How should Blockzero Labs resources be allocated? Past vs. Future #XIOfeedback

With the launch of our flashship project on New Year and the reveal of our next token on January 15th, it is more important than ever that we discuss how we should focus and prioritize our energy at resources.

While we have a 17 person team that is growing, we are looking for feedback on how you, the Citizens, want us to allocate our resources (dev, marketing, operations)

Although it will be a balance of the two and change over time, would you rather us put more energy into developing future tokens or growing the dapps/ecosystem of $FLASH?

As a side note, our goal is to build a 100+ core family in 2021. If you would like to get more involved and feel you have some skills to help us scale Blockzero, please make the time to reach out on telegram.


I certainly think it’s very important to focus on the past tokens. We can’t abandon them. I would probably say 50% to old and 50% to new. This might seem like an overkill when we just have flash now. But already at the end of this year we expect to have 5 tokens (flash + 4 new), we ned to maintain those and market and develop them.
For new tokens (AQUA) I would instead of the fair allocation where all new tokens are 1:1 to XIO increase the number of tokens by for example 15% and use the additional tokens for marketing AQUA and further develop it. If we have some additional money we can use, we could also outsource some work for the new tokens.

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My suggestion is to be careful of trying to expand the core family too quickly. Quintupling team size may cause some bloat w/o careful consideration; assuming the idea of core family is synonymous with compensation and a position in the company.

With that being said, it is hard to say that certain resources must be allocated somewhere 100% of the time. For instance, you could have a few devs on maintenance of old applications and then a group of devs that work on the new tokens/projects. Then, if a new functionality is proposed and accepted on an older application, then divert some resources to get that functionality built. Then shift back.

The balance that would need to be thoroughly examined is support of old dapps, but then have the ability to shift devs back to support additional features if needed, while still moving forward with current initiatives.

It might be more of a priority question for distributing/using resources for dev, marketing, and operations.

Development being the highest priority (production and maintenance of dapps), operations would follow (as there are no operations if there is no development), then marketing for users (as there would be nothing to market if no dapp is up or developed).

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In my opinion a bigger focus should be on the past projects. Why?
The past and already published projects are some kind of the “flagships” for Blockzero. The more successfull, genuine and developing projects the people associate with Blockzero, the more excitement, interest and new Citizens should come in.
The risk of having abandoned-looking projects is always there whenever the Core Citizens’ focus shifts toward future projects.
So my vote would be to have an average 50%/50% distribution of working power shared between old and new projects. Of course, as for example FLASH is a decentralized protocol, over time you could reduce the working power on there and let community build dApps for example.

Another reason to steadily develop older projects is the Index Fund. To consistently grow in value, it should be in Blockzero’s interest to have powerful tokens in it.

Of course, in the future, there might be ten, twenty or even more projects to manage which cannot be only run by Blockzero.
But, as it is Blockzero’s way, over time there might come very engaged people into all the projects that could be part of this individual project. Maybe you could have one Citizen who is solely responsible to recruit new talents and possible team members for individual projects.


:clap:First of all… great job by the whole blockZero team on the recent launch of
FLASH :raised_hands: FYI… I staked all my $FLASH for XIO and I’m good to go :x::rocket::o:

I think the team should move forward at will. If some members wanna get cracking on new projects & developments… go for it. However, if there’s unfinished business with FLASH—cosmetic or otherwise—that Devs want to focus on… they should feel free to ‘tie up loose ends’ before moving on to the next project. I guess what I’m saying is… it shouldn’t have to be all or nothing.

Either way… keep up the great work!:stop_button::zero::rocket:

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IMHO $FLASH should be pushed at its maximum level on developing and technical dapps/ecosystem side. It’s better to have one full optional Lambo instead of two flat BMW. XID-F524


Dapps and future functionality could have a resource allocation lifecycle between those 3 (dev, operations, marketing, etc.)

For example, funds were spent on development of token/protocal, with fund focus shifting towards needed operations (such as hosting or other resources for scale) for dapp going live, then some funds shifting towards marketing, and fund focusing going back through development.

I feel like FLASH has a lot of potential and is unique, and has a lot of passion behind it from Zach. I’d like to see a L2 solution for flash so we can see it’s full potential, otherwise we’ll never know. I don’t mind if the next token is delayed a month


I don’t think the question should be around past vs future. I think a better way of looking at it is how much time and resources should we dedicate to what is currently working (successful) and how much time should we dedicate to innovating.

From there we could figure out a criteria to define currently working (successful).

This avoids two problems.

  1. As the number of projects grow we don’t find ourselves focusing time and resources on projects that the community or industry don’t find useful, just because they were created in the past.

  2. We have a set amount of time and resources dedicated to successful projects and innovation, supporting our winners, while working on what could be the next big thing.

I would then break it down to 70% towards successful past projects, 30% towards innovation.

The reasons for this is that a successful project deserves resources to allow it to reach it’s full potential. While the innovation is important for finding the next great token idea, it will also have a higher failure rate.

Once a new token is launched and deemed to be currently working (successful) it then falls in to the 70% allocation which allows it the chance to thrive.

It comes down to quality over quantity. It would let us support projects that the market wants while still leaving room for innovation. There is no point producing a killer token or application for it do die a premature death from lack of resources.

It’s also the strategy that google used which was ultimately responsible for the invention of google maps.

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I think the Team should focus on both equally for one year and than reconsider. It is important for growth, that new Projects come out but they need to be of great quality and they need to be built on. Like this you can guarantee their quality. For marketing, maybe their should be some more coins as a marketing budget. It means a little less for the community but more eyes to see it which means more users for the product. A marketing wallet who takes 1-5 percent of every new project to fund some marketing. In one year, there will be more eyes on Blockzero with this strategy.

Nice to hear with the 17 people team :slight_smile: Is it perhaps possible to route in 1-2 new people to work on the new project that launches? Perhaps the payment for the jobs could come from a % of the token launched? So that every time a new token launches everyone knows that a certain % of the new tokens will be allocated to pay for a small team to work on the project. This way XIO citizens could also be taken into consideration for working on new projects that they feel passionate about + hiring from the eco-system would be amazing.

I think it’s important to keep some steam on the core Blockzero as well as marketing for future projects to gain continued momentum.

Very nice with the idea of the core-family.

For me I think a token reveal on 15th is quite early. In my opinion we need to balance development of already launched ideas with the launch of other new ideas. They are both equally important. How well a previous launch goes affects the next. This can also be untrue since sometimes ideas can fail and new ones need to be experimented to finally land on the perfect idea. So I would suggest we balance things out and keep the fire of flash burning while we keep cooking our new token to be launched. To me 15th is quite early if the team started planning afresh after the launch of flash but if they have been planning this earlier than this then I think we can go ahead with declaring the next token. It could be the actual game changer.

I like the 50% - 50% work on both past and future tokens. However it could always be dynamic to the area that needs more help in a certain sector. No idle hands. Build dapps and plan for future tokens and dapps. Rinse and repeat.


Great points but I think instead of increasing the supply of each newly launched token for marketing, $XIO which is the mother token already has a development allocation and this could be used in that regard. It makes things simpler

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Great point, but one thing is, no one also knows if the next token will be the game changer for the whole crypto ecosystem. It’s always good to experiment and try news things and ways, this is equally important as developing upon already launched ideas too. So in my opinion a 50/50 share of attention might help

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Majority of focus should be place on future tokens mean while making improvements to previous ones. Meet the set deadlines and build trust in the community…persons might get disappointed if you say you would do something and dont. Like what you said 80/20 is not bad with majority of efforts going into the future projects.

I think it should be 50-50 but weighted towards the projects that are more successful and are more widely used. The crypto space, and definitely defi in general, is a tricky one. You can’t be too slow in production because you may miss your opportunity or someone else may build it before you but you also don’t want to be like those dev groups that push out as many projects as possible just to see what sticks and then forgets the rest. We say we build products for the community/users to use and to build off of so it only seems to make sense to allocate resources to the ones that the community/users are most passionate about and seeing the most wide use.

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I definitely think for Flash there should be at least 50% resource dedication - mainly because it is the first token launch for Blockzero and I think its really important that we help make it successful - that will have a positive impact on future token roll outs and help bring in new citizens. Later coins maybe we can start to reduce the resources dedicated post launch but for Flash I’d say the team should dedicate at least 50% until it gets further off the ground.


I think 50/50 … don’t let XIO behind due to FLASH like the mew kid of the block. Be careful.

Regarding new reveal token I agree we’re in a massively bull market and need get on that wave, that’s would be risky b/c managing quite different projects can extremely hard on this time. (Sorry for my English)

I think it is definitely important to allocate a bigger portion of time to the tokens already released, on marketing and development side. Zachary mentioned so many exciting projects that can be built on $Flash and that is just the first released token.
In my opinion 50-70% of attention should go to new token releases. Allocating 30-50% to the already released tokens gives the opportunity to make more of them (meaning building on them, new projects etc.) and spreading the word about them, familiarizing the market with them.

wow, really excited about the growht of the core family this year, you have some huge goals there!
Enjoy the well deserved vacation :grinning: