Marketing Campaign for Coinbase/CoinMarketCap Earn

Today I propose to you an idea I have for marketing XIO.

I think the XIO team should look into hosting a campaign on the Coinbase Earn or CoinMarketCap Earn platforms. Here is a short proposal listing some ideas and things to keep in mind.

  • The main idea is to have a small series of videos (say 3) that each briefly explain a part of XIO. Say the first video is simply about what XIO is and what it aims to solve, the second could be more in-depth on why it is needed, and the third perhaps about the liquidity pool or community.

  • Complementing these videos, we will ask the viewer of the videos some questions regarding XIO (which can be answered by watching the video). Upon correctly answering the questions, the viewer will be rewarded with a small amount of XIO on their Coinbase/Binance account.

  • Perhaps the most important to keep in mind is costs. The costs are unknown for now: these platforms must first be contacted to get an estimate of the costs, they might also refuse us because XIO is not listed on neither Coinbase nor Binance.

Of course this is a simple outline for this campaign. If it is decided that XIO will go through with this, we will need to plan everything carefully and decide what information will be shown in the videos. If this proposal is accepted, the first thing that needs to be done is to contact Coinbase/CMC to see if this is possible and at what cost.


Let’s crunch some numbers: if the prize is 5$ worth of blockzero, if we want to reach 50.000 people, that is a 250k $ campaign. Maybe we should do a 3$ prize campaign

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It must be taken into account that lowering them to 3, and I fully understand your point of view, could lead to a ‘devaluation’ of the product as a collateral effect…