More exchanges?

First of all, sorry if it is wrong category :slight_smile:

Why $XIO is listed on only one exchange so far?
HotBit has its own benefits, but lets say that it isn’t the smartest kid in the neighborhood (especially their crashy frontend :)). There’re some exchanges that should be rather easy to get listed on and works better than HotBit. For example whitebit, by seeing all the meme-coins starting there it shouldn’t be to hard to listed there :upside_down_face:

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XIO is a decentralised token and therefore it is best in decentralised exchanges. To get the benefits of holding XIO such as airdrops of future tokens and voting on, your XIO must be held in a decentralised wallet.
For this reason it doesn’t make sense to have any exchange listings as XIO holders will not be keeping any tokens in exchanges as by doing so they wont get the benefits of holding XIO.
Hope that makes sense

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Yes, that totally makes sense, but i’m thinking from the perspective of a newcomer.
In case of someone - like me - who would like to invest into $XIO using fiat or non-ERC20 crypto, double gas fees (X → eth, eth → xio) are rather discouraging. Having one or two reliable exchange as entry point would probably make the decision a little easier.

Thanks for reply!