LIVE! FLASH-V2 Launch Watch-Party!

Hi All,

I’m going to host a FLASH-V2 Launch Watch-Party!

This is for any BZ citizens/friends that want to come and join in video/chat over the hours of the launch (Saturday 13th, 12pm - 6pm UTC).

I’ve set up a dedicated Discord server for this, which will be taken down after the launch.

Here’s the invite link:

See you later!


You should do a YouTube live party

Very open to ideas for next time! This was a bit last minute and a temp Discord was the easiest solution, but would be fun if more people could join in. We had about a dozen or so citizens pop in and out through the event this time round.

I’ll try to be more organized for next time (guessing AQUA launch will be next), and YouTube is definitely an option.

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