FLASH Marketing Proposal – Youtube Segment by Satoshi Stacker

@umarsa , now that we have to wait a bit more for AQUA, why not do some active promotion or collaboration with one or two of the listed youtubers to get the word out on what Aqua can do. People really need to know what you are building

This is a great suggestion DrLuke! I will add this to the list and start looking into it :slight_smile:

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Thank you Umar! This is not to artificially inflate or shill a product, but we do need education/marketing/competitions/promotions to tell people about an exciting project before it launches :rocket:

Hi Greg, thanks for your response. Perhaps it was already understood, perhaps not. But for clarity’s sake, when I said that the price wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, I meant within the context of the preference for payments to be made in a locked format. That is, though I’d generally prefer they be paid in a locked format, if it’s only $8k or something, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal one way or another.

I can’t say enough how in favour I am in of having influencers do their thing. It totally fits within the current climate/realities of the crypto sphere. And of course you see far more…seemingly bizarre/dodgy things occur in the general corporate world. Michael Jordan for example. Endorsing Hanes/Oscar Mayer wieners. Pro basketball player, pro knicker shiller, pro wiener shiller. Did someone take one look at Michael Jordan and proclaim, “Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a German wiener specialist on our hands”? What is more relevant…a basketball god shilling tighty-whities and German wieners, or a respected crypto analyst shilling crypto? Furthermore, those are huge companies who don’t even need to be doing that sort of thing. Yet they do.

BTW, I skewed the poll by selecting all 20, when that was still an option. I just want influencers. And as we don’t know the price/payment structure for each, relative to the others–not to mention the cost/benefit–how exactly could I even choose :wink:

That’s definitely a good plan, and I would likely go with Satoshi Stacker rather than Bitboy, it’s also cheaper and I’m not a big fan of Bitboy tbh :sweat_smile: Also Elliotrades would be awesome, from what I saw he liked the project and since he already knows about it maybe we can get a better deal, who knows.

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I’ve been wanting to suggest Finematics for some time. He just hit 100K subscribers and already approaching 110. What I love about his videos is how neutral and informative they are. There are many popular channels that do irrational pump and hype. Some of them are suggested here.

Sheldon Evans is someone who discusses projects more rationally, and I’ve seen tokens get adoption just as the video comes out. Ofcourse with this kind of promotion, expect a quick rise and then dump by those who are happy with the profits they made. But it would still keep it on the radar of those long term investors and probably get a lot more FLASH into staking.

Great initiative Old Greg - couple points on your one pager.
Awareness is never an objective especially at launch. Trial is the only objective. Whatever is done it must compel a person to try it out or none of your measurement metrics will be met.
To that end the messaging needs to be succinct - elevator pitch perfect. Time traveling money must go bye bye as it does nothing to explain the platform or the revolutionary idea behind it.
I’ve suggested in previous posts that I think, ‘Staking rewards upfront in a Flash’ does much more to explain the platform and invite the curious. And it doesn’t need to be explained - it is the explanation.
In an influencer piece however thoughts and perspectives need to be added for the talent to expand on. We need to supply the talking points and the analogies etc. For instance what sounds like his thought is our talk point, “So, if you’re going to stake anyway and Flash gives you staking rewards upfront in a Flash, is that kind of like a loan on your terms that you don’t need to pay back?” “If time is money why doesn’t the bank accept it against your loans? Flashstake does…Imagine paying back a loan in your own sweet time - that’s all Flashstake asks for. It’s the beauty of staking turned on its head.”
Different parameters and explanations of the protocol need to be fleshed out for easy explanation in their own words. If simple graphics exist and a close to final looking dashboard those should be in the package as well.
I would suggest this marketing idea is a perfect exercise in garbage in garbage out. If we prepare a package with a Blockzero umbrella explanation, a Flash historical timeline, a protocol once over including XIO and available options, images and talking points we stand a better chance of success.