Marketing - Flash Staking - Explainer Video(s)

With Flash Staking being a new concept and how it quickly can be conceptualized as “too good to be true, must be a scam” I think an explainer video or a series of videos is desperately needed. What is your thoughts?


I agree that more videos would be great.

A great compare/contrast would be the benefits of flash staking vs flash loans.

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For flashstaking, going with xXIO would continue the current convention used in the market as well as ‘copyright’ the notation.

ie. staking the flashstake

Other than the word Flash these things are wildly different, but a simple video would help.

You lost me on this one Amigo.

All for it, I’d love such a resource for my own edification.

I absolutely agree. The more videos, the better. The best way to do it, is to hire famous youtubers and also make some infographic videos on xio channel. They should be simple and fun, like the coinbase videos!

I agree 100%…working on a few different infographics

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I would love to see some sneak peek

I am a video editor, designer, audio engineer and crypto enthusiast. I need to make a 10 documentary for something and its hard with the lockdown, If I could get footage, interview bits, access to existing vectors and content. I have relatively heavy bags of XIO and I am keen to support. Here is my linkdin

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I am working on documenting the features of xio so that we can get an easy to understand explainer video series created.

Do you do animation video explainers? Or are you looking To create more of a documentary style video?

Eddy Roach

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Just discovered this thread, I love the idea of explainer vids, always so useful. Any progress in this department? (I guess there’s probably some extra work now that its $Flash and not $XIO) Would love a sneak peak.