Is Zach's assumption on Stake Period valid for you?

Zach mentioned in his video

that he does not believe there’s a need for a stimulus on main net because people will not stake for a year.

Is that true for you too?
Under what conditions would you stake 1+ years?

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I don’t think the majority of people would stake for a year to get such low-interest rates. The only time I would consider staking for a year is if the interest rate makes it worth it.

The issue he describes in his video is related to only the test net because we do not care about the interest rate - we are looking to obtain as much XIO as possible for the competition.


I am already staking for multiple years in some cases, where the the risk is medium and reward high.

I would stake for 1 year if the rewards are better than 3 different 4 months stake. Simply as that.

The xio project is solid enough to be around for a year more, I am pretty positive about this :blush:

I would stake XIO for one year if the rewards were significantly higher than 3x4 months stake . Simply because I value flexibility.
With ETH or WBTC, I could be persuaded even if the profit is equal… But with altcoins, I don’t want to commit to such a long time. I want to have flexibility to sell when the price is good.
It also depends on the penalty for withdrawing early. If the penalty is a fixed amount in $, and if my altcoin goes up in price, I should be able to sell it with profit even after paying the penalty. If that was the case I might be convinced to stake for longer as I would know that if the market goes well I can still profitably sell.
If the penalty is denominated in the altcoin then obviously that would be be bad for me (as the penalty would increase as well).

Indeed only if the interest is high enough I would go for a longer staking period like a year or more.

if the relationship between reward/duration is linear i would not stake for very long periods of time as I prefer to have more control over my tokens. In this case I’d simply go for shorter stakes and re-stake again.

to make longer stakes more worthwhile it would be worth considering a normal distribution/bell curve. (i think zach mentions this in the video)

I staked for 500 days because I think flash has a solid long term perspective and I got 35% apy in ETH which is an appreciating asset as well.
So better I get that lumpsum right now and lock myself away from selling flash too early…

Also, staking for longer reduces your downside risk because you already have banked a significant amount. In my case it was close to 50% of the value - not too shabby.

I am staking already for a year or more in some cases. For me it is part in the mix of my retirement plan. Indeed the interest must be high enough. But these days keeping money in a bankccount is like throwing your money away. Better to invest in stocks, direct in crypto, liquidity pools or indeed staking.