FLASH Marketing Proposal – Youtube Segment by Satoshi Stacker

FLASH Marketing Proposal – Youtube Segment by Satoshi Stacker

Purpose : To drive awareness of Flash

Satoshi Stacker has a healthy following across various social channels, with youtube being one of the largest. His content is highly regarded within the cryptoshere, as it’s a fantastic mixture of TA, news & projects. I believe due to this, his channel would be a perfect fit for a one-off strategic marketing piece….But before you head on over to his channel please read on.

The aim of this is to have the largest reach possible and to bring in plenty of new flashstakers. I believe a segment within another video would enable flash to put in front of many new potential flashstakers.

Overview: Satoshi Stacker details

Youtube Link

142k Subscribers

7.5 Million Channel Views

23k Average Video Views

Viewer geographics

USA 24.4%

UK 10.1%

Netherlands 4.8%

Australia 4.8%

India 4.3%

When: 21st April

I believe this would be the perfect time to have a lovely piece of content produced as:

  • The last promotion would have ended on the 12th of April
  • Give the content creator (Satoshi Stacked) enough time to create a segment.

Price: $8,900 (up to 3 minutes in length)

This price is for a segment and equates to roughly 10,000 flash tokens. I propose that the full amount is paid from the flash fund from the previous stakes through the dApp.

I think this campaign would be best measured with the following metrics.

  • How many new wallets have added flash in the 30 days after the video release?
  • How many users staked, compared to previous months?
  • How many tokens are staked compared to previous months?

I know that there are plenty of huge youtubers, but we want marketing that is informative and has reach.

I have tried to keep this a short as possible (one-pager) and I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the idea.

Thanks - I’m Old Greg

Sentiment Poll
  • Opposed to this proposal
  • Neither opposed or in favour of this proposal
  • In favour of this proposal

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Added on 06/04/2021

Segment example for AGA


I think it’s a good plan! i watched the satoshi stacker yt channel and i find it really professional!!


I think we should definitely go ahead with this. The more exposure for the project from reputable sources the better in my opinion Would be interested to hear what everybody else thinks?


I would be a fan of this as well.


I’m a fan of this proposal, let’s do this!

Also Greg is a very valuable citizen.


It’s quite expensive but I’m not against it.

How can we make sure that he covers it well and fully understands the protocol? For that price I’d want to check his understanding before he releases the video.


Absolutely agreed.

Love how Old Greg takes this from ides to proposal.

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Looking through multiple crypo youtuber price lists… it looks to be average

There is an option for a full review for $14,900 and although it would mean more airtime, it may result in fewer views and a smaller reach.

Agree 100% with wanting him to cover it properly. Would be beneficial if he understood and believed that it could be an extremely popular staking and UFO (IDO) platform.

I should also add that all details are from his agent, so he does not even know about Flash yet and he may not even cover the project.

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Agreed Greg, let’s take this ahead !!

The price seems a little high for what he is offering IMO… He has an average view count of around 20k per video which means we’d be paying somewhere around 30-40c per view. Factoring in that most people do not watch the entire video, this easily becomes 60-90c per view of our segment.

Do you have any examples of projects that were mentioned by this YouTuber and how successful the campaign was?


That 20K is averaged out over 310 videos, as you can imagine… videos as of late have brought in loads more views.

An $8,900 segment on what would usually be a popular video, which would have more viewers and less airtime. A $14,900 full review, is going to result in more airtime and fewer viewers… what are we classing as an appropriate CPM or CPV?

How are we defining success with his campaigns or any others, as I want to make sure we’re aligned with what the end goal is?

Yeah, that’s fair. I just checked the video list again and I think somewhere around 20-100k is what we would be looking at.

I would suggest the same metrics you suggested in your original post :wink:

I would definitely be interested in seeing what other projects he has mentioned and how they were affected. I understand they cannot be directly compared using the same metrics but some information/comparison would be better to help the community (and me) make this decision.

Generally speaking, I’m not against this proposal :slight_smile:


Well, the price is low, so in this case it wouldn’t (for me) be a deal-breaker, so to speak…
but I’ll just say that I’m all for influencers doing their thing and having them paid in a locked structure, generally.

e.g. unstaking in 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 days, with it perhaps weighted toward the longer-termed ones so that we get more tokens burned in the event of early unstakes. Among reasons.

Regardless, nice suggestion and I’m for it.

I’m in favor of this. It should also be noted that Chico Crypto does segments on this channel for $5k, which would also be well worth the money.


I think it’s also worth noting that not all views are measured equal… if we’re just after the lowest price per view, we could look towards a $25,000 BitBoy review :wink:

As Flash is a one of a kind and first to market project, it’s may to be hard to use generic metrics to measure.

We could of course use what has now become the crypto industry standard, which would be price movement after the video realese date, to which the videos have looked to had an impact on this metric… but is the aim with marketing to increase users of the dApp? If so I think the three outlined would be the best approach to test and learn.

What may work for one project, may not work for another…Maybe this route is not the best one? Satoshi Stacker may not even want to run a segment about Flash!

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This is why I love these open forums and different points of view.

Not saying either is right, but it’s crazy that some people find the price low and some find it rather high :slight_smile:

IMO if demand for these pieces of content was low, then having them lock in value may be easier than when demand is high… or maybe if the flash brand was more well known, we would have leverage… purely my view and not gospel

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Another option would be to reach out to youtubers who have already covered the token (or XIO) like Ivan on tech (he covered XIO) or denome (he covered XIO) or EllioTrades (is that his name? He covered Flash but then the video got deleted).
Since they already looked into the projects previously they should be willing to do it if sponsored.

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The sentiment is currently in favour of this proposal, but I want to open it out more.

The poll below includes channels that are most revered by the crypto community on Reddit.

You can choose up to three.

Who would you love to see cover Flash on their channel?
  • Altcoin Daily
  • Benjamin Cowen
  • Bob Loukas
  • Coin Bureau
  • Colin Talks
  • Crazy4crypto
  • Crypto Daily
  • cryptokirby
  • CryptoRUs
  • Dave Levine
  • denome
  • Digital Assets News
  • EllioTrades
  • Finematics
  • InvestAnswers
  • JRNY Crypto
  • Lark Davis
  • Lorenzo
  • Sheldon Evans
  • Tyler S

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I think this is a phenomenal idea, and honestly at that price sounds like a great deal for a lot of exposure.


I would also support this!
Personally I think Blockzero underutilizes the value of Influencers to inform more crypto enthusiasts about all the projects.

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