KPI Options | Open Debate #2XIOfeedback

What KPI Option should we create?

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XSI Credits are double on this topic.

If your KPI Option strategy is used, you will win $1000 worth of XIO (or native token of the project)


My suggestion is to use KPI options to increase the amount of locked Flash (and therefor decrease amount of idle flash).
Let’s create KPI options to an indicator of flash staked+ flash pooled.

What is the KPI we want to hit: Get 50% of flash out of circulation.
Who are the individuals we sent the options to: Every address holding flash.
How many tokens: At maximum 1 666 000 flash
When expiry date: I don’t know I would suggest 1st of August

At the moment there are almost 23 000 000 flash but only 5 500 000 flash is locked (4,7 staked +0,7 pooled) That is 24% locked.

I am assuming below that we will mint new flash to pay out the rewards, which is why I talk about inflation. If we don’t mint new flash but use the one in the foundation than that is even better.

How to achieve this:
Let’s drop KPI options to each person holding Flash. There are currently 1666 different addresses holding flash.
If we drop 100 options to each address we get 166 600 options.

At current rate of 25% or less flash locked: 1 option = 1flash.
So each person will get 100 flash (that is currently worth $68). This would cause an inflation of 0,7%, so I think perfectly acceptable.
Idle flash will then be 17.5M+ 166K= 17.66M

Now our goal will be to get flash to at least 50% locked.
50% flash locked: 1option=10flash.
So total flash distributed will be 1 666 000 flash. And each address will get 1000flash (so about $680)
Now this will cause inflation of 7% which seems like a lot but the idle flash will actually be smaller than current idle flash.
Let me show you 50% of flash is locked.
Idle flash is then 23M/2 + the new flash = 11,5M+1,6M=13,1M

So at the moment we have 17,6M flash idle and if we get to our goal only 13,1M flash will be idle an everyone will also get some extra money.

Any % of locked flash in between 25-50 will get the adequate number of flash in between. So 37,5% (half way between 25% and 50%) will be 1option=5flash.


Mty kpi option proposal is to use the total liquidity of the xio / eth pool on uniswap. I say this because I believe the entire blockzero ecosystem needs to be strengthened from the ground up, in my view. Until the xio token becomes a strong and universally recognized token in the cryptocurrency space, all other projects will suffer. It is unthinkable to think of a great flash or aqua success without xio being a great success itself first. xio is the token that forms the foundation of everything. The size and depth of the liquidity of the eth / xio pool is one of the most important parameters to evaluate the importance of a token and its ecosystem. So I believe that a 100% increase in current liquidity in one month is an achievable goal, and should be the target of a kpi option.

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What is the KPI we want to hit:
1000 Addresses that have staked at least 1000 Flash for at least 1 year. We can call this the “1k^2 KPI”. (In the future once the maximum duration is at least 1000 days, we can do another campaign like this called the 1k^3 of 1k addresses x 1k staked x 1k days)

Who are the individuals we sent the options to:
The first 1000 qualifying addresses: All future addresses that meet this criteria, as well as all previous addresses who have staked, rewarding past, current, and future stakers.

How many tokens:
A grand total of 500k Flash tokens, 500 tokens each to each staking address that qualifies. (500 tokens x 1000 addresses = 500,000 Flash tokens rewarded)

When expiry date:
Dec 31, 2021… the goal is to achieve this metric before the end of the year. I’m open to suggestions on the expiration aspect. If the time limit is shorter, such as 3 months, it might help encourage more grass roots efforts to spread the word about FLASH. Or maybe it should have no expiration at all to make it a celebration milestone reward to all qualifying stakers. No strong opinion from me on this aspect.

The purpose of this KPI is to prove the health and growth of total stakers. This will also help to further lock up the supply for an extended period as well. This may also help encourage existing holders who haven’t staked who may not know how to stake, to dip their toes in the water for the first time with a 1,000 FLASH stake. This may also help offset gas fees, some people may see this as a reimbursement of high gas costs if they haven’t otherwise staked previously, if they know they would qualify for this KPI.


I see i didn’t add many details to my proposal as other citizens did, so I will make this addition too:
Who are the individuals we sent the options to:
Liquidity providers on unsiwap pool xio/eth that have provided at least 1 eth for at least 6 months. Basically, xlp citizens that have been parteciapting in xlp for 6 months

My suggestion is to use KPI options to increase the amount of Blockzero followers on primary social media platforms.

What is the KPI we want to hit: Milestone based:
Milestone 1: 10,000 followers across BZ telegram and twitter main accounts (currently 9147)
Milestone 2: 20,000
Milestone 3: 40,000.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to: Every address holding greater than 1000 XIO, currently 1653 citizens. We could do it for all which would be 6342, happy to debate either way! (snapshot announced prior so people can accumulate.

How many tokens: (Working off of maximum 6342 numbers) 634,420 XIO Options

When expiry date: Negotiable, maybe end of May to add incentive!

How each milestone vests:

Milestone 1: 10,000 XIO Option is worth 1 XIO
Milestone 2: 20,000 XIO Option is worth 4 XIO
Milestone 3: 40,000. XIO Option is worth 16 XIO

As we square our audience, we square the reward!

Maximum expenditure: 16 x 634,420 = 10, 150, 720 XIO. This could also be used to incentivise new comers by granting them options based on when they start! New Options dropped at snapshots when we hit 10K so that people can still get the 1 and 4 XIO boost when we hit 20 and 40k.

Given the large expenditure, using the 1000 XIO hold option would lower us to a maximum of 2,644,800 XIO. Which is a reasonable drop in the ocean if we had over 30,000 new people here!

What do we think?


This is an interesting suggestion Ricky and I really like the fact that you focus on the number of followers, maybe they should also be citizens.
Linking the KPI to blockzero rather than FLASH is also a good choice since it has always been a slight struggle to get people to understand the value of XIO, but once they do it will roll over to all the new ideas created by Blockzero labs.

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Thanks for the feedback Luke!

My thoughts exactly. Followers and people interested in BZ will naturally lead to increased citizens (which would also be a great KPI! Maybe something that could be a milestone nested inside of this?) and then you have flow on benefits to BZ projects like Flash when people learn more about everything BZ.

By incentivizing existing holders and citizens to attract more people here, we tick off marketing, adoption, and core citizen uptake in one KPI.

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Hey Steve! I like that! Just for curiosity, how many of those 1000 we already have?

Hey Pseudo, I think we should explore attract more people from outside the BZ environment, with that in mind, why not send this options for people who have at least participating on SNX, AAVE, CURVE, and maybe some stable pair at UNI, SUSHI and MIRROR. Those are likely not just hyped movers, they chase more long term LP’s and this is what makes me think they are better quality players. XLP participants are already stimulated to have flash and to flashstake. Maybe the idle flash tokens are caused by this gas novel. We need to check what wallets that have claimed the flash from XIO and verify if the size of their bags are enough to afford the gas prices.

344 addresses so far, combining all V1 and V2 stakes data :slight_smile:

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AquaFi KPi’s:

It is looking like the AquaFi vote on Uni V2 versus V3 is trending towards putting resources towards Uni V3 and delaying the launch. If that is the case, let’s use the opportunity to reward current Aqua token holders for the delay, but also create some hype and encourage Uni V3 encourage users to ape into Aqua once launched.

To promote this, I propose Aqua KPI options to maximize the volume of V3 LP’ers into AquaFi. Ideally this would be a combination of AQUA (majority) and UNI (minority) tokens if we could get Uniswap on board to provide some tokens, but even AQUA alone could work. Would airdrop in a similar way to how UMA did it, with increasing amounts based on TVL in AquaFi in a 1-20 distribution (people are used to that multiplier from UMA, but could easily modify it). Uni V3 isn’t launched yet so you can’t use those wallets to ‘airdrop’ now. How do you maximize exposure to XIO and Aqua? Open for discussion as to who would qualify but could be along the lines of:

1,000,000 Aqua KPI’s with TVL of $10,000,000 increasing to 20,000,000 Aqua KPI’s as TVL approaches $200,000,000 by December 31st 2021.

  • X tokens for those with snapshot governance votes in Uni, Sushi, Balancer, 1inch, Curve (as Aqua will be backwards compatible with ERC-20 tokens).
  • X tokens for UMA token holders
  • 1.5X tokens for XIO token holders
  • 2X tokens for Blockzero community members
  • 4X tokens for those with governance votes in XIO

Obviously open to interpretation and rebalancing of distribution, but would
a) create hype around Aqua for Uni V3
b) be a reward for those who got outvoted and wanted to launch Aqua sooner
c) increase exposure to blockzero labs


In theory we could create a KPI options for anything regarding any project, but to pinpoint the most important one is crucial.


As the $FLASH was more staked in V1 i would suggest that we do a KPI for $FLASH staking/pooling … as of 23 000 000 flash only 5 000 000 is locked which is around 25%. In V1 we had almost more than 50% of flash locked. As @Mindora already explained the math behind it i would end here.


When launching $AQUA in the new Uniswap V3, we could incentivize as you said “whales”, to get their attention to the protocol itself and as they find AQUA they will find other projects too. The KPI could be around VOLUME, TVL or just the number of Citizens participating.


To support the $XIO we could also do the KPI options for XIO/FLASH LPs. The $XIO will also gain from its successor ($FLASH/$AQUA).


I would personally consider $FLASH KPI.

1: 25% locked $FLASH - 1 FLASH worth option
2: 50% locked $FLASH - 2 FLASH worth option
3: 75% locked $FLASH - 4 FLASH worth option

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It very much depends on the strategic goals for each project but here’s my overall view on this great concept of KPI options:

What is the KPI we want to hit?

For XIO:

• Total number of citizens / number of new citizens;

• Total volume of liquidity / volume of liquidity from new users;

• Total volume of the LP programme / volume of LP programme from new citizens;

• Average liquidity per citizen;

If we are looking for focusing on specific citizen demographics, we can create KPIs for the different segments like: small, mid, big (whales). How many XIO holders do we want to have in the different levels depending on the value each category adds to the project?


• Total volume staked in the protocol for X amount of time (at least a month);

• Total number of users;

• Average staked FLASH per user;

• Number of pairs available (with a minimum volume of liquidity and period of time);


Total TVL in the protocol

Not sure how relevant other suggestions I could make having very limited understanding for that specific project.

Who are the individuals that will receive this option?

Depending on the goals it should be a mix of:

• current citizens (rewarding early adopters/investors in the project);

• new citizens (who join within the campaign period),

• liquidity providers for the different protocols (drop KPI options as a bonus to the current LP programme and maybe revise the whole LP programme integrating the KPI options In it)

Again, if you’d like you can segment the levels of the citizens and distribute KPIs pro-rata if you believe in the added effect that the whales could have in regard of marketing (boosting the awareness for BlockZero Labs and its projects).

How many tokens are we going to offer up?

Very hard to judge it right because I believe it’s a matter of an overall strategy and planning.

Depending on the tokenomics of each project maybe between 20% and 25% of the total amount.

When do these tokens expire?

Taking into consideration the short attention span in crypto I think the best approach would be to have several campaigns with shorter terms – like 3 months and if you decide to be a longer one not more than 6 months.

Then re-evaluate the results and fine tune the KPIs for a next campaign period.

This way the whole concept will stay fresh and if you segment incentives for new and old citizens both groups would be always involved.



What is the KPI we want to hit?

The KPI option that i would like to create is to increase the amount of flash that is provided as liquidity on the flash dapp monthly.

Who are the individuals that will receive this option.

Individuals who receive this option will be individuals who interact with the flash dapp by providing liquidity no matter which pool. (eg. flash/weth, flash/xio, flash/dai… etc)

Once you provide liquidity you will be given option tokens equivalent to the amount of liquidity provided. Those option tokens will then be divided by the total amount of pooled tokens no matter the pool.


PT= Your pooled tokens in all pool
TPT= Total pooled tokens in all pool

PT/TPT= Your pooled tokens in all pool divided by Total pooled tokens in all pool

How many tokens are we going to offer up?

The amount of tokens offered up will be 200,000 flash tokens each month. A extra 100,000 will be added if the current month out performs the previous one in total amount of liquidity provided for the month.


PT = Your pooled tokens in all pool
TPT = Total pooled tokens in all pool
S = Share

S = (PT/TPT) x 200,000
Your share is equal to the total of your pooled tokens in all pool divided by total pooled tokens in all pool multiply by 200,000.
If current month out performs previous month then the amount of tokens up for grabs will be 300,000.

When do these tokens expire?

These tokens will expire on the first day after each month. FLKPI will be issued from the first day you provided liquidity within a month.


S = Share
DIM = Days in the month
DYP = Days you provided liquidity (from 12:00 am - 12:00 pm)
P = Prize

P = S x (DYP/DIM)

Prize would be equal to your share multiply by the total of, the amount of days you provided liquidity divided by the amount of days in the month.

Scenario 1

Using real values lets say John provided liquidity of 10,000 flash tokens in total from 1st of January to the 31st of January. The total amount of flash tokens pool in the dapp for January was 100,000. Therefore John share would be;

S = (PT/TPT) x 200,000
= (10,000/100,000) x 200,000
= 20,000 flash tokens

then base up on the amount of days he provided liquidity his prize would be;

P = S x (DYP/DIM)
P= 20,000 x (31/31)
= 20,000 x 1
= 20,000 flash tokens

Scenario 2

Now lets say John keep providing liquidity of 10,000 flash tokens in total from 1st of February to the 28th of February. The total amount of flash tokens pool in the dapp for February has increased from previous month 100,000 to now 120,000. Therefore John share would be;

S = (PT/TPT) x 300,000
= (10,000/120,000) x300,000
= 25,000 flash tokens

then base up on the amount of days he provided liquidity his prize would be;

P = S x (DYP/DIM)
P= 25,000 x (28/28)
= 25,000 x 1
= 25,000 flash tokens

NB -If you add or remove liquidity your moving average of liquidity for the month will be use.

PS - I believe this could run quarterly as well biannually. Was just trying to think of a way to provide incentives to persons who provide liquidity and will suffer impermanent loss in the flash dapp.

I like this kpi options idea. I find it good, that the inflation is not too high and the idea encourages to lock flash either in flashstaking or pooling.

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If you mena “monthly”, does this mean that every mont a new kpi option must be created? Kpi have an expiration date, before which the “target” must be hit, and they will pay the relative uma rewards. If the target is the mobthly investment in the flash dapp, what happens after the first 2 or 3 months when the kpi expires?

yea its a every month thing.

My suggestion is to use KPI options to reward external thought leaders for mentioning Blockzero/XIO in a positive way.

What is the KPI we want to hit:
Milestone 1: Up to 10 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO within 31 days. Total reach needs to be 100.000.
Milestone 2: Up to 25 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO within 31 days. Total reach needs to be 500.000.
Milestone 3: Up to 50 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO positively within 31days. Total reach needs to be 1.000.000.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to: Every thoughtleader that was contributed in achieving the milestone. The thoughtleader can not be a citizen or be paid for their communication. Once a thoughtleader received the reward, she cannot qualify for another milestone. Reach will only be counted once, if a thoughtleader is active on YouTube and Twitter the reach of the bigger channel is counted, the smaller channel is not considered.

How many tokens: Milestone 1: CPM of 30 (1000 XIO at current price level) for Milestone 1. The options are in the money as soon as the next milestone is achieved.
Which means the first thoughtleaders will only have a payout in case Milestone 2 is achieved.
CPM should be applied to the other milestones as well.

When expiry date: No end date

Maximum expenditure: Milestone 1: 3,000 USD worth of XIO Milestone 2: 15,000 USD Milestone 3: 30.000. More Milestones can be added or the last milestone is paid out to directly to all former recipients.

In Summary it’s a PR incentive structure and there should definitely be an evaluation after each milestone. It requires some social listening tools to keep track of who outside blockzero writes about it. Alternatively we could compile a target list of thoughtleaders and define milestones as in a certain number of participants from that list.

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