airdrop” but actually targets the people we want to get - new users. So I´d like to see all accounts which ever interacted with flash (staking or LP) being excluded from this competition. (Blacklist snapshot)

I propse this, being a large bagholder myself. We need users, not free money.

This would only push whales to create a new wallet, it’s not the right solution in my opinion

Really love this idea, I have a few things to add for what it’s worth…

  1. There could be a sharing aspect to this, the more you share the more entries you receive. If you share without gaining, it actually dilutes your chances of winning.

  2. It would be great to get a youtuber involved and stream the whole event live.

It may be better if these are contacted by a member of the main team (with credentials), but i have compiled a list (that I stole from Reddit) that may be useful

Benjamin Cowen:
JRNY Crypto:
Coin Bureau:
Digital Assets News:
Bob Loukas:
Dave Levine:
Lark Davis:
Daap University,
Sheldon Evans,
Colin Talks,
The Modern Investor,
Tyler S,
Satoshi Stacker,
Andrei jikh,
Altcoin Daily,
Crypto Daily,
Nuggets news,
Louis Thomas,
Crypto Casey,
Conquer the markets,

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cool idea. I like option C

Excellent idea. I would go through either the reddit route someone comments, or through a fair option. Not much fan of more flash, more tickets, it makes the people that may not even need it with a lot of chances.

Flash staking a real Tesla would be an eye opener and could get a lot of attention across social networks especially in the mainstream “news”. My vote is for something similar to Option C using a “weighted” approach with the goal of being more equitable for “all stakers” since this will take into account the amount and the duration of what you stake. A multiple month long marketing campaign spread across multiple social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter could potentially get a lot of eyes and also across newer apps/sites like Decrypt.co and Bitclout where you can get access to an early adopters crowd. In addition, it would also be helpful to incentivize Blockzero community members and other folks to help market the Tesla Flashstaking event on their own social media sites.

I will chip in with my 2c worth of opinion:

  1. The idea is awesome and has huge potential.

  2. We, as community, need to decide what the main purpose of the campaign is.
    2.1. Do we want to attract attention to flash and inform about its potential? For this option 1 could be the best way to go as there are no costs associated to entering the contest and people will be incentivized to spread the word.
    2.2. Do we want to draw new flashstackers in? C is great. However I see some drawbacks:
    - why would I, as new stacker flashstacker, want to spread the word as it will diminish my chances to win?
    - How do we go past high gas fees? 89% of persons declared they were kept away from stacking because of gas fees (according to a survey on Flash twitter account). Do we wait for Optimism in order to launch the campaign or we go before? My opinion is that people will like the idea but will skip it because of the steep entry cost.
    - How do we make staking parameters simple and easy to understand? Too many variables will just make people confused and loose interest.

  3. When it comes to the Tesla model to choose: what if we use UMA model and track the metric we are interested in during the campaign. The higher it gets the better the model.


Like you said I don’t think it should be before as that’ll put a dent in the liquidity available to those flashstaking to take part.
I don’t see an issue with after as the foundation can flashstake as much as needed for as long as needed to cover the cost. Also afterwards, the foundation would be flush with additional funds from the FPY match from the competition entrants staking.

It’s a marketing exercise to spread the word about using flashstake. It doesn’t make sense to include those who don’t use the protocol.

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I second that on your statement.

It would lower the entry barrier, which would allow more people to participate, which would increase the hype, which will make more people aware of Flash and thus will make more people use the protocol. You won’t gain trafic by putting up roadblock

how would you prevent someone just creating 50 wallets and gaming the system?

I literally said I’m my post it needs further work. But by having min 100 flash and min 100 Xio plus a retweet’s from a verified Twitter or something will cut down on it to a degree.

Absolutely love the idea! C is my choice. Getting an nft of the tesla with the car would also be great. How would somebody actually get the car delivered though? Taxes would need to be paid and how to bring the car to your country or you get to buy it locally?

#1 Provide $250 - $500 of liquidity for 30 days
#2 Flash Stake $250 - $500 worth of FLASH for 30 days
#2 Buy $250 - $500 of FLASH from the Dapp and hold it in your wallet for 30 days.

The best way to do this is to create a minimum amount to qualify as I mentioned in my previous post above. If we went with the ladder amount, it would cost over $25K on a low end to qualify 50 different wallets because of the current high gas fee environment. This would likely mitigate whales making a ton of wallets. in itself.

Let´s deal with the operational details later. All I know is, companies do this stuff all the time so there is a way.

I like your analysis. It is vital to determine the goal first and I agree that for getting attention we should go the route with lowest barriers of entry. Having people like the Tweet, retweet and signing up for an email list would provide quite some value for us.

Option C is still a good one though. Maybe we do both over time? Option A sooner and Option C after L2 scaling?

I don’t understand why so many of you are against likes/retweets/holding

We could do a system like this:

  • Like tweet - 1 token
  • Retweet tweet - 1 token
  • Buy and hold flash - 2 tokens per flash
  • stake flash - 4 tokens per flash
  • pool flash (both on flash AND uni) - 8 tokens per flash

(where everything flash related needs to be done for a month at least)

Of course the numbers need most likely to be tweaked but it would:

  • be simple enough
  • be whale proof (wallet splitting not worth it I mean)
  • have a low entry barrier
  • have people willing to share
  • be good for the protocol

I insist on the PER FLASH, liking and retweeting would only give a micro chance while still giving a lot more visibility than if we didn’t use them. We must include them, it’s a no brainer.

Since, in case you forget, this whole thing is about getting people know about Flash and Block Zero.

I like the idea of staking and having that as the main metric for how many tickets you have in the raffle.
This will stop people from simply buying and selling as soon as it’s all over. That would not make for a pretty graph.
Maybe a min stake of 30 days?

I think though, far more important that staking, is to also have a requirement of sharing on social media to be eligible. This is the absolute foundation of any giveaway. Without this, we will be actively incentivising people to not spread the word, as it ups their chances of winning.
It’s important to recognise we are in a bubble of people that want to spread the word due to the fact we know and understand flash, and so we like to think everyone else will want the share out of good will. Most people will not have any prior knowledge of flash and they will not go out of their way to share if they don’t have to.

It’s quite simple. You have a form which allows an entrant to put one or more of their social media identifiers (Twitter handle/Reddit user/LinkedIn url/Facebook URL). Once you pick a winner, you check they have an eligible share prior to the end of the comp. if they don’t, you move on to the next winner until you find an eligible entrant.

If we stick to stacking I would propose the following:

  1. Only new wallets.
  2. Number of FLASH staked x Number of days staked = number of entries.
    This way it does not matter if you stake 100 Flash from one wallet or 1 from 100 wallets for 100 days. The outcome is the same. It also encourages either to stake more flash or for longer periods of time.