Flashstake dapp marketing proposal by all citizens

Any new ERC20 project that is now launching, launches with liquidity on uniswap.
Imagine a future where new projects launch with liquidity on uniswap + liquidity on the Flash Dapp.

For Eth liquidity, they need to pair ALT:ETH. For flash dapp liquidity they need to pair ALT:FLASH. This means these new projects will need to buy flash to create the liquidity and will increase the demand for flash. They could either purchase the flash from uniswap or swap DAI/WETH/WBTC etc… for it in the flash dapp.

Today I am calling for all Blockzero citizens to actively seek out these new erc20 projects and ask the leaders the question, ‘will you be adding liquidity on the flashstake dapp?’. Be careful however not to advertise/shill the flash dapp in any way as no projects like advertisements of other projects on there channels. But simply asking ‘will you be adding liquidity on the flashstake dapp?’ is the same as asking ‘will you be adding liquidity to uniswap?’ and therefore this is not advertising/shilling. If anyone asks you what it is, then this gives you an opportunity to explain the protocol and potentially get new users onto the protocol.

I believe this will be an effective marketing strategy as you will be raising awareness of the flashstake dapp and potentially introducing 1000’s of new people to the protocol. New projects have telegram channels with 1000’s of eager investors. By simply asking the project developers the question ‘will you be adding liquidity on the flashstake dapp?’ you have just introduced the protocol to all these new investors. And if the project leader did decide to add ALT:FLASH liquidity, this will bring more traffic to the dapp.

I believe what I am suggesting is not too much to ask for any citizen to do. If we really want this protocol to succeed, we need to take action ourselves and it will succeed. A community is stronger in number.

Thanks for reading and lets make flashstake the number 1 staking protocol by the end of this year


This is a great idea, I am about to implement it in my questions to the CEO of another project I’m involved in. It’s also why I created and provided liquidity for 2 pools for other projects. If I had more Eth, I’d create more! XID-0b69f

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I have a project with which I want to make a UFO, which means Unified Flash Offering if I am not mistaken. I looked into what the flash pool does, I couldn’t figure it out. The way the protocol works today is that when an investor stakes his FLASH for an ALT, an amount of FLASH dictated by the FPY is sold and the ALT is bought on Uniswap and sent to the investor. I don’t understand where the flash pool comes into play. What is the reason for opening a flash pool?

Great idea, I am few Telegram Group’s that are very promising & are in presale stage. I will certainly put this question to them

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Hi, you have slightly misunderstood how the protocol works. No alt is bought from uniswap. Everything is done from within the Flash protocol. The reason for the flash pool is so then the alt can be taken from the flash pool when someone stakes for it.
Here is an example: lets say I want to stake my Flash to earn DAI. There needs to be a Flash-DAI pool in the flash dapp for me to stake and earn DAI.
This is the process:

  1. Choose DAI as the Alt I want to earn.
  2. Select duration and amount of Flash to stake.
  3. When I confirm the stake, Flash is minted and swapped for DAI in the Flash-DAI pool
  4. DAI is sent directly to my wallet address

Thanks for the explanation. In this case I guess it will become the ALT project’s responsibility to create the ALT-FLASH pool on flashstake.io.

Then the ALT-FLASH exchange rate will be defined by the amount of each coin in flashstake.io pool only, which will create some arbitrage opportunities between flashstake.io and other exchanges like Uniswap.

Yes this is true. There is great arbitrage opportunities available