Flash & XIO marketing: Pool Together

Hi guys

Pool Together is a weekly lottery where you put your funds and have a chance of winning the prize.

They have 5 pools, but the 3 largest are dai, udsc and uni.

Each pool has a prize fund AND a loot box that anyone can add to. It seems Compound is the only project adding to these loot boxes. Anyone who views the pool sees the compound.

I propose we add Flash and Xio to the top 3 pools each week for a trial period of 8 weeks, to gain exposure within the crypto community, particularly while these loot boxes are largely empty.

If we added 25 flash and 50 xio to each pool each week for 8 weeks, it would require 600 flash and 1200 xio overall, plus gas costs.

That might come to around $1300 overall. I propose we use the foundation funds for this.

Does anyone like or dislike this idea or suggest different sized prizes?

Alternatively, we could look into adding our own pool for flash and/or xio


I believe this would be a great way to pique the interest of PoolTogether users. Most of the winners seem to be whales, who are likely going to inspect the tokens they win in the loot box. Small price to pay for exposure to such an audience who we can confidently say are qualified.


Link https://pooltogether.com

Disclaimer: I have not tried the lottery and below is therefore fully biased and not based on any research.

I have not checked how big the exposure is. How many will see the token and how many will investigate it further instead of brushing it off. If tried perhaps 4 weeks are enough?
At best the $1300 would bring 8 new customers plus there referrals. That sounds like a bigger bet to me. Asking high reach people to try Flash and promote it if they like it could be cheaper and more efficient.

The tactics reminds me about trial boxes. Given the easy exit this could be just people selling all altcoins of the loot.
Altogether I am rather sceptical, lottery players are perhaps not those who become valuable citizens?

Timing wise I also prefer to have a more complete product? Synch with L2 or Aqua?

That said I don’t mean to be too negative, and I appreciate the suggestion. Loot being solely compound might give an option to add different tokens.

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Never heard of Pool Together until this post so I guess marketing goes both ways :wink:

After taking a peek at their site, the idea is definitely interesting. You can also see the history of previous winners and what they got in the loot boxes and see what tokens were in them. Which is kind of interesting because even if you only deposited tokens in a few loot boxes, over time you can still see that information so the marketing angle has a longer term effect.

I think it could be a good marketing idea with a very low budget! I have been a user of Pool Together for more than a year, I know a lot of users from my country that are participating there too (I think one of the deverlopers of the dApp is from here)…I was also thiniking about having something like Pool Together but for the Flash Protocol ( I made a post yesterday with a demo app I was thinking/building: INSTANT Flash Lottery Prize with No Loss! - #6 by Shadow )