Live chat for the Dapp?

Hey Flasher, short topic here

What do you think of having a live chat on the Dapp? Does this could centralized support responses? And help new users to understand rapidly what they can do when they are connected to the Dapp?

Love to have some thoughts here and look forward if needed for a submission to the devs.


I would love in forum chat here, but boi, that could be a mess.

According to Dapp chat, it could be handy actually - most of this software can be automated, base on AI/scripts, and can filter on or even educate before pushing the final question to the support agent.


Well, it needs to be moderated though


Aren’t these bots for the most part? I agree that a bot chat could prove helpful for many common questions etc.


Not really bots… From what i have seen, I could say is a software (like intercom) that manage it.
When you connect to the Dapp, you just received a welcome message which could give you a short description of the Dapp and how the live chat could help. After that, the chat should continue with a BZ Citizen (Core).

I think the chat a good idea.

One more proposal: what if there was integrated a short video, that shows, what you can do on the dapp? 1-2 mins how to approve, claim, stake, swap, LP? Users could click on it before doing anything.
I know Binance has some short vids (under 1 minute), that you can watch, for example before yoiur first trade. That could help out many and take the workload from those answering the questions in the chat.

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We can build a repository of Q&A, and keep augmenting the list with better answers

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Nice idea for the short video

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