FLASH v2 early migration bonus seems to overlook and disincentivize staking

Hi. Im trying to catchup on what is happening with FLASH and it seems to me there is something unfair. I really liked this project and staked all my flash for a long period of time. This is quite a lot of flash. I have full faith in the project still.


There is an early migration bonus that will be diluting flash value by giving tokens out to those who migrate early. From what I understand because I am staked I will have to wait until my coins are unlocked before being able to migrate. I find this to be an unfair approach because it locks out a portion of the people who believed in this project enough to stake from receiving the rewards for upgrading.

Will people locked into the flash stake not be eligible for this early migration bonus? I really think this needs to be rethought before implementation. To me it does not seem fair.

It will incentivize me not to use the flash protocol in case something else happens and I will receive more value from being able to move my flash coins around.

I hope that I am just misunderstanding what is going to happen. This is a definite possibility. But right now it seems anyone staking will not be able to get this early migration bonus.

Why not you take a step and take a look why we have to migrate to v2? Because an exploit were discovered.

Let’s assume the exploit didn’t happened .
Let’s assume there is no migration .

Would you still be unfair that you are not eligible for the migration bonus ?

Yes because some people want anything they can get for free and are offended when it’s not offered to them.

The migration bonus is about kick starting staking on the v2 dapp. They know most devoted members are already staked showing their commitment so they need a reason to get those who’ve bought flash but just held it until now to stake and put some faith in the platform. It’s not about choosing one member over another, it’s about asking more members to get involved.

There’ll no doubt be more incentives in the future if this one is a success so people shouldn’t get salty because they miss out or the team might not do incentives again and then no one benefits.

Thanks for the reply .
Exactly .
Yes I do understand the current gas fees is extremely high . The migration will cost us abit . But the team is aware that’s why they are offering incentives to offset partial of the costing , which i think it’s super generous by itself .

Those who just came in to the project , sorry it just a wrong timing that the exploit was discovered that you have to “suffer” .

But everything is stored on the ledger. The team perhaps can offer a more dynamic incentives instead for special group of people .

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