How would you explain UMA to a 5 year old? #XIOfeedback

“UMA protocol sounds cool, but it’s too technical to wrap my head around…”

:nerd_face:Not anymore! Below is video to help you better understand UMA from a non-developer perspective, as explained by Zachary Dash: Understanding UMA as a Non-Developer - YouTube

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For this XSI Feedback, we’re looking for your responses to this simple question: “How would you explain UMA to a 5 year old?”

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Maybe not to a 5 year old but to a 15 year old would be something like this

Pick any type of concept, idea or good and make it a tradeable asset inside UMA protocol

UMA Protocol is a token representing anything you have that is in an agreement whether it has a value or not. (eg a token to track amount of crypto token being created, token to track the market cap of blockzero)

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Well this is how I would try

You know what, if you had 10 glasses of water and you know you are going to a party where all people will be thirsty,

You can sell the first glass for lets say 10 Rs.
But now that there are 9 glasses left, the value of each subsequent glass should increase…isnt it?

Well UMA allows you to make a contract which automates these kind of “arrangements” on real world items called synthetic tokens.

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Your dad’s best friend comes to visit
He also has a 5 year old boy
The boy insists on play with your best and favorite toy
You don’t want a broken toy!

Your dad tells his friend that he could buy something at this UMA place on the internet
If your toy brakes today they pay him some money and he buys you a brand new toy
If your toy does not break, they keep a small amount of his money and refund the rest

You have new friend and you still have your toy! :rocket:



There once was a young girl that grew up in the suburbs of an ancient city.
People could tell that she was destined to achieve something extraordinary that would change the world. However, the kid grew up entirely ordinary. She had no special talent or superpower but she could feel the weigh of the world on her little shoulders.
Every day she walked a long walk to go to school and on her way she passed meadow on which the elder god roamed. Grown ups who did not go to school anymore had to bring their offerings to the elder god. The offering had to be something of what they produced, the miller brought flour, the stone maze statues and the butcher brought meat. Everyone chipped in and the pile grew and grew and became bigger and bigger. This pleased the elder god, which was as a majestic black bull and in return he saw to it that people had a good, plentiful life. Most importantly the elder god kept a fierce bear in it’s cave so that the grown ups could remain productive and bring him daily offerings.
But because people could not work all the time to keep the bull in favor there were times when the huge bear came out if its cave, chased the bull away. These were times that everyone felt dreadful about and experienced constant scarcity and hunger.
The little girl watched this change of scenery happen several times while she became older and it bothered her deeply. In secret she quite liked the bear because he reminded her of her own teddy.
All she wanted was that she and her friends could enjoy the life of plentiful no matter if the bull or bear was roaming on the meadow.
She was still not of age to produce anything herself but she thought relentlessly on a solution to her problem. Day and night she dedicated her to this cause until one day she decided to counsel the ancient oracle for help. The friendly and wise oracle said: “Tell your people to come to and let them protect me from corruption. I shall give them the gift that keeps on giving and they won’t have to bother about being productive anymore.”
The young girl convinced her friends to do just this and would you believe it, after a few days the oracle kept her word and gave the gift that keeps on giving to her.
It’s a complex thing and indeed difficult to put it into words, but the gift was in essence everything: the flour of the miller, the meat of the butcher, the steel of the blacksmith and even the beemaster’s honey which cast a spell on the bear so that the young girl and her friends could cuddle with him while the bull was resting. And do you know what they call this gift? They named it after the courageous and brilliant young girl that changed their world: UMA.
Would you believe it, unfortunately there are still people working their fingers to the bone instead of being smart and protecting the oracle and getting UMA. But that’s okay, word hasn’t reached them yet and one day things might be better thanks to Uma.


Child: I wanna get these Pokémon cards!

Parent thinking: hmmm… they’re $14.

Child: I wanna get these Pokémon cards!

Parent: OK, here’s what we’ll do…

  • Every time you clean your bedroom, you get a gold star [UMA synthetic asset]

  • Each gold star is worth $1.

  • BUT, if you clean your bedroom everyday for one week, those gold stars are now worth $2 each, and you now have enough to buy the Pokémon cards when we come here next week [UMA KPI Option].

Child: But I don’t wanna clean my bedroom.

Parent: Well… I tried.



Could we have the title of the other books or stories you wrote please.
Imagination is a gift that only humans have, putting it into words, well only some humans do that well.

Enjoyed this!


Glad you liked it. I am not really an author type of guy but I’m dreaming about my verse since I watched this magnificent Aqua movie.


Wanna play with me to be an adult and buy and sell stuff that kids can’t buy?
Hey, look!
Let’s pretent that

  • these rocks are $1 bills.
  • these snail shells are firecrackers
  • these tree leaves are very rare pokemon cards
  • this bike is a car

What do you want to buy me?
Firecrackers are $2-rocks each, pokemon cards are $10-rocks each and the car is $5000 (yeah, I know, that’s a lot of rocks).
You don’t know?
Oh, the price just changed, as lot of people bought. Now it’s $3-rocks each.
But less people are interested in Pokemon cards, so I will drop them for 8 rocks each.
OK, let’s go for 2 Pokemons: that’s 16 rocks please.
Want anything else?
Oh, someone want some Pokemons cards, he insists very hard, do you want to sell them back to me? I will give you $12 rocks for each of them, or I can give you 8 Snails-Firecrackers if you still want some?

Well, that is UMA.
You can buy things you could not buy in a normal situation (like it’s forbidden for kids to buy firecrackers).
You don’t actually buy them, but you buy something that really look like them and act like it.
Pretty cool, huh?

So, do you want to buy a car?
I need to restore my gravel driveway :wink:

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How to talk to a 5 years old:

What is UMA?
Well, let’s just say that you can bet on things. For example you can bet on how much money there will in your piggybank at the end oft he month.

And the more money there will be in the piggy bank, the more money you win from the bet.

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If there is a chance: “catch it”!

UMA in 46seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

“You cant save somebody that doesnt want to be saved” - so i would not explain it to anyone that doesnt want to change something in their life. To my kid i would just say if you want something that you dream off, get started today and learn about new things as they might come in handy one day. Learn it for yourself and noone will ever take that from you.

Some motivation can get you kickstarted no matter what.

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UMA Protocol ELI5 style:

Two kids love to play with their Yugioh cards against each other.
Every game winner gets to choose a card.
But if they play a lot the cards get damaged and they do not like that.
They cut some paper and draw the names of the cards on them (the UMA synthethic asset).
They play with these cards.
Winner gets to choose a real card, if he wins.
Their original cards are not damaged and they can create as many paper cards as they want to keep playing.


If you want to have ice cream daily, you do your homework daily. The day you miss you will not get your ice cream.

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