[info] Mental Mining – How to Participate

General Goals

Since its inception in late 2019 the goal of our MentalMining Program, previously known as XIO Social Initiative (XSI), has always been to encourage valuable discussion, brainstorm ideas and collect feedback, as well as to create a core community of dedicated and highly engaged Citizens.


Now we are introducing several fundamental changes to evolve the program towards decentralization and scalability. While the initial goals remain unchanged, the following new rules are implemented:

  • Anyone taking part in our Mental Mining Assignments will become part of the Blockzero Mental Crew (@MentalCrew)
  • There will be several Assignments each month.
  • Each Assignment is allocated a Assignment Reward. Exact amounts will be announced and are set at the council’s discretion.
  • Each Assignment concludes with a collective allocation period (coordinape epoch).
  • All Mental Crew Members can take part in collectively assessing each other’s reward. This will be done using the tool by coordinape.com (Details discussed in Discord).
  • Please join any active Assignment by simply engaging in the discussion. Make sure to register your wallet using typeform below:

(Please allow for some time since your address will have to manually be whitelisted on the backend.)


The first test round using the coordinape tool is about to close. If you manage to jump on before the current round (epoch) closes please do so. Anyone who does not make it in time DON’T WORRY! I will make sure that regardless the outcome of this first “test round” everyone that contributed to the assignment will receive a fair share of the total reward. I did perform grading of all comments just the same as in the past and will combine the results with the outcome of the coordinape tool in a sensible manner.

Of the 15 Mental Mining Crew (@MentalCrew) that took part in the first mental assignment (feedback on the website) not everyone managed to use the tool until now. Only 8 were able to opt-in to receiving Mental Credits from their fellow participants.

When you log in to the coordinape tool, steer to the menu on the top “Allocate”, then right below that choose “My Epoch”. This is where you opt-in.

Then please make sure to select all team members and start allocating your Mental Credits (GIVE).

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Hello, I don’t see the screen you are showing in the screenshot which url is that? I’ll take a snapshot of my screen.

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Nevermind lol I think I know which link to go to

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No I’m sorry, I filled out the coordinape site never. Got anything and Can’t seem To get in that site to go to what you outlined as steps. Sorry.

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Hey @Winchester,
please use https://coordinape.com/ and connect your wallet. It’s the one you filled in the typeform ending in …8c12

That will take you to:

  1. _https://app.coordinape.com/epoch
  2. _https://app.coordinape.com/team
  3. _https://app.coordinape.com/give
  4. _https://app.coordinape.com/map
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I’m just not sure if the time to join is not a factor here as well. Personally, I have seen a few users who participated in Mental Mining but were marked OPT OUT, so even though I voted for them, I couldn’t give them credits.

It turns out that if someone joined Coordinape later than others in the current Assignment, they will not get credits?

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Yes. One friction point here is that the default setting is opt-out. If you not actively opt in people can’t allocate you any credits.

Since not everyone has been aware of this we will for now have a “semi-collective” allocation procedure. I will combine the previous centralized grading process with the results from the collective coordinape tool.

This will allow for a gradual transition.


Hey thx, it just makes me fill out information, which I did. Nothing else happened. Didnt let me connect to anything :thinking:

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Sent you dm to solve this.

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ACTION REQUIRED: Allocate your Mental Credits!

Assessment Period: 08/11/2021 - 08/15/2021

Mental Mission Assessment using Coordinape

Hey all @MentalCrew
in order to complete the Mental Mission everyone who took part in the current Mental Assignment please allocate your Mental Credits to your fellow Mental Crew.

The assignment has a total reward of 10,000 XIO that we will have to split according to each one’s contributions. To take part in the process you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the coordinape tool with your registered wallet.
    At first login you can check if your username is correct. If not you can change it to match your forum name so people can recognize you. You can also leave a short note pointing out your main contributions (optional).
    (Please make sure to SAVE and sign with your wallet!)

  2. Opt-In to receiving rewards:
    You only have to do this once. So if you’ve already done so in the past you should be fine. Please double check by logging in to the app.coordinape.com/epoch with your registered wallet and make sure you have opted in. Only then others are able to award you Mental Credits for your discussion.
    (Please make sure to SAVE and sign with your wallet!)

  3. Select your fellow Mental Crew
    Select the people who took part in the Mental Mission so you can thank them with MENTAL CREDIT by including them in your allocation. (I recommend “Select All”.)
    (Please make sure to SAVE and sign with your wallet!)

  4. Allocate your Mental Credits
    First go back to the Mental Assignment on the forum and determine to whom all you’d like to give your Mental Credits. You can give up to 100 Mental Credits. Please do this at your own discretion. To those who added more to the discussion, you should give more Mental Credits, those you did not notice taking part in the discussion you should skip in this round. One way to decide on how to distribute your Mental Credits has been described by @FrankDaTank here.

Additional information:

  • Everyone whitelisted in the tool will start with 100 Mental Credits to distribute to the other Mental Crew.
  • It is not possible to give to yourself.
  • You can change your allocations as long as the epoch has not concluded.
  • If you fail to allocate any of your Mental Credits to others you will not be eligible to receiving your full reward.
  • (I suggest limiting it to 50% for anyone not taking part in the Assessment Period. Happy to hear everyone’s feedback on this.)

For the time being we use a transitional period. This means that even those that have not managed to opt-in will receive some reward for their contribution. I will be grading all contributions internally and combine the resulting numbers with the coordinape’s collective outcome.