📈 If you were given $10,000 and challenged to 10x the amount of *quality* $XIO Citizens (we currently have 5000), how would you spend the money? #XIOfeedback

:chart_with_upwards_trend: If you were given $10,000 and challenged to 10x the amount of quality $XIO Citizens (we currently have 5000), how would you spend the money?



I would start marketing towards some crypto writers (they would definitely be knowledgeable). For example I would check out top ten writers on medium (in the eth section) and reach out to them.

I would also promote the XSI system a lot more. I haven’t seen many other communities, where you get paid to share your opinion. This would allow us to get a lot more citizens totally (and I am sure many of them could be considered quality citizens).
It might also help to promote ourselves on some crypto or technical conferences.

I would definitely utilize this flash airdrop opportunity and market the life out of it to get A LOT of new people (sure, they might not all be “quality” citizens, but plenty of them will). We have to get people to know about us, before we can worry about who is quality and who isn’t. Please do not neglect this opportunity to get new people with $Flash. (I talk about how to do this specifically in my marketing suggestions post)

Lastly I think competitions (like this token idea, that we will do soon or the testing competition that we have) would be very helpful. They get people engaged for the prize and then many of them will stay for the project.

I would focus most of our marketing on people who understand crypto and simply trust that our strong community (and current incentives), will turn normal citizens into engaged quality citizens. That is also what seems to be my experience. I am definitely not this interested in all of the projects I am in. But because you @ZacharyDash put such an emphasis on the community and because we have a lot of opportunities to be heard, I find myself checking the forum often and excited to see where we go next.

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I think before any discussion on this topic is to happen we need to define what a quality citizen is.

is that someone who simply participates once in a while? on every post? couple times a month?
someone who gives insightful, articulate ideas, or is just whatever comes to mind quality?

I absolutely love this concept but just think it’d be easier to brainstorm once that term is defined.


I would look for the best influencers in crypto and I would try to have a collaboration with them (it seems that lately, it is the best way to promote)
Of course, you can’t be sure that all new citizens will be of quality, but we are not at that point where we are exclusive.
Each new member can have one or more friends to convince about the project (I was convinced in that way)
In my country there is a proverb: “there is no forest without dry wood”
We will have time to choose those citizens.
XID 8168


I would probably pay to publish an article on some good economic platform/website like Forbes or other mainstream economy outlets and I would talk about the flash staking and the token studio. More exactly, about how revolutionary they are.

The first question is, how quickly do you want to 10x the amount of quality citizens?
Unfortunately, it seems like the most successful marketing campaigns for microcaps in the last 6 months usually involve getting a crypto influencer on board. I think a lot of them were paid, and many had their reputations completely shot by shilling tons of crap projects that they were just paid for. However, getting a quality influencer who genuinely believes in the project (while getting compensated for their time) would probably be the most effective way to get XIO to a number of eyes.

Cons of that, however, is that you attract a number of “pump and dumpers” that way, but its probably the fastest way to grow if you want to do it fast.


One of the nice things about XIO is that the community members are not generally something i would consider “moon boys” which is really one of the things that draws me to XIO. I like the idea of getting more people on board and growing our citizenship, but from my point of view, having been a moderator for many crypto projects over the past few years, we need to ensure we get the right people, the quality/quantity balance is really important.

So, that said, this question of how to grow our citizenship is a really important one.

I’m personally really excited about the podcast, I think podcasting is one the the best communication tools of our times. so mabye a big push on the podcast to attract people. If you’re willing to sit and engage a podcast for 30 mins all the way up to a couple of hours, I think there is a better chance you are going to add value in other ways and would make a good citizen, podcasts are also really accessible. So could we incentivize citizenship via the podcast, mabye a XSI style feedback programme for the podcast specifically?

I will think more and come back with more suggestions.



An intriguing question!

The approach should be 3 way:

  1. Leverage existing network
  • like the community members are evaluated fortnightly for their posts and activities, we should build a metric that would gauge people historically. It can have the following parameters:
    a. no of posts
    b. no. of days since the last post
    c. no. of days since the first post
    d. quality of posts
    e. amount of XIO stacked
    f. no. of social media channels
    g. engagement on social media
    h. participant social media followers
    Using this metric we should evaluate all community participants and the top percentile should be selected for publishing community engaging stuff which will include a referral link incentiving the writer
  1. Invite serious participants
    Using XIO official channels top posts of the community members should be posted tagging the writers, incentivizing them and inviting new members. This should be used in big portals like community chats, medium, publish0x, steemit, blog, hackernoon, etc

  2. Paid advertisements
    Use the available paid slots for inviting new members.

Together we as a community has the power to scale it up and we will do it.


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My thoughts exactly, really well said. Maybe another thing to consider is that citizens who would have otherwise been not quality may be incentivized to be quality once they get more involved, XSI rewards etc. etc.

First I would do everything within my power to create momentum before spending any marketing money. Getting involved with crypto influencers and spreading the brand through as many well run amas and interviews as possible. Using well-meaning citizens as a means to spread a consistent message. I would also create two or three posters with the 5 most important facts/selling points about the brand. Market those as much as possible. For the 10k, I would find a way to gamify XIO citizenship. This could be done few different ways. 1. Reward for becoming a citizen: Random citizens will earn a set amount, all new citizens will earn from a 10k pool, or 1 person who chooses the right number would earn it all. (You can also add other prizes like a nft). 2. Make a competition or some special incentives solely for new citizens (where 10k is the prize). 3. Create a marketing campaign by getting other citizens to refer people. This could lead to a snowball effect.

Another option would be to go full press using Twitter in the weeks before and after launch of the dapp. Similar to what was done in the weeks before the competition. This could help kickstart a larger word of mouth campaign along with some help from the community.

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The campaign should be based on informing people about Token Studio and Flash. I think that a new user could be disoriented when he comes here for the fist time. You can see a lot of users that make confusion between XSI XLP XIO and FLASH. I think our projects are big but there are a lot of things to understand and known. So my suggestion is to build some slides, flow chart or something like that to be used in our advertisiment campaign where we clarify all the aspects of the two projects Token studio and Flash and all the rules. Something like the December calendar or the token distribution chart is awesome and clear. After that when we got the material my suggestion is to focalize to tweeter and medium article. But everything must be clear, genuine and no shill or pump. XID-F524


Marketing in crypto is really different from the traditional world in my opinion. We’ve seen projects get famous in different ways. Some projects got famous just by some crazy drama like in the case of Sushi. Some projects also invest a lot into marketing and do countless campaigns but still stay in the mud. For me, I would suggest we find a way to get everyone talking about us. Innovation speaks for itself but innovation cannot speak for itself when it hasn’t been given the attention. We need to draw attention to ourselves in order for the innovation we’ve made to continue the rest of the job for us. With 10k$ I would organize different campaigns on the various social media in such a way that every big crypto page would have discussions about XIO. Next I would get modest influencers not shillers to wholeheartedly talk about XIO and explain our value prop and not do any unnecessary shills in the process. I would just need them to get the attention of the people to take a deep dive and research for themselves about the project. That’s why we need modest ones and not those who shill to pump their bags. Off late these two methods have been really helpful in getting eyes on projects in this space and in the process getting very loyal citizens. Hope this helps.


Well said man. The whole point is about getting a modest influencer and not a shiller to do the work. We can present to them how we want our work than. i.e to make the presentation an educative one about the project and not one that would cause people to rush and buy for a quick buck

  1. Crypto.com DeFi Wallet listing/AMA
    I would suggest getting XIO and later FLASH on Crypto.com DeFi Wallet. Best case this could also be connected to an AMA with Zach, as Crypto.com usually includes those when they list new coins (at least on their CEX).
    That in itself will provide publicity and a way to share your/our great engagement, which hopefully enthralls users who want to take a more active role in a project.

Later on it may be beneficial to also create a pairing on their DeFi Swap and include a two-week bonus to for example a ETH-XIO or CRO-XIO pairing, but that will require a much bigger market cap.

  1. Hackathon
    Create a hackathon using FLASH where a person or team gets a day or two to create a fun/useful dApp using the FLASH protocol to add publicity to FLASH, XIO and the developer.
    These types of challenges often create quite the hype and it would also serve to promote the usefulness of the token.

One additional thought that some have briefly mentioned so far… I think promoting the Token Studio more than anything else would be more effective.

What sounds more appealing (from the perspective of someone who isn’t familiar with XIO or even crypto at all)

  1. A platform similar to Y Combinator (household name, immediate intrigue). Take a look at how similar projects have been doing, POLS, for example. People love that shit and would likely be the way to get them interested.
    (If chosen)
    (1a. Write/Make/Whatever form of media explaining the Token Studio, its goals, its past success and upcoming ventures.)


  1. A platform where you get money for free instantly. I’m exaggerating grossly but what I mean to say is that if the citizen is introduced to XIO on a more holistic level, that’s likely to garner the most retention.

Yeah great suggestion bud. New users will need to know almost everything about the project at a glance and I think the best way is to sort to these infographics and short videos. It makes it easier for people to adapt quickly. People hate complicated stuff

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First of all 10x is a lot if we think in terms of “quality” citizens.
I think quality citizens are attracted mainly by people they trust or insightful content.

First I would create some content to explain the protocol in a more didactic way. (Video or article) Like DeFi Weekly does, or DeFi Dad.

Then I would use our most “influencer” citizens to promote the content.

Then reach out some crypto micro influencers (mainly devs) with a participative community and ask them to try XIO / FLASH and if they like to post about it.
I think micro influencers have better “quality” communities than the big names.

I posted in the new telegram group, but I post it here if someone not joined there.
There are several things I would personally do.
First and most important launching a refferal/affilate system. My idea would be that when you refer someone and who you reffered makes either 5/10 XSI points or add 1ETH worth liquidity you would both get 10/25$ worth XIO. It could be also an expontential growing system to get more quality mebers like you get doubled rewards if you add liquidity and also get XSI point or if you get more XSI point you get more refferal reward.
It’s also important to make some google and social media ads highlighting the benefits being a XIO citizen.
Secondly it would definetelly get new people if we made weekly/mothly small twitter giveaways, selecting 5/10 people for 100$(from the winners who has the most XSI point gets 300$ bonus, this would be also a cool motivation to be a more quality member) who likes, retweets this tweet and tags 1/2friends in the comments, and you must be a citizen to claim the rewards.
Thirdly When the flash dapp launches we could also encurage new people to join the citizenship with making excluise benefits on the dapp if you are a XIO citizen.
I also dont know if this is already the case but I think you must be a citizen for claim new tokens from token studio.
Finally I think a citizens would really like and would be promising for more people if we made an exclusive mobile app for citizens where you can find everything easally. You could have the flash dapp, claim app, the forum, xio stats and info and everything in one place.

1. Affiliation - referral system:

  • every new citizen who gets invited receives 50$ in XIO/Flash, equivalent amount of XIO is also rewarded to the affiliate (terms and conditions apply).


  • citizen has to provide liquidity of at least 0.5 ETH and equivalent amount of XIO/Flash into appropriate pool
  • reward is paid out to both citizens after 60 days from initial liquidity deposit - in case of an early withdrawal both rewards are voided
  • new citizen also has to reach certain amount of XSI credits every month (two months in total) in order to be eligible for the reward, in case mentioned term is not respected, there has to be at least 1 ETH (and equivalent amount of XIO/Flash) provided in the pool (instead of only 0.5 ETH) for the citizen to still be eligible for the reward, in case the latter is not respected, rewards for both citizens are voided

Of course, all the amounts and numbers can be modified…

Another, additional way, for rewarding could be without any liquidity providing, only based on XSI credits, but in that case citizen would have to obtain higher amount of XSI credits and longer timeframe to obtain 50$ XIO reward.

Also, more pools could be included into that rewarding system - all the pools that are required for Flashstaking (AAVE, UNI, YFI…/Flash etc.). New citizen can decide to go with whatever pool desired.

2. XIO/Flash as collateral for crypto loans:
Imagine there was an option to take a loan on Nexo/Celsius/BlockFi platform against the collateral in XIO or Flash. Citizen’s who didn’t decide to provide liquidity and are just holding/supporting the project for the long haul could take advantage of that, not to mention the amount of publicity XIO/Flash would receive that way. Also, collaboration with Nexo and Celsius (at least) could be done regarding flashstaking - Nexo/Flash & Celsius/Flash pool…

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Here’s a shameless copy paste from the telegram group, just because it gets lost so easy in there :smiley:

First of all if I had 10K to spend on marketing, I would hire someone with a proven history of marketing crypto projects to help me out. I have no background in this myself so id start by looking for someone who does. One example is Jeff Kirdeikis (founder of SWAP and Upptrend) that man knows how to build hype around a project, regardless of what you think about his own projects. He did a good job of marketing Axion as well. Id try to attract people like that with that juicy 10k.

Second, if I were to devise a strategy myself I would go with the one that worked on me. I was made aware of XIO by Ivanontech, so this obviously works. Crypto influencers for all the bad rep they get, are effective at spreading the word and making people enthusiastic about projects.

Third, people fear so called “pump and dumps” as a result of overhyping something, but I think if a project is worthy after the hype cycle is over, it will retain the quality community members that were onboarded. I definitely think XIO and FLASH are more than just hot air and others will too. It’s simple really the more people are aware of your project, the more quality members you end up with. However there will always be “moonbois” accompanying hype cycles and any form of successful marketing really.