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It very much depends on the strategic goals for each project but here’s my overall view on this great concept of KPI options:

What is the KPI we want to hit?

For XIO:

• Total number of citizens / number of new citizens;

• Total volume of liquidity / volume of liquidity from new users;

• Total volume of the LP programme / volume of LP programme from new citizens;

• Average liquidity per citizen;

If we are looking for focusing on specific citizen demographics, we can create KPIs for the different segments like: small, mid, big (whales). How many XIO holders do we want to have in the different levels depending on the value each category adds to the project?


• Total volume staked in the protocol for X amount of time (at least a month);

• Total number of users;

• Average staked FLASH per user;

• Number of pairs available (with a minimum volume of liquidity and period of time);


Total TVL in the protocol

Not sure how relevant other suggestions I could make having very limited understanding for that specific project.

Who are the individuals that will receive this option?

Depending on the goals it should be a mix of:

• current citizens (rewarding early adopters/investors in the project);

• new citizens (who join within the campaign period),

• liquidity providers for the different protocols (drop KPI options as a bonus to the current LP programme and maybe revise the whole LP programme integrating the KPI options In it)

Again, if you’d like you can segment the levels of the citizens and distribute KPIs pro-rata if you believe in the added effect that the whales could have in regard of marketing (boosting the awareness for BlockZero Labs and its projects).

How many tokens are we going to offer up?

Very hard to judge it right because I believe it’s a matter of an overall strategy and planning.

Depending on the tokenomics of each project maybe between 20% and 25% of the total amount.

When do these tokens expire?

Taking into consideration the short attention span in crypto I think the best approach would be to have several campaigns with shorter terms – like 3 months and if you decide to be a longer one not more than 6 months.

Then re-evaluate the results and fine tune the KPIs for a next campaign period.

This way the whole concept will stay fresh and if you segment incentives for new and old citizens both groups would be always involved.



What is the KPI we want to hit?

The KPI option that i would like to create is to increase the amount of flash that is provided as liquidity on the flash dapp monthly.

Who are the individuals that will receive this option.

Individuals who receive this option will be individuals who interact with the flash dapp by providing liquidity no matter which pool. (eg. flash/weth, flash/xio, flash/dai… etc)

Once you provide liquidity you will be given option tokens equivalent to the amount of liquidity provided. Those option tokens will then be divided by the total amount of pooled tokens no matter the pool.


PT= Your pooled tokens in all pool
TPT= Total pooled tokens in all pool

PT/TPT= Your pooled tokens in all pool divided by Total pooled tokens in all pool

How many tokens are we going to offer up?

The amount of tokens offered up will be 200,000 flash tokens each month. A extra 100,000 will be added if the current month out performs the previous one in total amount of liquidity provided for the month.


PT = Your pooled tokens in all pool
TPT = Total pooled tokens in all pool
S = Share

S = (PT/TPT) x 200,000
Your share is equal to the total of your pooled tokens in all pool divided by total pooled tokens in all pool multiply by 200,000.
If current month out performs previous month then the amount of tokens up for grabs will be 300,000.

When do these tokens expire?

These tokens will expire on the first day after each month. FLKPI will be issued from the first day you provided liquidity within a month.


S = Share
DIM = Days in the month
DYP = Days you provided liquidity (from 12:00 am - 12:00 pm)
P = Prize

P = S x (DYP/DIM)

Prize would be equal to your share multiply by the total of, the amount of days you provided liquidity divided by the amount of days in the month.

Scenario 1

Using real values lets say John provided liquidity of 10,000 flash tokens in total from 1st of January to the 31st of January. The total amount of flash tokens pool in the dapp for January was 100,000. Therefore John share would be;

S = (PT/TPT) x 200,000
= (10,000/100,000) x 200,000
= 20,000 flash tokens

then base up on the amount of days he provided liquidity his prize would be;

P = S x (DYP/DIM)
P= 20,000 x (31/31)
= 20,000 x 1
= 20,000 flash tokens

Scenario 2

Now lets say John keep providing liquidity of 10,000 flash tokens in total from 1st of February to the 28th of February. The total amount of flash tokens pool in the dapp for February has increased from previous month 100,000 to now 120,000. Therefore John share would be;

S = (PT/TPT) x 300,000
= (10,000/120,000) x300,000
= 25,000 flash tokens

then base up on the amount of days he provided liquidity his prize would be;

P = S x (DYP/DIM)
P= 25,000 x (28/28)
= 25,000 x 1
= 25,000 flash tokens

NB -If you add or remove liquidity your moving average of liquidity for the month will be use.

PS - I believe this could run quarterly as well biannually. Was just trying to think of a way to provide incentives to persons who provide liquidity and will suffer impermanent loss in the flash dapp.

I like this kpi options idea. I find it good, that the inflation is not too high and the idea encourages to lock flash either in flashstaking or pooling.

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If you mena “monthly”, does this mean that every mont a new kpi option must be created? Kpi have an expiration date, before which the “target” must be hit, and they will pay the relative uma rewards. If the target is the mobthly investment in the flash dapp, what happens after the first 2 or 3 months when the kpi expires?

yea its a every month thing.

My suggestion is to use KPI options to reward external thought leaders for mentioning Blockzero/XIO in a positive way.

What is the KPI we want to hit:
Milestone 1: Up to 10 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO within 31 days. Total reach needs to be 100.000.
Milestone 2: Up to 25 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO within 31 days. Total reach needs to be 500.000.
Milestone 3: Up to 50 thoughtleaders mentioning Blockzero/XIO positively within 31days. Total reach needs to be 1.000.000.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to: Every thoughtleader that was contributed in achieving the milestone. The thoughtleader can not be a citizen or be paid for their communication. Once a thoughtleader received the reward, she cannot qualify for another milestone. Reach will only be counted once, if a thoughtleader is active on YouTube and Twitter the reach of the bigger channel is counted, the smaller channel is not considered.

How many tokens: Milestone 1: CPM of 30 (1000 XIO at current price level) for Milestone 1. The options are in the money as soon as the next milestone is achieved.
Which means the first thoughtleaders will only have a payout in case Milestone 2 is achieved.
CPM should be applied to the other milestones as well.

When expiry date: No end date

Maximum expenditure: Milestone 1: 3,000 USD worth of XIO Milestone 2: 15,000 USD Milestone 3: 30.000. More Milestones can be added or the last milestone is paid out to directly to all former recipients.

In Summary it’s a PR incentive structure and there should definitely be an evaluation after each milestone. It requires some social listening tools to keep track of who outside blockzero writes about it. Alternatively we could compile a target list of thoughtleaders and define milestones as in a certain number of participants from that list.

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My 2nd suggestion is to use KPI options to reward former accelerator projects

What is the KPI we want to hit:
Milestone 1: Total qualifying* projects participating 5 and average contribution 30,000 USD.
Milestone 2: Next 5 qualifying projects and average contribution 35,000 USD.
Milestone 3: Next 5 qualifying and average contribution 40,000 USD.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to: *Qualified is every project that contributes not less than 20% below the needed average.

How many tokens: Milestone 1: 20% of targeted average in XIO
When expiry date: No end date

Maximum expenditure: Milestone 1: 6,000 USD x 5 = 30,000 USD worth of XIO asf

In Summary it’s a reward for a confidence signal of accelerators. The intention is to increase prospect of subsequent projects. The more a former project contributes, the better means are at hand to support the next projects in the accelerator program. Part of higher contributions are then paid back at a later stage.
These options can be seen as an additional payback to projects that are already better off which some may not find desirable.

My 3rd and last suggestion is to use KPI options to reward citizens in another way than XSI

What is the KPI we want to hit:
High Net Promoter Score or Grade Point Average from Accelerator Project.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to:
Active Citizens excluding Core members.

How many tokens: 5,000 USD worth of accelerator token.
When expiry date: Within a month after the accelerator finished.

Maximum expenditure: Milestone 1: 5,000 USD

In Summary it’s an additional reward for active citizens that should ensure quality from a third part. What I have in mind is that the accelerated project evaluates the entire experience of the program after it is concluded. Only if the overall experience is graded good, the citizens behind this rating are rewarded.
It requires a systematic evaluation, for example a NPS survey.

I am a little bit under the impression that participation from our citizens in the accelerator could have been better. Therefore, I wanted to give an additional incentive, hoping this will increase participation of citizens and reduce involvement in the accelerator from our core team.

I wonder if we can do something regarding Blockzero Governance via I feel that the % of votes in the snapshot votes are rather low compared to the snapshot potential (with the most active votes only pulling in ~25% of potential weight).

So the KPI would be something like:

  • Reach 50% of all potential votes for at least 3 of the next 5 votes.

The expectation would be that it would have a net effect of rallying people back into contribution / participation across platforms (forum, telegram, etc), and increase decentralized governance for such votes.

This could be paid out in XIO from the XSI pool, with the KPI Option dropped to all XIO holders (wallet, LPs, anyone included in the snapshot total), with a 1:10 option if target is reached. Next 5 votes is not a hard deadline, so perhaps July 4th could be the date (governance KPI option on “Independence Day” kinda has a nice ring to it).


That is certainly a valid point, and a good proposal, but how would attracting more people to vote actually birng new value to the whole blockzero ecosystem?
People would cast a vote on the snapshot page, and forget about it a second after, just to get some free money and sell it.

This is where my knowledge of marketing / citizen retention lacks. I would “hope” that by engaging in the vote (even if just clicks) puts important topics in front of existing / dormant eyes, and just in reading the title and voting at surface level, they are curious to dive deeper again. Perhaps this hope is unfounded. One option is the KPI Option could only be dropped to all XIO holders with balances over a certain amount (1000 XIO?). I feel that at that level, the holder at least has some interest in holding / growing thier XIO, rather than being constantly diluted through other people earning XSI & XLP and not them.

I also feel the amount of XIO being talked about here is a drop in the ocean of the XSI pool. The Should $FLASH v2 get a secondary audit before launching the Dapp? vote was one of the most engaged votes, with only 81 wallets voting, yet on Etherscan, there are over 4,700 holders of XIO. There are roughly 1,500 wallets with balances over 1000 XIO. To get to 70% of the current snapshot weight, we’d roughly need the Top 300 wallets (with the #300 wallet holding ~6700 XIO).

Perhaps we can focus on them, and not the smaller wallets (as holding 6700 XIO is a pretty decent bag), but I kinda like to encourage the smaller wallets somehow too, but not reward the larger (already active) wallets too much.

I worry about that, but I also worry about that generally with XSI and XLP. That’s a macro tokenomics issue though.

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Yes, that could actually happen, but I don’t think that the blockzero ecosystem would get much “new value” from disengaged citizens, rather than NEW citizens and, mainly, new investors. We probably need people to put their money in our pools and in the flashstaking dapp. Let’s not kid ourselves, marketcap, volume and liquidity locked are the sole and only things that gives credibility to projects. Especially young projects.
People voting on our proposal have already, probably, invested money in blockzero, so that would add any new capital where we need it, in my opinion

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What is the KPI we want to hit:

Our real success lies in the active citizen participation, we should consider the total likes, retweets, etc on all handles combined together as the KPI eg: sum total of social engagements be 100,000 in 1 year.

Not only it will help in increasing the reach of BlockZero but also the partner projects.

Who are the individuals we sent the options to:

Total amount should be divided in 4, one quarter for each 3 months period. Shorter timeline will help in more engagement. It should be given to citizens active on Forum.

Active citizen on Forum may be defined as who is online for atleast 4 days/month.

How many tokens:

250,000 x 4 = 1,000,000 total BlockZero-Social (BZS) tokens

When expiry date:

250,000 expire each 3 months period.


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But then we could just change the design of the rewards in the smart contract and give more rewards to those who stake longer (which is actualy the opposite right now)?

I think finding a way to make people stake is cool.
But I think it’s somehow a great failure if we need to pay people who own flash to use it and stake. If we need to pay those who already own our tokens, how can we imagine that people who don’t have the tokens will buy it and stake it?

I’ve got two fears:

  • very easy to game the system creating fake accounts and so one.
  • Not sure quantity is what we are looking for, more than quality.

Liquidity is an interesting topic.
The fact is that people are already rewarded for adding liquidity.
If they don’t do it it’s probably because they don’ want it or think the reaward is too low.
Maybe you will convert some with the option (even if you actually seem to target those who already provide liquidity, i don’t really get why…) but they would leave the LP after the option ends, as the financial boost would vanish. I’m afraid it’s a short term effect.

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ok, here is my idea.

Of course we could create an option to support any of the project: Flash, Aqua, etc.
That would be like a marketing advertising and would probably work very well.
But how could we chose one or the other project?

Options are great because they engage people on the long run.
=> What is the long run KPI for BZ?
In my opinion, the best tracker for BZ health is the total value created by the company.
I know Zach referes often to this KPI.
It’s actualy even on the homepage of the website.
A high value means BZ succeeds in its objective to launch successful projects.
A low value means all that is created by BZ is worthless and the company should just stop operating.

So creating an option based on that metric could definitely align everyone, every token holders, every liquidity provider on the same direction: making every launch a success, creating new value and increasing the KPI.
What is cool with that is you can be a Flash supporter, and Aqua fan, a XIO boy, a global supporter of the whole ecosystem: it doesn’t really matter as everyone within the ecosystem is financially incentived to make ALL the BZ projects a success. So everyone will be pushed to support the tokens he/she holds, and maybe even the others.
And when I say everyone, that could mean other people outside from the community.
Giving some options to influencers inside the community will engage them into supporting EVERY tokens, existing or launched in the next months, as all of them could be a gem that will make the objective reached.
We could give options to people/DAO that could help the projects too, briging ressources, network, visibility… to the projects.

As we build for the long run, so will be this option.
I know it’s very unconventional, but we could imagine an option redemable after 1 year. That would let us some time both to support the existing project and let them grow, and to lanch new ones.

What is the KPI we want to hit: Create the more value in the decentralized world.
Who are the individuals we sent the options to: current holders + influencers + key supports
How many tokens: I have no idea and it’s too late for math here :smiley:
When expiry date: 1 year

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I would create a token that serves as a receipt for the Aquafied LP.

How will it work?

I deposit 100 XIO/ETH LPs on the Aquafi Dapp and I receive this 100 AquaFi-XIO/ETH-LP tokens.
These tokens can have multiple purposes:

  • It serves as a proof (receipt) that I have 100 XIO/ETH LPs aquafied in the dapp.
  • They can be sent around. So I can send them to another account and the new account can redeem the XIO/ETH tokens from the dapp. This can have a lot of advantages: can be used if people migrate wallets (faster and cheaper than unstake, send and restake), can be sent ot a new wallet if your wallet is compromised, can even create a secondary market.
  • They can be used for different special events. E.g. Let’s say we have a partnership with UMA. UMA is interested to have better UMA/ETH liquidity, so to promote it we can boost the people that provide liquidity on the UMA/ETH pair. People can go and deposit UMA/ETH LPs in the Aqua Dapp and they get the AquaFi-UMA-ETH-LP receipt tokens, then they can use this to deposit them into boosted vaults for just a week, and during this week, 5000 UMA tokens are distributed accordingly to the people that have participated in the vault.

This principle can be used as well for staked Flash.