Flash proposal: A monthly raffle for stakers and LPs to motivate people

Hey guys !

Hope everyone is alright. I talked about this idea on the Tesla post but it’s probably lost there, so I decided to write a proper topic about it !

What do you guys think about a monthly reward for flashstakers and LPs ?

The idea is to use the Flash fund and stake a certain number of flash (I was thinking around 100k) every month and then one staker or liquidity provider has a chance to win the yield from those flash tokens (currently it would be around 1 $WETH for 100k $FLASH).

It wouldn’t cost anything for people to participate and the team would only need to pay for the gas fees. Stakers and LPs are already well rewarded but this would be the golden cherry on the top. It would motivate even more people to participate in the eco system, people that once were maybe hesitant and it would be much easier to do than the Tesla giveaway which has a lot of friction from what I’ve read on Telegram.

I chose 100k arbitrarily but it should be low enough to not impact the dapp too much but of course be high enough to motivate people.

Hope you’ll like it or tell me why it wouldn’t be a good idea, I believe it could really be good long term for Flash. A recurrent possible reward just for using the dapp would I believe really be good for marketing.

It should be easy to do, especially since you could re use the code written the fetch all the stakers and lp from the current flash program. It would probably be a good idea to add UNI stakers to the list.

Also, being recurrent would motivate people to stake for a long time instead of staking for enough time to be eligible to a giveaway

Finally, it could be a good compromise (or additional giveaway) to the Tesla giveaway, it would have a lot of the pros with none of the cons.


We could actually do two raffles each month ! One for the app eco system and the other for visibility. Both would be promoted in the same reddit monthly thread of course. We would split the reward in two and give half to one of the people that commented like any other raffle on reddit (this one is for visibility) and the other half to a random stake or lp like written before (as for the chance it could be one chance per flash staked or pooled to be simple). This way we would really have a constant publicity ! It could be really good for flash and BZ.

PS: Every number is arbitrary, if half for example is too big just for a comment on reddit it could be 3/4 or 2/3 for the stakers/poolers

im in agree for something that could help lp providers and motivate persons to use the dapp but how would the winner be chosen will it be random or depending on certain variables.
I would prefer more than one winners but no more than ten and some set conditions should be met first.

Something simple, 1 token for each $FLASH staked or pooled ?

We would do an official post on reddit, it worked wonderfully for other coins and tokens

Plus I don’t understand why you keep saying that you would prefer an influencer, it’s not binary, we could do both. We could even talk about this to an influencer, he would an even bigger impact !

Like I said this wouldn’t cost anything, we could use the rest to pay for someone if needed and decided by the community