In lieu of a suggestion box, a place to 'gather thoughts' about app functionality?

As I’ve read through posts - I see, add a flashing warning here or we should have this message there sprinkled throughout the topics. As I have come late to the party it means I’m perfectly timed to be a launch customer subject. Sure I can B about the fees like everybody else but I’m more concerned with trying to improve the user experience. As a new user and Flash Blockzero convert I, like many others, have a unique perspective as the literal customers the community were hoping to attract.
Launch is a great time to gather data - get everything right at each plateau and growth is inevitable. I just think for the decision making team it may be valuable to know if I stumbled at the same place as someone else.

For instance on the app:

  • On the interface the line SEE CHARTS AND STATS is positioned right in the middle of the interface; and yet for a guy looking for his Flashstake transaction history it was invisible. Perhaps it could read FLASHSTAKE TRANSACTION HISTORY, APP STATS

  • On the app I see a ratio of payout to days left but in my staking transaction history (1 item) it displays everything except the determined time of the stake in question - isn’t that the point? Without the time component - there is no transaction is there. The time is the transaction. Showed a count up timer of when I did it but I think the peeps want to know the minute they get their money back vs. how long it’s been away.

  • A last point - I had a 1000 Flash V1 stake that just concluded today. I assume it pays out in V2 but it does not show in the current Flashstats, nor can I see any evidence of my stake returning to my wallet in Metamask. In the original etherscan I could see my tokens moving into the contract. As it concludes I would dig seeing them come back to me? the Migration guide tells me staking completed 999/999 - cool; but where are the 999 Flash tokens? Perhaps the fact that I didn’t have to spend $20 to confirm them as V2 from V1 stake means they didn’t get released yet after all - IDK but my point is it isn’t intuitive for me to find the transaction info to follow where it went. Maybe a V1 / V2 thing but I’m stumped.

  • ok one more point. That logo rocks. But why does it even look like an F? The way it’s drawn it should read as a 5 or a c with a lightning bolt dangle on it - but all I see is an F! It doesn’t even look like an F. But that’s all it freaking looks like!? It is so cool.
    Now, not to be a wet blanket but as much as I dig the double click logo to show the 80’s egg (please don’t change it), I am concerned that apart from the egg inside the app, the logo also exists in the wild on its own. An 80’s Miami Vice F in a circle. Then I go to the STATS page. I miss the dark black backgrounds from the app and the resultant high contrast orange F on black? Seems small but it’s an example that every graphic, colour choice, mnemonic, turn of phrase should work in concert with everything else. No way should consumers be expected to connect the app look with the migration page look but for an inside egg for the citizens sure. But now it’s launched and the rubber has hit the road.
    For launch - For graphic representation - For ever, (except the occasional egg) logos and look should be treated like they’re carved in stone. And that logo is actually cool enough to be!
    Migration guides aside - to the public at large and I mean the next new customers, two logos is too confusing. I hope there is graphic standardization taking place moving forward so that every single communication pushes in the same direction. That representation could be revealed over time to have an 80’s alter ego but the protocol should be well established first to still be associated with the Orange F at all.

My direction on the F design would be to try and capture the ‘flash’ of the word. An onomatopoeia for graphics. It might be too much but it’s worth a try. The hero guy called The Flash has his lightning bolt on a white disc - looks flashy vs. Flat F’y. Can a glow work? - Batman Pow graphics? - Rays? - Electrics? Tampa Bay Lightning can get away with an L being jagged looking like lightning because lightning - we are Flash. Just a thought.

My capital letter CAVEAT here is my noobishness and ability to not see things directly in my path so if I’ve missed things that i say aren’t there but are in flashing neon - apologies. Main point is to create or be directed to a repository of first impressions or stumbles with the app that could be aggregated with others’ experience to easily rectified issues before they occur for the next new users. I hope my respect for what has been accomplished shows and doesn’t come across as pointing out flaws - its not that at all.

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