$FLASH Marketing Proposal: "FlashStake Me" Tesla Value Directly to Winner or a new 2nd Prize

I have a marketing/contest proposal for FLASH that we could either do alongside the Tesla campaign or replace it if the legalities become a roadblock…

  1. We could take the value of the Tesla that we would give away instead of the Tesla
  2. Or do this as a second prize and demonstrate the power of both the & FlashStake Protocol & "FlashStake Me.

My proposal is that We give away a prize as yield through “FlashStake Me” directly to the winner thus demonstrating new use case for Flash. (Marketing/Giveaways/Contests). Also bringing awareness to the concept that Zach has proposed in his Youtube videos that there is potential for improvement in the way that ICO/IDO’s are conducted in todays market and how the Flash protocol can help this cause.

This would also stimulate the idea that there are infinite possibilities to utilize the flash protocol and could create interest from other projects/companies and allow them to get creative with the protocol for their own initiatives.

This campaign could also roll into Zynthetics and promote the idea that these other projects could use their own foundation fund and stake their own native tokens to provide the yield directly for their own marketing campaigns/contents/incentives and etc… That way they don’t necessarily have to liquidate their treasury to buy flash to use the protocol thus showing the true potential use case of the DAPP & Protocol.

What do you think of this alternative/second prize idea? It is more protocol use-case focused and less focused on price growth of the flash token which might in turn cause organic growth and less of a short term stunt.


I like this idea. We can run a twitter campaign where participants have to comment something about Flash, tag a friend and then fill out a flashtake.me link. A winner is chosen at random at the end of the campaign.

Great first post by the way, welcome to the forum.


Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m new to the BlockZero/Flash community and joined about a month ago after the V2 migration. I am loving the developments and the community focus, so I will do my best to provide as much value as I can as a citizen!


I really like this idea too. Think it could really help spread awareness of the new usecase for Flash.

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Additionally , This could valuable since it would lower the barrier or entry if people can’t participate in the Tesla Campaign for whatever reason whether it’s gas fees or nervousness from locking up funds for the first time. It would introduce Flashstake Me as the entry point for new users through the contest and build trust which might get people curious about staking themselves for their own yield through the regular Flash Protocol Dapp.

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great idea… this will help get us out of any legal hurdles that might be causing problems to go with the giveaway in some countries…

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Welcome to the community @awkwardox!

Personally, I think this proposal is more sensible compared to the actual delivery of a Tesla. We could still advertise this as flashstaking for a tesla but in the fine print, we could mention that it would be the value of a tesla in ETH or something similar. The team could then flashstake the required FLASH tokens to get the appropriate ETH value which could then be sent to the winner.

Are you still proposing a raffle based entry like the original proposal?

Regarding flashstake.me, this is not ready for use yet so we would not be able to incorporate it into this campaign you are suggesting.

How to move forward?
I would suggest you put together a proposal which clearly outlines how this campaign would work - eg how does one become eligible for entry to win the Tesla/value of a tesla?

Once all these details have been ironed out, you could consider putting this up for a community vote - if it gets enough votes then we might be onto something here.

Edit: I’d suggest you take a look at the discussion in the following thread and propose a solution in a format where its ready to vote. Discussion thread: FLASH Marketing Proposal: Flashstake a Tesla - #53 by Mindora


Is it possible to use that value and split amongst 10 lucky winners. Criteria could be for holders (500 flash minimum) ,stakers and lp providers also follow all bz and flash social media accounts

I’ll start working on a proposal and get some feedback from the community here and post it once I have something clear, concise and tangible. Thank you!

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Hey @awkwardox
I like your enthusiasm here. It might worth for you to connect with @Tim as I know he is currently in preparation of a more detailed proposal in this matter.