Marketing ideas. BlockZero always need your help

:+1: Nice article. “True Innovation” and true heart in the project.


New citizen here! Been following the project since hearing about FLASH late Jan.

With regards to marketing…

Seen some sick as NFTs going around recently and the art style of the FLASH page is fresh AF, why not create some token specific NFTs like one for FLASH in the style of whats on the page to raise awareness and if AQUA has a specific art style do the same for that and following projects?


Thanks for the link. Really nice that this idea already existed👍 Saw that most comments were positive and believe most people would like a swag store.

The domain I bought is locked for another four weeks before it can be moved. I’ll dig into some alternatives to tackle the disadvantages meanwhile.


Blockzero Twitter campaign group (unofficial)

With any project, its growth is determined by word of mouth. We are the best people to push the adoption of Blockzero and all of its tokens.
Doesn’t matter how good a project is if no one knows about it, it won’t get adopted.

We are a low market cap coin and therefore not many people have come across XIO or Flash as we aren’t easy to find on coingecko or coinmarketcap being ranked so low. If we don’t constantly spread the word, we will remain in the bottom ranks. If we constantly promote, we can enter the top100 from which point we can start to see real adoption of Blockzero Labs.

Today I have created an unofficial telegram group. The purpose of this group is for promoting Blockzero and its tokens on a daily basis via twitter. Every day the members of this group are encouraged to make a tweet about something Blockzero/Flash/Aqua related and then post it on this group for every other member to retweet to their own followers. If we can keep this up daily, we should see a steady rise in our coin rankings and hopefully be able to bring more talented citizens into the community.

If you would like to take part in this daily twitter promotion, please join this Telegram group.


Since I am currently suspended from Twitter I’ll have to contribute in other ways. I’ve been thinking about Flashstake pretty hardcore lately and I’ve come to a couple conclusions; thoughts that I don’t think are being exploited to the extent they should be.

It’s the elevator pitch I’m primarily concerned with. It should be battle-tested as a new companies most important communication. Prove me wrong but I don’t think time travelling money captures the true benefit here. The real UNIQUE selling proposition.

In a typical loan arrangement collateral, like staked crypto, is locked into a contract for the duration of the loan. A loan however over the contract term needs to be repaid to release the collateral obligation while a Flashstake simply needs the collateral to be held for the term duration to release it.
The duration - time - equates to loan repayments irl. Time becomes an actual element of the transaction vs. being the basis for interest rates only. I’m not sure this is captured in the ‘Time Travelling’ language. Money for nuthin’ and the chicks for free, as Dire Straights said is closer to the functional benefit of Flashstake. It takes FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS to prompt trial.

Time travelling is only half the story; arguably I think not having to pay back the money ‘staked’, ‘loaned’, ‘given’ whatever, is the more interesting and relevant benefit to communicate at launch. To say here’s my collateral how 'bout giving me money up front already exists as a concept. It’s called a loan. Literally NOT paying it back is the new twist being introduced here.
I’ve had a some thoughts that maybe someone can build on. Any communication needs to consider its audience; in our case crypto or normies? Hip to staking or not? The worst ads are the ones people talk about and get the advertiser wrong. To let people know they can get money up front needs to be more than a concept people find interesting. The job of a launch is more than awareness - it’s trial, trial trial. Fortunately this is a relatively new and for the time being a novel approach for both groups so imagine and improve upon a version of these lines to draw awareness and understanding to Flashstake:

To understand (appreciate) Flashstake imagine a loan you pay back in your own sweet time*.

When you truly understand the value of time you get why we accept it as repayment for staking.

If time is money why won’t your bank accept it as payment? Flashstake does.

Since time is money Flashstake accepts it as repayment.

Instant money in your pocket. On your terms. That you never have to pay back. Capture your interest? Flashstake.

IRL - be given instant money, pay it back over the term and get your collateral returned.
Flashstake - be given instant money, have your collateral returned after the term without making a single payment.

Thoughts? Does anyone think the element of up-front instant money that does NOT require repayment is as profound a thought as I do? Flashstake needs a ground breaking simple message to be heard over the cacophony of crypto mooning noise and get people excited before we get to the lobby. And there’s only a few floors left.

I can think of no other upfront financial parallel. Even if we are just talking to crypto people knowledgeable about staking saying, ‘Getting your staking rewards at the contract start vs. the contract end changes EVERYTHING! Flashstake.’ may not sound clever but every single person will get the message and saw the flashing F to prep them for the next time they see a message from us. That’s my idea.


A lot of energy here @HeyJer
Appreciate the time you take to bring out these explanations. Time is :money_mouth_face:
The most part of what you have said is to take in consideration and go deep into reflection.

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I think mnemonics are cool - they help us remember and make things feel familiar. The Intel sound, the good to the last drop thing.
If we could get people to say the word Flash in their heads as we showed the logo - that’s a powerful mnemonic device. That’s an important advantage for marketing material trying to break through advertising clutter. And crypto is full of clutter!

Consider a simple text image against black (similar to the app) that can be almost instantly read as a Twitter post. You’ve read it before you know it, That’s how simple it should be. White and orange type not unlike the app with a headline proposition that ends with the F logo as the last word centred on the page. Followed by the Flashstake full logo and link to - the newest trend in staking or - staking you can use - last chance to whip up urgency and try to get people to click the link. They’ll never try the platform if they don’t click the link!

(Twitter post - png or whatever on black says simply,)

  • 100% Staking rewards paid upfront in a F!
  • Time is valuable; we pay 100% staking rewards upfront in a F!
  • Time is money; so is 100% staking rewards paid upfront in a F!

Such a meme headline campaign gives citizens 3 or 4 unique images of exactly the same message to post for better Aqua multiples and is also Twitter follower friendly repetition of ‘100% staking rewards upfront in a F’ which is the whole premise of Flashstake in 6 words and a logo. That’s what I call a concise elevator pitch and a simple and memorable mnemonic launch headline involving time, staking and 100% rewards paid upfront. Seldom does the unique selling proposition of a product wrap up so nicely into something so memorable

Is this on track to how people are approaching things here? Any thoughts provoked? Do we as a group know what is being offered up as messaging moving forward?


I think this is all going in the right direction.
Having a clear memorable and consistent brand profile is important.
Personally I prefer simplicity over magnitude in todays attention economy. But the more successful campaigns I evaluated were actually screaming in tonality, volume and colors. All just to get through the clutter.

Not sure if we could activate enough people on this, but one way to get this out is:

  1. Have marketing templates in the style that you suggest and make these accessible somewhere.
  2. Citizens can take the template and spread it where appropriate
  3. The templates could be altered for more taglines
  4. Links can be added with individual utm tags and we could somehow follow-up on the traffic generated

This would be a complete guerilla tactic with the risk that it creates badwill, thinking about Elon musk leeches, TRON shillers and the like. On the other hand shillers are most active and could have a good growth contribution?

To address your questions, I have limited understanding how marketing is approached here :slight_smile: Justin Wu is the growth champion. No idea what is offered messaging wise. I presume that not knowing everything is part of a decentralized community where good intentions and contributions are welcomed and appreciated.
And governance wise we have the voting mechanism so that’s where motions get official if needed.


Guys rewteet like crazy. Lets get XIO in the hands of everyone with an Eth address


Just a reflection on Zach’s Tweet:

When we refer to the landing page shows first: WHAT will your verse be? A video that I love :heart:
Next Call to action HELP and on bottom of landing screen a link to HOW it works.
That said, and assuming this is not a sarcastic tweet, we don’t appear to focus on why.

One challenge I see is that a decentralized organization will have a plentitude of why’s while Simon’s recommendation is easier to follow in a central founder driven organization.

Not sure if and how consensus on WHY can be achieved or if it needs to be formally agreed upon. It’s definitely a part of a brand profile.
Happy to hear your thoughts and discuss.


Thank you for the thumbnail @foxhuntermonk and also for your loyal support on Studio Sessions!

Also a big thank you to @umarsa for joining tonight and giving us an update on $AQUUA :droplet:

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