Marketing Suggestions

Now that we have a clear picture of how the $Flash will work,w en it will come out and how it will be distributed to XIO holders, I think it’s time to talk about marketing.
I know that Zach and others are obviously already doing some marketing, but I figured out as a community we could write down our own suggestions and tips on how to increase the popularity and awareness of XIO and $Flash.

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My opinion is that we should do a genuine marketing campaign. I suggest to use twitter, medium, publish0x, youtube and 4chan. But it should be honest. Not shilling, pump it announces. We must inform people about our projects but not kidding them. Everything must be clear and honest. At the end the results will come.
We must build some graphic material because not all users can understood the spoken english of the videos. I’m one of them :grin:

I agree. I also think it would help to make interviews with some of the more established youtube channels. It would help us get nice exposure.

I have been looking at twitter, where we announced the FLash airdrop and that we need to hold it for 20 days.
I would recommend emphasising in future tweets and videos that we get 1:1 ratio if we keep the XIO in it the whole time.
You might think it’s obvious but for someone who is just glancing over the tweet, the thing they will see is 100:5. That is not a very good deal.
I would also recommend plastering this all over our website. If someone is just learning about Xio, we want them to immediately learn about this opportunity.

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Each time I see a communication on FLASH, I have the impression that it’s in big part for users of uniswap. This seems to mean that people who will do flashstaking are supposed to already have a great knowledge on uniswap.
But I think that this need to be changed.
Is true that Flashstaking need to be compare to an existing technology, but we should take also in consideration the 0 knowledge user who don’t even know the existing of Uniswap. It’s not always easy to start an explanation from 0, but as @maxn76 said, we need to build some graphic material, to be considered as an official flashstaking tutorial.
Now we need the help of the entire community to spread all the “Xio token studio” informations. We should share it every where without limit. We should share it in our locals communities, with our differents contacts (telegram, whatsapp, twitter, facebook…)


However I think that it’s better that every marketing action is coordinated by the team and the community and not by the single user. I mean e.g. that before spreading a post it’s better ask to the others.


Yes of course…
Is not about taking personal initiative in the name of the team or the community. But is about sharing the information we received from the team or the community. Just sharing to have a bigger and engaged community.

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I promise this will be my last post about this. If we are still not doing anything then okay, I have said my piece :slight_smile:
@ZacharyDash @jorn There are only 8 days left before the flash airdrop 20 days timer begins. We have an amazing opportunity to get new people into XIO but we are not utilizing it.

  1. When we come to our website there is nothing that says that there will be an airdrop. Not even in the XIO archive. How are new people suppose to know that now is the best time to enter XIO?
    We are a token studio and our first token is coming out in less than 8 days, but there is nothing on the website indicating that.
    I suggest a big timer in the middle of it with link to what Flash does and to details about the airdrop.
  2. We have youtube advisers. Can we tell them to mention it in their videos or post. So far I have seen one youtuber (I think he is an adviser) mention it and he said it with the wrong date. If they are not going to mention the most important event when it comes to Xio then what is the point of having them as advisors?
  3. We should be making videos about the airdrop left and right (one every day or at least every other day). People have an opportunity to double their money in less than a month. We should have people flocking to XIO left and right and we got nothing, because no one knows about it.
    You might say, we will have more opportunities to market when other tokens come but none of the other airdrops are as good as flash from investor perspective (Only 20 days to hold, 1:1 ratio, no vesting schedule)
    Let’s use that to get them in. Then once they are in the 20 day holding period, then we can make posts and videos about why XIO is great and they actually shouldn’t be selling at the end of the period.
    We should make a similar cool video like the one about our token studio about flash and the airdrop.

I apologize if the post seems a bit aggressive (it is not my intention. I love XIO and I am super excited for Flash), but I really feel like we are missing out on a huge opportunity.


All fair points and opportunism is crucial for start ups and fast paced crypto projects.

BUT I can also see a point in not pushing Flash and particularly air drops because it attracts short sighted investors. The strong side of XIO is committed people, some rather smart and with good experience in the field. It could be counterproductive too simply push for growth.

As to your suggestion I agree that the main challenge is the complexity of XIO.
This is not solved by choosing good graphs or some media channels. Here the basics need to be right. Strategic alignment is extremely important and it is shown externally through good marketing towards an audience that values this communication.
XIO being a community driven company, not entirely but significantly community driven further challenges strategic alignment.
So instead of talking marketing tactics I prefer setting the strategy. In my opinion it’s just misleading to discuss back to the future theme versus a clear or conservative theme when the strategy is not set.

My suggestion is thus to hire a full time marketer who can drive the agenda in the right direction. Someone who has the ability and gets the mandate to realize the first communication strategy.

Yes, but it also attracts way more people in general. I think that because we have a strong community (and high incentives to participate in the community - XSI) our conversion rate of “short sighted investor” to “valuable investor” is much higher than in other projects.
We need to grow at some point, I just find it would be much easier if we tried to grow now, when the incentive for new people to join is the highest.

Why? We are not losing any valuable committed people by getting new people in.
Sure some “short sighted investors” will cause temporary price volatility (pump and dump) but that will be shaken out eventually and the new valuable investors that we would get from this promotion would remain anyway.
Are we really that afraid of pump and dump that we would rather not grow at all? I feel like I am missing something. Could you explain?
Besides we already have the 20 day holding period which should stop some “short sighted investors”.

I agree 100%.

Personally feel, there’s a lack of marketing for XIO to reach out to the masses. With flash staking still considered a ‘new’ thing in defi, having influencer to explain thru mediums such at youtube, twitter and medium articles would be useful.
Potential influencer etc, Coin Bureau, Denome.

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There is a need to create a strong branding.

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Yes both of them would be great!

Quoting you to answer why you feel you are missing something.

Again, skipping an opportunity is fine and looks about right to me.
Marketing does not fix anything. If it does, it simply craves too much resources and probably won’t fix anything in the long run.
No organization ever got better by what or how they communicate. The basics need to be right, if the basics are right they will lead to great marketing, not the other way round.

I don’t mean to be rude :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I agree with the marketing strategy. You made great points about that.

Bloková citace[quote=“FrankDaTank, post:14, topic:660”]
Marketing does not fix anything. If it does, it simply craves too much resources and probably won’t fix anything in the long run.
No organization ever got better by what or how they communicate.

I disagree. I have seen often (to be fair in other industries, so not sure how much it translates here), that great product with bad (or no) marketing will not get many sales.

Both the product has to be good and the marketing in order to succeed.

I didn’t think you were :slight_smile: It’s all good :slight_smile:

Same for me. I hope I don’t sound rude.

I am not gonna keep pushing this. Don’t worry. I mostly just made this thread/post because I wasn’t sure if we aren’t heavily marketing it (the flash airdrop) because we “forgot”/“had other things to focus on” (not sure how to phrase this right) or because it’s a choice.
It seems to be a choice and I accept that. :slight_smile:

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I made a fan video to celebrate Flash and XIO. Here is the link

Hope you enjoy:-) @jorn @ZacharyDash


Hey !!!

You are killing it :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

How cool :sunglasses: :christmas_tree: :sled:

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@jorno glad you liked it!!! where can I post it - which forum (telegram group?) to share with the community? would like to share the good vibes:-)