Flashstake Cotton Candy Design - community testing

Hey :zap: Flashtronaughts!

We are excited to release the test version of the Flashstake Cotton Candy Design. It was created by a community Citizen called Max - very grateful for his work!

The new designs are mainly aesthetic, so most of the core functionalities of the dapp will be familiar.

This testnet dapp allows you to play with it just like it was live. Please complete this form if you would like to participate in testing so we can send you some test tokens (FLASH + ETH): https://forms.gle/bYy863SsWiZiKPsm6

If you would like to test creating pools or adding liquidity with other alt coins, you can purchase some alt coins from Uniswap in the same Rinkeby network. You can also request for more ETH from the Rinkeby faucet: https://faucet.rinkeby.io

Visit the Flashstake upgraded design here:
password: Cottoncandytest

The test FLASH token contract address to add (use Add Token > Custom): 0x4082e81506a722a9356349ea480faca99fd6fd5f

Please note there are no tokens in the dapp initially - please purchase test alt coins from Uniswap Rinkeby then send to your wallet and create FLASH/alt coin pools.

We are planning to launch the upgraded dapp next week! :star_struck:

Please provide your feedback as a reply to this post. Any feedback that are material, and creates or inspires development change that we agree with, will earn #XIOfeedback credits. This closes 28 March 2021.


Congratulations team, this looks beautiful and exciting!
I will complete the form and give some feedback after testing.
Thank You


In coinbase wallet app it doesn’t fit to screen due to the logo taking up more space at the top.
In the metamask app the page won’t load for me


The website looks awesome! Huge props to the team for getting the redesign out so quickly. I did find some minor bugs during testing though:

  • There seems to be a bit too much spacing at the top of the page when compared to the bottom. Reducing the padding at the top could allow for the page to be displayed without scrolling.
  • Following along with that, I wonder if it would be possible to have the center content be a fixed size? It can be a bit jarring switching between tabs and seeing the content jump around each time.
  • Selecting a token list seems to always return No Tokens Available across all tabs.
  • Just a suggestion, but maybe a top navigation bar could be added similar to one that is on Uniswap. It could contain the link to the Blockzero Labs page instead of it being at the bottom, as well as links back to the Flash homepage as well as the Flash stats page.

Overall the site looks amazing and is a huge upgrade of the current design, I can’t wait to see it on mainnet!


I simply love this design, it takes the dapp to a whole new level!

One thing that immediately stood out to me was some of the text appeared in a thinner (and imo slightly more difficult to read) font, than what was shown in the concept image (First image).

Particularly “STAKE DASHBOARD” and the user input areas (not the numbers, but the descriptions)

If it’s possible I’d like to see how it looks with a tad thicker font in those areas.
Otherwise looks great! Will test more once I get some testnet tokens.

Edit: It should be said that I’m viewing this on Desktop.
I’m having trouble opening the page on an android phone using Brave browser. Nothing happens when I type in the password

Edit 2:
Dapp looks way more crisp when it’s scaled up to 125% (using control + scroll wheel) the font issue seems to disappear too


Hey everyone - those who provided their address in the google form, I have just sent out test tokens. If you need more just tag me and let me know!


What is the testnet token contract address?


Hey guys - sorry pls standby for the token contract address - you will not see any test FLASH tokens yet in your wallets. Apologies.

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+1, doesn’t load at all in MetaMask on Android.


Is this the MetaMask dapp browser?

The background takes very long to load. Not always but at least the first time you load it. It stays white and you cannot read anything out of the central square (so no stake, swap, pool, create words, and logos). It can look bad. It should be optimized. Please, try to check the time to load with a tool such as https://tools.pingdom.com/ and see the order/time of loading of each component.

Manage Token Lists: Could there be already the main lists to be added loaded? Like the ones you can switch on uniswap when you click manage (Flash Default List should include XIO, btw).

For the Stake tab, where you select the amount you have the option to select 1/2 and MAX. I would add also a 3rd bubble with 1/3 or 1/4. It will look very nice as it will extend to the logo of the flash, the same way the two bubbles max and time extends to close to the little clock in the time box. And it will add some functionality.


When you select a token it says No token available. I guess this is because there are no pools created at this time. It would be nice that if there is no pool it gives you the option to create a pool.

In the “Select a token” tab I would use a white or lighter grey font for the contract letters and the token name and APY.

When you create a new pool (Create) it would be nice that it allows you to add the liquidity from there immediately, instead to having to go to Pool and find the pair that you just created.

These are my comments on design/improvements so far. I will come back to this thread later on.


All in all, looks fantastic! Great work on this :raised_hands:

Minor alignment issue with one of the buttons in Trust Wallet on Android, seems like it’s too close to the right edge:


After setting up the first liquidity you have to add the first liquidity.
The predicted rates show 0.


Right test Flash token address: 0x4082e81506a722a9356349ea480faca99fd6fd5f

You should see 5000 FLASH in your dapp wallet balance.


Yeah android app metamask

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I think the wording here:

If you stake 10,000 FLASH for 365 days you will immediately get 517.92 DAI at 11.23% yearly

Could be made more succinct. Can we change to:

Stake 10,000 FLASH for 365 days and immediately receive 517.92 DAI at 11.23% annually

I also think the word annually is more generally the term used when referring to interest, rather than yearly


When u have the stake dashboard open, there is a flash logo but it’s a different style to the one at the top. This looks odd. Why have 2 flash logos so close together? Remove this one on the stake dashboard. And certainly we need to stick to ONE flash logo that we use EVERYWHERE. having 2 different logos here is bad for brand recognition

Which logo will we use going forward? Even these 2 here are different to what we have currently on CoinGecko etc


After visiting the test dapp url and entering the password I get a blank white screen and nothing else. I’m on an android device. Same issue with Chrome, Firefox and Brave.



When pooling the FLASH logo seems to be off center

BTW note how the dapp appears crisper looking when it’s scaled up to 125% in this image. Also the dapp is centered on the screen instead of being too far towards the top.


Even though I have millions of DAI in my wallet pressing Max doesnt do anything. It might be looking for mainnet DAI

I would phrase this differently.
You are about the unstake 50 FLASH early, you will receive 0.00006 FLASH and burn 49.99 FLASH in the process.
(Now vs Early)