Marketing Through New Entrepreneur Token Idea

Name of Project

a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, or cause.
“a celebrated patron of the arts”

Ticker for Token


In one sentences or less, describe your token. This isn’t the time to get wordy, just to the point!

Launching entrepreneurs (marketing based on teaching instead of promoting).

How does your token work? Be as detailed as possible

It’s an extended idea of the Blockzero model. The heart of the token are personal pools for entrepreneurs. In the next few lines I will explore all 3 participants in my token idea.

Patron’s model as an extension of Blockzero’s and the flow of community.

Patron’s perspective.
Patron would open a pool for an entrepreneur. It would work like a stable coin pool with 100% of claiming power in the hands of Patron. With “proof of work” (uploads) Patron would give claiming power to the entrepreneur. It would work like a forgivable loan. Patron’s job would be to search for individuals with potential and setting a clear path for them to reach it. Patron’s incentive would be community and the last 10% of the personal pools. The last 10% would be Patron’s reward. I see two possible ways how Patron could work. It could work as a group of individuals working towards the Patron`s agenda. Or it could be a system for patrons to find entrepreneurs and set them on the path to success. Both could have decentralized governance.

Entrepreneur’s perspective.
Entrepreneur would communicate his/hers idea to the Patron and make a work plan. As soon as the first goals are met he could claim the first packet of shares. Shares could be held, sold for expenses, hire people or to collaborate with others in Patron space. The Entrepreneur’s path is set and his job is only to do the climb. With hard work his shares become the majority of his/her poll. There is also the possibility of entrepreneurs becoming part of Patron. His incentive would be a big pool(efforts of Patron core and his). If he locks withdraws from his pool could he be rewarded with PTRN?

Investors, sponsors, speculators and contributors perspective.
Investors, speculators and traders could invest in Patron not into the pools themselves. Contributors, donors and sponsors would through Patron contribute to the personal pools. There are possibilities for arrangements(sponsors). Contributions would be sent to the pool and that’s how the possibility of reclaiming funds is created. Because of “proof of work” they would also lose claim rights to the money(gold?) in the pool. Patron would have a special selection of projects. Blockzero’s OK and Patron’s OK would give credibility to entrepreneurs.

How do pools work.

5) What problem is your token aiming to solve? How will this positively impact the crypto industry?

It would solve the first question: Where do I start. Similar to Blockzero it would create a path. Create a space and community to help individuals. Entrepreneurs could help each other.

It would connect the crypto industry with small businesses. I believe that a huge part of building a crypto community is more than siphoning followers from other projects. Bringing in new business, new jobs and new followers to the space. If we want crypto to grow, we have to prove to the people that crypto can simply offer more.

6)What was the inspiration of this token? How did you think of it?

For the longest time, I was the first follower to my friends on social media and IRL. I guess also for Zachary’s Bomb and XIO. I am enthusiastic about personal paths and I like to care. I wanted to have a streaming group, later a streaming house and social media startup house. However, all I could provide was encouragement, feedback and likes. I always wanted to contribute more. With the Blockzero model and Patron I could do just that. The same thing… Enthusiastic first follower with more BANG.

I am very enthusiastic about the idea and possibility of contributing to it. Feel free to comment, challenge and ask questions. Nothing is carved in stone. And the first test are you guys.


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Decentralize the world!

Testing ground for? Clover: Universal usernames for the decentralized world. Turn your twitter handle into a digital NFT and use it to send/receive crypto. Needs focus and resources we don’t have.

When asked for crypto in the future I have one answer prepared . Strength of any industry can be measured with jobs created or customers served.

Patron would be a simple path to the job of your dreams. If you have what it takes ofc xD

Solving problem of not decentralised WHY.

Tring to impress the ones not wanting to be impressed is way worse than to impress ones who are looking to be impressed. Because you will mold yourself to be more like one of them and sacrifice your why.

Decentralization of personal path.